What Is Expected from You When Meeting an Escort for the First Time?

Probably, you’ve heard that spending time with an escort is ecstatic, and you would like to try hiring one. However, this comes with a lot of anxiety for first-timers, and it is good to be prepared. Frankly, a lot of things happen when you meet an escort, and being a first-timer, it is important to know that being nervous is normal. The best way to be ready is to know what is expected from you.

If you are prepared, hiring an escort should not be daunting. The insights in this article are well researched and compiled to help any first-timer make the right decisions, get ready for an escort, and most importantly, enjoy every moment.

Booking an Escort

You are expected to book an escort by yourself through a reliable and trusted escort directory such as Ivy Société in Australia. Social media platforms, escort agency websites, or any other source provides great escorts as well. Well, most of these platforms link you with the escort, and you should contact the escort to secure a booking.

Choosing the right escort is paramount. But how will you know the best? Peruse their profiles and read in detail to understand what they offer and their charges. Missing important information may lead to a disappointing first-time experience with an escort.

When content, contact the escort and ensure that you show respect from this point. There are no special rules of communication with escorts, but all you need is to maintain respect and to be sure of the services you want. You can rest assured that you will secure a date.

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Before the Date

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Now that you know what to expect when booking an escort, it is essential to know what to expect before the date. As a first-timer, it is great to give it your best to avoid frustrations during the meeting. Make sure to take the following steps.

  • Take your grooming a notch higher – Before your date, it is a must that you take a shower and groom for the occasion. Escorts do not appreciate untidy clients because it is an automatic turn-off. So, showering and clean clothes are not just enough; brush your teeth and freshen your mouth, wear deodorant, tend to your hair, and do any other thing that will take your grooming a notch higher. You will be impressed to learn that escorts are very neat and take time to perfect their grooming for clients.
  • Clean your meeting space – If you are meeting in your hotel room or house, it is important to make the space tidy and neat for your session with your escort. This can be difficult, especially if you are used to staying alone, but you have no choice if you want a good time with an escort. Fortunately, if you are staying in a hotel, you can request that the housekeeping department tidy the space a few hours before the arrival of your escort.
  • Prepare the payment – It is a must that you prepare payment for your escort as per the agreement. Just so you know, most of them do not accept any other mode of payment except cash. Therefore, have enough to pay for the session and extra just in case you want to extend the session. It is courteous to put the money in an envelope and confirm it together with the escort when handing it over to them.
  • Other things – Before the date, it is crucial to consider protected sex and make the necessary preparations. You may also confirm with the escort if there are any accessories you need to have such as lubes and sex toys. However, most of them carry their own accessories.
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During the Date

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This is the part that makes many first-timers nervous: meeting the escort. Fortunately, this article is here to guide you on what is expected of you.

  • Maintain a conversation – The first thing you do when you meet an escort is to greet each other and start a conversation to make each other comfortable. Meeting in the hotel room is different from meeting at the restaurant, but both require mature and respectful conversation, of course with a few jokes here and there that are not offensive.
  • Pay the escort – We already mentioned that you should prepare the money for the escort in advance. Most likely, the escort will ask for payment before anything starts. After all, when it comes to paid casual sex, nothing is guaranteed. Make sure that you count the money together and confirm that it is as agreed. From here, you can move things to the next level.
  • Getting laid – Truth be told, spending time with an escort is all about sex and related services. Most escorts usually guide their clients, especially the newbies with no experience. But the best method is to approach it in a way that you are both comfortable with. Some of the services to expect apart from intimacy include romantic massage, toy play, fetishes, and oral sex among others. Remember to do a quick health check on each other and use protection.

In the End

When all is done, you need to give the escort time to put themselves together and prepare for departure. This is also the opportunity to thank them for the services and share a little bit of the good side of the entire experience. When they are ready, bid them goodbye. But there are some important things that are expected of you as a first-timer.

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No matter how good the escort is, you should not build emotions around them. The escort is a professional in the business of spending time with clients for money in a no-strings-attached encounter. So, do not make follow-up calls later. But you can book the escort again for another session.

Lastly, remember to tidy the room again to clean any mess, especially if it is a shared house. This way, you can rest assured that you can book escorts over and over and have a good time without any challenges.

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As you can see, booking an escort for the first time is pretty easy. If you follow the insights shared in this article, you will have a great session with an escort of your choice. Probably, they will not even notice that you have never done this before. All the best.