How To Fix “No Service And Signal” On nd Samsung Devices

Lack of service is one of the most common problems that many Android smartphone users face. In this article, we will share with you some of the most effective solutions.

Very often this problem leads to the Android device not registering on the network and not receiving a signal. Often, your Android smartphone will not display a service error because the IMEI is invalid. You can also consult the article : To recover the IMEI number and correct the signal error. Most of our readers have found the solution by following this article.

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What makes Samsung Galaxy and Android errormaintenance free?

There are many reasons that can lead to problems with Android No Service. Sometimes this is due to the radio signal. The radio signal is automatically turned off due to a conflict with WIFI and GPS, resulting in the above problem.

This error can also be caused by some bad applications that interfere with the radio signal.

How to repair Samsung Galaxy and Android without service



Method 1:

Start by restarting the unit. This is the first step you should take if you are experiencing a problem on your Android device.

  • Press and hold the power button
  • When the menu opens, press the Restart key.

Method 2:

This is another useful method you should try, as this small step can solve the No Service error in many cases. So try it if restarting the device doesn’t work. Drag the notification area down where you can easily find the flight mode or flight mode. Just hit it. Leave it on for 30 seconds and then touch it again to turn it off.

Method 3:

The No Service error can sometimes be easily resolved by manually selecting the network provider. For this,

  • Go to settings
  • Finding and connecting to mobile networks
  • Now click on the network providers and the search for all available networks in this area will be started.
  • Once you have your network, select it manually
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Method 4:

The SIM card may also be defective. Make sure the SIM card is correctly inserted. Otherwise, a service error will occur.

This article explains it much better. In this article you can read how to solve the service connection error. There are many ways to solve SIM card problems, and this one summarizes them.

Method 5:

This method requires you to first open the dialer and then follow the steps below.

  • Enter this code *#*#4636#*#* on the handset.
  • On-call service mode
  • Press the upper option, – Device info or Phone info.
  • Then click on the Perform Ping Test button.

  • The Radio option appears at the bottom of this screen.
  • Make sure the radio is off or on, then press the button next to it to turn it on.
  • You are prompted to restart the device.
  • Press the reset button and your phone will restart. After checking, verify that the problem has been corrected.

Method 6:

Sometimes you may get a service error on your Android device if you have installed a custom ROM or if the ROM belongs to a different variant of the headset. So what you need to do is get the original ROM, you can install it with Recovery. First copy the ROM and then turn off the power. Then press the volume down button and the power button, which will bring up a black screen with several options. Just follow the on-screen instructions to install the ROM and your phone is ready to use again.

Method 7:

Sometimes there is no service error due to an invalid or unknown IMEI number. To do this, it is important to first check whether your IMEI number is damaged or not, and then proceed to fix the zero IMEI. He’s here:

  • Turn on the device and go to the caller to enter the code (*#06#), which indicates the IMEI number of the device. If it shows zero, the IMEI number is corrupted and needs to be set to Samsung Galaxy and Android No Service.
  • Dial (*#197328640#) or (*#*#197328640#*##*) from the communicator and specify the command mode. Users should select the General option.
  • Then select option 1, which is called the field test mode (FTM). It must be removed if it is activated. This process will change and restore the IMEI number, but be sure to press the Menu key before exiting the control screen as this is an important step for the changes to take effect.
  • Select keyboard input and option 2, which disables FTM.
  • Now remove the battery and the SIM card from the device, wait 2 minutes and then reinsert the battery, but not the SIM card.
  • Turn on the power and redial the phone number (*#197328640#).
  • Then go to debug screen> Phone control> Nas control> RRC and finally to RRC revision to fix zero IMEI or unregistered IMEI.
  • Now click on the shared phone, which is usually option 5.
  • Turn the phone off again and insert the SIM card to see if the service problem is resolved.
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How to solve unknown basic version of Samsung Galaxy, solve IMEI number and solve No signal error?

Method 8:

  • Go to Settings > Mobile network settings
  • Now that you are in the mobile network settings, press and hold the power and home buttons to turn off the device.
  • Then slowly remove the battery.
  • Press the On/Off button and the Start button simultaneously about 10 times.
  • Now press and hold the power and home buttons for 2 minutes to remove all static charges.
  • Replace the battery and start the device with the SIM card. However, do not attach the back cover.
  • The SIM card should be removed and reinserted about 3 times when the phone is turned on.
  • You will then be asked to restart your Android device.
  • Restart the unit and check if the problem has disappeared.

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frequently asked questions

How can I fix Samsung’s lack of service?

The blog is a fix-it….

How do I get my phone to work if there is no coverage?

The key to making your phone usable without maintenance is to use applications with offline features. However, most applications will not work without a connection unless you download or sync your data first. Try it at home, in a dead zone, by putting your phone in airplane mode – make sure the wifi is off too.

Why is my phone not receiving a signal?

Check coverage and network status – see what coverage is available in the immediate area (by zip code), check for scheduled services or technical issues. Update the network connection by turning off and restarting the device.

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