Can Astrology Enhance the Chances to Win at Online Casinos?

It is not a secret that online casino gambling success depends a lot on each particular gambler’s experience and knowledge, the ability to choose online casinos correctly and the ability to evaluate the casino offers to opt for the best ones.

And it also depends on the gambler’s personal luck.

Online casino games are games of chance by default even if they are qualified as “games of skill” and are claimed to give more advantages to gamblers with experience and skill. All regular gamblers will agree that there are lucky and unlucky times and days when they literally feel something goes well or something is completely off.

Trying to predict the lucky days and avoid the unlucky days, according to CasinosHunter, many gamblers ask “is today my lucky day for gambling?” and start looking for astrological prognosis and advice. But does astrology work for online casino gambling and how? In this post, we look into these questions to find the answers.

What Influences Online Casino Wins and Losses?


Let’s begin with real facts that anyone can double-check before we dive into astrology that few people make head or tail of.

The following factors definitely influence a gambler’s success when playing real money casino games online:

  1. reliability of the online casino, whether it keeps its promises, and whether it pays the winnings out eventually
  2. online casino’s rules it applies to payments and winnings (how advantageous or disadvantageous they are)
  3. how much the player deposits and how they use their balance
  4. whether the player takes a bonus or not, what are the bonus terms and limits
  5. what games are allowed for wagering through the bonus and if these games are well-paying
  6. whether the player is lucky enough to go through the wagering requirements successfully
  7. whether the player chooses the right online casino games
  8. what are the minimum and maximum withdrawal limits, etc.
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These factors together influence the eventual odds of winning and winnings. The more the gambler knows and the more experience they have the better they manage their gambling activities. And yet, there is one aspect that is hard to manage and this is gambling luck. Astrology can be used to increase the odds and try to predict luck more efficiently.

How Does Astrology Work?


In simple words, astrology is a system of assumptions based on the movement of stars and planets and the correlation of this movement with people’s lives and events. Astrology is a very old science that has been around for thousands of years. Today, astrology is a way to try and predict the probability of certain events in the future, make prognoses, and get recommendations about actions and decisions.

Astrology is closely connected to Zodiac Signs and other characteristics of a person’s birth date and personality. Speaking of gambling, astrology can provide a prognosis for a certain Zodiac Sign or Signs and add recommendations about how to enhance the situation and avoid problems.

Astrologers believe that gambling luck as such does exist but it is closely connected with the person’s own trend for being more lucky or less lucky. Plus, there are suggested lucky days and lucky numbers for each Zodiac Sign that are calculated using different methods in astrology. Every gambler can also contact an astrologer to get their very one personal prognosis and advice.

1. Lucky Days

Every Zodiac Sign has lucky days of the week that are recommended for online casino gambling or other activities. Knowing the lucky days one can literally make a calendar for themselves for each month of the year and always be aware of their advantageous or disadvantageous dates. Some astrologers believe that lucky days change every year, while others believe that they are initially connected to the Zodiac Sign.

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2. Lucky Numbers

Lucky numbers are connected to both astrology and numerology and different scientists in these niches have different opinions about which numbers are beneficial for a Zodiac Sign or a particular person. Lucky numbers are easy to use in online casino gambling or generally in any gambling or lottery – just use your lucky numbers whenever you are to choose a number, and see if that works for you.

3. Lucky Colors

Lucky colors are believed to be initially connected to a Zodiac Sign and its element – Fire, Earth, Air, or Water – so they do not change with time. Most astrologers recommend wearing your lucky colors every time you need some luck. Online casino gamblers also tend to choose their laptop or smartphone wallpapers with their lucky colors to always have them around when gambling.

All these methods recommended by astrology may work for some gamblers and not work for others so one just has to try them out and check.



Can astrology really predict my gambling luck?

Astrology is a pseudoscience and there is no scientific evidence to support the claim that it can accurately predict gambling luck or any other form of luck.

What is gambling astrology?

Gambling astrology is a belief that celestial bodies, such as stars and planets, can influence a person’s luck and outcomes in gambling activities. It involves using astrological principles and techniques, such as birth charts and horoscopes, to make predictions about gambling outcomes.

How does gambling astrology work?

Gambling astrology typically involves using a person’s birth chart, which is based on their birth date, time, and location, to determine their lucky or unlucky periods for gambling. Astrologers may also consider planetary transits and other astrological factors to make predictions about gambling outcomes.

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Can astrology help me win at gambling?

There is no scientific evidence to support the claim that astrology can help you win at gambling. Gambling outcomes are generally based on chance and luck, and there is no proven way to predict or control these outcomes using astrology or any other method.

Is gambling astrology a reliable method for making gambling decisions?

No, gambling astrology is not a reliable method for making gambling decisions. It is based on subjective beliefs and lacks scientific validity. Relying solely on gambling astrology for making gambling decisions can be risky and may result in financial losses.