Studying In The UK - Guide For International Students 

Studying In The UK: A Comprehensive Guide For International Students 

Every student dreams of getting an education from foreign countries. Thousands of students move to the UK to study in high-ranking universities. There is no better place than the United Kingdom to pursue English-language studies. The education system in the UK is exceptional and provides a rich experience to international students.

Are you planning to get your higher education in the UK? If yes, then you have landed on the right platform. The culture of the United Kingdom is different from other foreign countries. Shifting to a place that has diverse culture can be overwhelming and daunting for international students. Therefore, before beginning a new chapter of your life by studying abroad, you must learn everything beforehand.

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Things International Students Must Know Before Moving To The UK

Things International Students Must Know Before Moving To The UK


There are numerous things that international students must be aware of before shifting to the United Kingdom for their higher studies. From culture to expenses, you will find everything in the points given below:

Learn About the Lifestyle and Culture of the UK

If you plan to study in the UK, you first need to learn about the lifestyle and culture of people living there. The United Kingdom is a multicultural country. You will get a warm and friendly environment here. No matter in which part of the UK you are traveling, you will find people from different cultures sharing their cuisines and traditions. The United Kingdom’s greatest asset in today’s world is its diverse culture. It is an excellent opportunity for you to interact with learners from worldwide.

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Plan Your Expenses Before Coming to the United Kingdom

planning Expenses Before Coming to the United Kingdom is crucial for students


After you have decided what course you want to pursue, you should start arranging funds for it. Studying in foreign countries is generally expensive. As a student moving to the UK, you must plan your expenses for college fees, living, traveling, internet, etc. The course fee for international students in the United Kingdom ranges between £10,000 to £35,000 per annum. When you apply for the UK visa, you have provided evidence of your funds using which you will be covering your course fees and living expenses.

Health Insurance and Bank Account

Every international learner coming to the United Kingdom must have health insurance. If they don’t do that, they have to pay heavy bills if they get sick during their tenure in the country. While applying for a UK visa, you must pay an extra amount as a health surcharge to access the National Health Service (NHS). If you already have health insurance, check if it covers your medical expenses in a foreign country.

Having a bank account is an essential part of studying in the UK. A Bank account makes it easier to keep your money secure. You need not pay any additional transaction costs as you would need to pay with your non-UK financial account. To open a bank account in the United Kingdom, you must provide your personal details. It can be quite a lengthy process, so be prepared for it.

Finding the Best Methods for Making International Calls

Best Methods International Calls from UK to your home country


When you move to a different country, you must be worried about how you will communicate with your family and friends in your country. The GSM and CDMA band are the two cellular frequencies. As in most parts of the world, the United Kingdom also works on the GSM band. However, if your mobile operates on the CDMA band, it may not work in the United Kingdom. Therefore, you must research to understand whether your current phone will work in the UK.

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In recent years, numerous mobile applications have been developed to make it easier for people to make international calls. Examples of such apps are Duo and Whatsapp. You only need a good internet connection to make video and audio calls using these applications. However, if you want to stick with the conventional calling method, consider getting international calling packages from networks like Lyca and Lebara.

Learn About the Transportation Facilities in the United Kingdom

Another significant thing you should know about the UK is its transportation facility. Students who have moved to the country must have to travel daily. Learning about the availability of transport and their costs beforehand will save you from a lot of confusion later on. Trams, trains, and buses are well-connected with all the significant places in the United Kingdom. The cost of every transport is different. Research what type of transportation works well in the city you are moving to and how much it costs.

If you travel often or daily, getting the bus passes available yearly, monthly, and every day would be better. It will help save you money while studying in a foreign country.

The Food Options Available in the UK

The Food Options Available in the UK


Everyone loves eating home-cooked food. But most of the time, international students do not have time to cook for themselves while studying abroad. Therefore, it is necessary to learn about the food options accessible in the country. Every country has a different food culture, and you must look for options that suit you the best.

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To Sum Up

The United Kingdom is the favorite destination for every student to pursue higher studies. There are numerous things that a learner needs to know before moving to the UK for education. You need to understand the lifestyle and culture of people living in the country. The food culture is also different. Therefore, you must research it beforehand to avoid any unwanted situations later.

You must have health insurance whenever you shift to the UK to avoid paying heavy bills if you get sick. Open a bank account to keep your money safe. Get bus passes if you travel frequently due to your studies. Check out the above points to know more.