How Reliable Are At-Home Coronavirus Test Kits – 2024 Guide?

It seems like we are now getting in control over the coronavirus pandemic. It caused many issues over the last year, especially when it comes to the economy. Most countries had to issue lockdown measures to prevent the spreading of the disease. While many countries still have these measures, a lot of them are opening the borders for tourists and allows businesses to be opened again. The main reason is related to the fact that there is a vaccine now, and the great news is that more people are getting interested in getting protection and stop the pandemic.

However, it is crucial to stop the people who are diseased to get in contact with others. Therefore, you will need a test if you want to travel to other countries. Moreover, some countries even introduced new regulations where people who are working on positions that require them to be in contact with others to get the vaccine or at least to test themselves regularly and prove that they are negative to Covid-19.

There are three main types of these tests, antigen, antibody, and PCR. Antigen testing is the fastest way to check if you are infected, which is the main reason why it is used at airports, borders, and other places. Also, the great thing is that there is no need to visit a lab to check the results. Another method is antibody testing, where you need to provide a sample of blood, and the doctors will check the results in the lab. This is a very accurate method, but it requires more time. The most common type is PCR testing, which is also quite fast and accurate. Read more on

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When we look at the current trends, there are positive movements in terms of the number of people who got their dose of vaccine. Still, there is a lot of time required for all populations to get enough doses, so we can finally say that the pandemic is over. Until then, testing will remain crucial for prevention. Another great thing is that there are home tests available. The main advantage is that people can quickly find out whether they are infected or not, and prevent the spread on time. Therefore, you can save a lot of time by getting a home test and check out the results more often. Still, the main question is whether this method is accurate as other options. We are going to analyze more on that topic in the following article.

There Are Different Types of Home Tests

If you are interested in this option, the most important is to look for those tests that are licensed by the officials. The differences are related to the main method of testing, complexity, and time required for the results. Here are the most common types of tests.

  • EverlyWell;


This is one of the first home tests that became available in 2024, and it has all of the required licenses, so it means that it is credible. You can take samples from your nose and send them to the lab. The average time needed is less than two days. Moreover, you will get the results in digital form, which is quite convenient as well.

  • Lets Get Checked;


When it comes to the method of getting the samples, you will also need one from the nose or mouth. The great thing is that there is a special service that will transport the samples to the nearest lab, which is especially beneficial for the time required for the results.

  • Phosphorus;


This is a form of PCR testing where will need to wait for one to two days to get the results. The main advantage is that the high accuracy is proven to be over 97%. When it comes to the price, if you have proper insurance, the price is only around $50.

  • Hims & Hers;


This is the slowest type of test on this list. You will need to wait around 4 days for the results. You will need a sample from the mouth and send it to the lab.

  • Pixel;


This is the perfect option for those without proper health insurance. The results will be available in less than two days.

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Besides these types, there are even faster methods where you can use your sample and check the results on your own. You can finish the process in less than 20 minutes. These are the form of antigen tests that are the fastest options. However, there are much higher chances of showing negative results even though someone is carrying the virus.

According to some researches, the accuracy is only around 50%. The most popular options are Influenza and Ellume. Even though there could be some issues with accuracy, it is still a great thing since people with symptoms can quickly find out whether they are infected with the covid-19.

Can We Rely on the Results?


According to the labs and companies that provide home tests, there is no difference when it comes to the results since the methods are the same as with the types of testing where you need to visit the lab in public. However, you should check the transportation service that is delivering your samples in the lab since that is the main risk for potential mistakes where your sample might get mixed with others or affected in some other way.

While the mailing option is much more accurate, fast home testing is still a great way to check out yourself more often. Therefore, you can always quickly check out if you are infected in case that you were in contact with other people. Even with lower accuracy, it will still help us to prevent the further spreading.

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Last Words

The fast home testing kits are the most reliable form that you can find today. The main benefit is that you can quickly find out if there are traces of the virus in your body. The fact is that a lot of people don’t have any symptoms while they can still carry the virus. Therefore, using a home kit is a great way to prevent yourself from getting in contact with others. On the other side, tests that are checked in labs are far more accurate.