6‌ ‌Best‌ ‌Invoicing‌ ‌Software‌ ‌for‌ ‌Hassle-Free‌ ‌Billing‌ ‌in‌ ‌2021‌ ‌

Are you in need of a software solution that will help you look professional in the eyes of consumers, or just help in administering all the financial data fast? Or you have just started a business of your own and are completely new in financial and administration stuff the law obliges you to do.

Here’s the thing, an invoice or a bill is a basic document that the seller issues to the buyer, after purchasing a product or a service. In almost every country in the world taxpayers, all businesses are legally obliged to issue an appropriate invoice with all obligatory elements for each product or service they sell.

Why? Well, with the help of invoices, the turnover is recorded and the tax is calculated for each transaction. So, no wonder it is so important to store all these data and issue bills correctly. But it’s such a hassle.

For sure, billing can be done via basic programs every computer offers, like Word or Excel, but that is just way too time-consuming. Plus, software solutions over time have been improved in so many ways, that regardless of how complicated your needs might be, you are most likely to find a solution that can answer them all.

That’s exactly why we have assembled a list of the best ones in 2024, that will make your billing hassle-free and simple. Here it is.

1. Hitech BillSoft v7

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In most cases, you would want software that can be a substitute for a financial worker, especially if you run a small business and in need of saving money wherever you can. Well, billingsoftwareindia.in is a place where you can find a solution providing you with multiple billing options (once you issue an invoice to the client), such as barcode scanner, detailed business reports, e-mail support, SMS support, and many others. Aside from this, HR tasks such as calculating employee salaries, attendance, can also be done. It comes with an android app enabling you to keep track of records, wherever you are.

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Moreover, it is compatible with GST regulations, so you won’t spend too much time hassling with multi-item billing.

It will save you so much time covering finances, employee management, inventory, sales, thus it will contribute to growing your business even bigger.

2. PayPal

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Half of the world uses their services but was not aware of the billing possibility. The greatest advantage it has over others is the fact that almost everyone has an account; therefore the transfer speed rate is quite high. This means that if you issue a bill, you’ve got more than 70% of the chances to get paid within a single day.

Templates are of course available for customization, very quickly. Access is provided from every device, invoice delivery can be scheduled to run automatically for regular clients, and notifications for undelivered invoices will simplify your organization significantly. These are just a couple of features PayPal will offer if you choose their software as your primary billing tool.

One more thing, it is a perfect tool for freelancers.

3. Invoicera

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Number three on our list, for a reason. If you google this software, you will find out its reviews are quite good. Like the rest we have mentioned, multiple tasks can be covered, such as customizing bills, sharing them with clients in multiple ways, managing your finance in a single place.

The first thing users like about it, in particular, is that you instantly get notified not only when the customer receives the invoice, but when he reads it.

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The second one is that staff members working in your finance department don’t need to remember their passwords, since they all will use the same one, making it way easier for them.

The third most useful is the hierarchy of invoice approvals which can be created as per your own criteria.

Whether it is a huge company you’re running or a small business, this software will be an asset.

4. FreshBooks

Want a tool that can analyze how “healthy” your business is? This might be the one you’re searching for. From time to time one tends to wonder about the direction their business is heading towards, looking for ways to improve it and increase the profit. One of the top features this software will give you is the so-called “business health report”, so you know where you’re standing.

Many billing options can be chosen to go automatically, like charging a client for services via credit card, sending late payment reminders, track expenses. Billing in any currency is done fast and easily.

5. BillingPlatform

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A fantastic cloud-based tool for managing multiple segments of the business. It will take over all the processes needed to be done from the time your product hits the market until a consumer buys it and needs to pay for it. So, you can say that its biggest advantage is in tasks being taken care of automatically.

You can expect that the burden of product pricing, revenue management, billing management, and account receivable will be taken off your back with it. It’s cloud-based software, but you can sync it with other external systems, such as tax and CRM.

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6. Gotransverse

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The final software on our list of the highest-rated ones in 2024, is Gotransverse. If a service that can handle high volume usage is what you need, this cloud-based software is ideal for you. Another great feature is that you have access to bill cycles, and it is as easy as it gets.

When struggling with creating products in need of complex business requirements, no doubt it will show as a great asset to have.

Overall, it is easy to maintain and very stable. Quick in syncing with other integrated tools you use.

As seen from the list, most of the software today runs cloud-based, so there’s no need for download, and is accessible from multiple devices such as mobile phones, making the billing easier than ever.