Is Sports Betting Legal in the Netherlands? – The 2024 Guide

Legal betting is becoming more and more popular with days across the globe, and the biggest reason behind its fastest-growing popularity is the online platforms. Those days are gone when betting could take place only face to face; today, you can bet sitting in the comfort of your home with a group of people residing in different corners of the world.

With many online betting platforms rising into prominence, it has become easier for professionals to bet and enjoy gambling to the fullest. Gambling is a fate-changing game that can instantly convert anyone from rags to riches. It is the game of the wise, who knows how to utilize their money and make more in no time. It is all about strategies and, of course, a bit of luck.

Not every country around the world is open to legal sports betting, but when it comes to the Netherlands it is indeed a paradise of online legal betting. To learn more about online betting you can visit

What Is Legal Online Sports Betting?


Today, a dozen countries worldwide support legal online sports betting, and its global market value is more than $60 Billion. This craze for online betting is about to welcome further growth in the global market, which is a good sign for betting platforms.

Simply put, online legal sports betting means that a country is offering online platforms to participate in legal betting on specific sports, whether cricket, football, etc. When online betting is legal, it is safe and protected by a set of rules and regulations that a professional must follow before making a bet.

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Legal Sports Betting In The Netherlands

Fortunately, the Netherlands is one of those liberal countries that consider online sports betting as legal. This country has gambling regulations and laws that one needs to follow strictly. The country also hosts various top-rated online betting platforms that are trusted, approved, and safe.

Not just online, in the Netherlands, land-based sports betting is also legal. It is easy to find legal sports betting platforms across the country, and the banking methods are easy to understand. If you have chosen an online sports betting platform, you must ensure that it is protected by the laws imposed by the Kansspelautoriteit, or KSA, popularly known as the Dutch Gaming Authority. Your betting must be done by a licensed bookmaker recognized by the Netherlands Gaming Control Board.

The Gambling Laws And Regulations In The Netherlands


The laws for remote gambling were first drafted in the year 2019 in the Netherlands and came into effect recently, on October 1st, 2024. This ‘Remote Gambling Act’ applies to all legal sports betting, horse racing, and online casino games.

The Netherlands government was struggling and failing to control illegal bets for a long time until, in 2019, it decided to publish legal laws for gambling. However, the whole process took two more years to settle. Today, all the legal online and land-based betting platforms are protected by Dutch gambling laws, and anyone failing to follow the laws shall be punishable.

To indulge in an online sports bet, a player must set a maximum credit limit for their betting account. They must be well aware of the Dutch betting market and its strategies. They must also verify their identity and register themselves through licensed platforms. You must also possess a ‘Remote Gambling’ license to ensure you are safe from all legal troubles.

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Whether you wish to take part in land-based gambling or remote betting, there are a certain amount of taxes that you need to pay to the government. Luckily, the tax percentage is 29% for both land-based and online bets. As of 2024, the percentage is going to rise slightly to 29.3%.

Previously, the taxation percentage for gamblers, as imposed by the Dutch government, was around 30.1%, but now, it is functioning at a rate of 29.3%. Will there be a further rise in the tax values in the upcoming years is hard to say?

The tax amount is counted based on your total turnover. This total tax percentage to be paid is only applicable to the owners of betting platforms. As a player, you are not required to pay any tax or file a tax return after winning a bet at a casino or similar gambling. This is because the licensed owner is already paying a tax to the government.

Things To Keep In Mind While Betting Online In The Netherlands


Betting or gambling is a game that involves a lot of money and luck. It is indeed the fastest way of doubling or tripling your money and, on the other hand, losing it at the same rate. If you have wits and your luck is always in your favor, you can be a master of the game. While betting in the Netherlands, there are a few things you must keep in mind:

  • Choosing licensed betting sites and registering yourselves. Do not forget to verify your details.
  • Never make the mistake of putting all your money at stake in a single bet. The most significant advantage of online betting is that you can take part in multiple bets. You may lose in some, but there will also be wins.
  • Spend a lot of time understanding the Dutch betting market, its laws and regulations before beginning to bet.
  • Always set a budget before getting into online betting. In the end, you won’t want to be left with no money in your bank account.
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Final Thoughts

Online sports betting can be a lot more fun than you can imagine. If you have mastered the strategies, have a deep understanding of the betting market in the country, and have a fixed budget for gambling, nothing can stop you from making the most of these platforms. Without all that risk you are willing to take, there will be no gains, so stay optimistic and make the most of your money and skills.