How to Get Back Your Hacked Netflix Account?

Netflix is so popular that it has almost 200 million subscribers worldwide. Even with the newest members of Disney and HBO, he’s still the king. Unfortunately, its popularity also makes it an important target for hackers who generally want to access someone else’s account to get free access to all important content.

The way hackers attack Netflix accounts can vary. Sometimes they just change the password to log in. Another time they can leave it at that and hope they go unnoticed. However, you change the email address associated with your Netflix account so that you have full control.

No matter how your account is hacked, you can chase the hackers away and take control.

What are the signs of a compromised Netflix account?

It depends on how your account was hacked. If someone else has just opened it, you can find recent shows or movies you’ve never seen before under the Recent shows tab. It’s a good sign that someone has access to your account.

Here you can see how to check this:

  1. Log in to Netflix and click on Account.
  2. In the My Profile section, choose View Activity.
  3. Then select the last actions of the device.
  4. Check if there is any recording activity from unknown countries or places you have not been to before.
  5. If you confirm an unusual recording. Click Exit for all devices. Even if you’re not sure, you have to be careful and do it anyway.

Change password now

After logging off all devices, you will need to change your password. Log in again and select Account. Then perform the following steps:

  1. Scroll down to Membership and Invoicing and click Change Password.
  2. Enter your current password and create a new one. Make sure it is long and clear and contains a mix of numbers, letters and special characters.
  3. Then activate the two-factor authentication or ask all devices to log in again with a new password. This will automatically remove all devices connected to your Netflix (you did this in the previous step, but it’s a good idea to do it again).
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What if you don’t have access to your account?

If someone has changed your password or email address, please contact Netflix support. If the hacker has gone so far as to even delete your credit card number, it may be difficult to prove who the original account holder was and you may not be able to restore your account because there is no way to prove it was your original account.

However, if your credit card is still in the file, which is probably due to the fact that most hackers usually only want free access to Netflix, you should be able to restore the access. Make sure you have as many receipts as possible, including receipts, emails and other details.

Their fate lies entirely in the hands of customer service. Don’t expect a miracle, but maybe you’ll get lucky and get access to your account.

How to prevent your account from being compromised

Before your account falls into the wrong hands, it is best to prevent this from happening. Allowing two-factor authentication is a good start. Also, you should always use the VPN when on the network, especially when connecting to Netflix.

What’s VPN? The VPN is a virtual private network. It masks your IP address and encrypts your connection, greatly enhancing your security and privacy in the online world.

VPNs not only make using the Internet much safer, but you can also use them to unlock different regional versions of Netflix. For example, you can access the Korean version of Netflix from the United Kingdom, or the American version from France to get more content. It’s a total win-win situation.

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There are also some simpler ways to prevent your account from being compromised. People often visit Netflix in public places such as hotels, Airbnbs or even at friends’ homes. Before you leave, you need to log out of your account.

Finally, few people use electronic fraud to mislead users. You can impersonate Netflix and request information about your account or even create simulated Netflix web pages to collect information about your account. Always check the legitimacy of these senders before sending your personal data.

Netflix is amazing. Don’t let hackers take possession of your account and start processing these important tips right away.


How can I get back a compromised Netflix account?