How Well Can Medical Cannabis Help Women?

The beneficial effects of medical marijuana were never claimed to be universal. While a lot of its properties work amazingly well for people irrespective of their genders, there are a few added benefits of the plant specifically for women. So, if you are a woman trying to find a few more excuses to get a medical marijuana card from, we have got you covered.

Cannabis and Women: Current State of Research

There is abundant anecdotal evidence that supports the use of medical marijuana among women to manage symptoms and conditions that are majorly related to the female health and system. However, research around the same is pretty limited, but reliable. General cannabis-related research and studies confirm that the plant has the potential to treat and manage various issues that can be common symptoms of serious conditions women go through. These symptoms include but are not limited to chronic pain, instability in mood, depression, anxiety and panic attacks, sleeplessness, trouble falling or staying asleep, inflammation, muscle soreness, cramps, et cetera.

Cannabis for Menstrual Symptoms


Menstruation is one of the most common issues among women. While the severity of the symptoms may vary, the condition remains the same for the majority. As a woman, you may relate to the complicated period of PMSing. Mood swings, feeling nauseous, cramps, pain in the back and legs, headaches, bloating, stress, and overthinking, all are symptoms that the majority of us go through when we are in our menstrual period. Now, the intensity of these symptoms is not the same for all. You may have serious mood swings while someone else may have intense backache, but one thing is common among us all, and that is, we cannot handle this struggling period every 28 days.

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Cannabis is known for its anti-inflammatory, mood-stabilizing, and anti-nausea properties that can help alleviate pain and a bunch of other symptoms. Not just that, it is being widely used as a treatment for several mental health conditions that include stress, PTSD, depression, and insomnia.

Cannabis for Menopause

A lot of women have been using cannabis to deal with the symptoms related to menopause. Menopause isn’t as easy to manage and experience as we all think it would be. It is not the “yay! No more menstrual period every month” phase as we imagine while going through intense cramp sessions.

Menopause is some serious change in the body that women go through and it can get extremely hard. From constant mood swings to bloating, pain, instability in mental health, and most importantly the stress related to the undergoing change, every symptom can get as intense as one can imagine.

Again, marijuana is known for its properties that can reduce the severity of the symptoms.

Cannabis for Breast Cancer


It may come as a shock to some of you but 1 in every 500 women in America has a BRCA mutation in their genes. BRCA mutations, BRCA1 And BRCA2, are mutations that hinder the working of genes and are associated with breast Cancer (BReast CAncer).

While medical marijuana may not directly fight cancer, it is certainly going to help by reducing or managing the symptoms related to cancer. There is sufficient anecdotal evidence that suggests cannabis has worked well for women suffering from breast cancer, but we highly recommend consulting a medical marijuana doctor before self-medication. Specialized physicians from GreenHealthDocs can help if you are a qualifying patient looking to get a medical marijuanas card in Missouri as well as in multiple locations across several states.

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Cannabis for Intimacy

People who have been using cannabis for quite some time can confirm its effects on the sexual drive. Ask women and they will tell you how marijuana helped them not just during the process of getting intimate and making love by reducing pain and friction, but even helped them reach the climate and have a soul-satisfying orgasm. We are not exaggerating, you can go through research and studies conducted or ask people who have been using marijuana to enhance their sex lives.

The vaginal walls and in fact, the overall pelvic region of the female body is packed with cannabinoid receptors. Since the endocannabinoid system of the body has a significant role to play in enhancing mood, reducing stress, and pain, it is known to have a positive impact on sexual life, drive, and experiences too. Women can choose to use cannabis-infused products down there to increase sensitivity, which will help them have a better sexual experience.

Cannabis for Mood


We have covered this point thrice already but it deserves individual attention too. Mood swings are pretty common among women. Not that men don’t experience them at all, but we all have to agree that the intensity and frequency of mood swings are at a whole different level among women. It is not just during the menstrual cycle but even normally, a lot of factors have the potential to cause fluctuations in a woman’s mood. These factors can range from overthinking, atmosphere, family and partner-related situations and circumstances, and stress-related to work, kids, or home.
Cannabis can offer a sense of calm that is all we need during these hectic, stressful times. Not only will marijuana help you relax but even stabilize your mood.

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Cannabis for Mental Health

Mental health is finally getting the attention it deserves. While several organizations have taken mental health and the importance to treat it, into consideration, not a lot of them mention or acknowledge the fact that mental health conditions are more common among women. It is not just us saying, research has found that women are more vulnerable to have a mental health disorder than men and this is concerning. From anxiety to post-traumatic stress disorder, depression, and insomnia, women are prone to get these conditions at some point in time. There are uncountable situations and circumstances, including the life cycle of a woman, that can affect their mental health and lead to some serious health conditions.

Medical marijuana has the potential to at least reduce the intensity of these symptoms, if not completely treat them in the short run. People have been widely using the plant to manage stress and sleep-related conditions and research also advocates for its beneficial properties that speak in favor of the plant that is being used as a natural alternative to antidepressants and stress-reducing pharmaceuticals.


There are not many reliable treatment options available when it comes to female health and conditions. The ones that can be considered “traditional treatment options” have significant side effects associated with their prolonged use. This is where medical marijuana steals the limelight as a natural alternative to these traditional treatments with minimal and avoidable side effects. Even though research is limited regarding its benefits and side effects in treating female health conditions specifically, there is enough evidence, both anecdotal as well as research, that support the plant as a medication with properties that can help treat and manage the common symptoms of these conditions.