How Long the Effects of Dermal Fillers Will Last – 2024 Guide

The way our skin looks changes as we get older. This is because of the time we are exposed to the sun, and all the genetic conditions we have inherited. However, these signs are a major factor why people lack confidence.

Luckily, that can be easily changed because of the revolutionary novelties in dermatology such as the dermal fillers. With a method that takes a couple of minutes to show its results, we can easily enhance the skin and achieve a natural look.

As a person who would want to get fillers in the future, you might be concerned about certain questions. For that reason, we made this article where we’ll explain everything about dermal fillers. This will help you be in peace, and learn whether this is the appropriate procedure for yourself.

Explanation of dermal fillers


The wrinkles that happen on our skin as we get older are a result of low levels of collagen production, as well as a lack of hyaluronic acid.

Dermal fillers are a product used for aesthetic procedures that do not require surgery. It is not an invasive method, so recovery is sped up, and the possibility of side effects is significantly lower. When inserted inside the skin, it fills in areas with wrinkles by adding more volume. In addition, hyaluronic acid helps in revitalizing the skin.

What are they used for

Although there are multiple application possibilities, the dermal filters are usually used in a couple of scenarios.

In the cheek area, dermal fillers are used to increase their volume and help in reconstructing the contours of the face. This helps for achieving the young natural look that every person pursues.

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As mentioned above, the dermal fillers make an exceptional job in covering wrinkles making the skin look younger and healthier. In addition, they are great for decreasing the visibility of the scars.

Lastly, one of the most popular dermal fillers used is inside the lips. The main purpose is to add volume, especially for women who have genetically thinner lips. That way, they can easily achieve the full lips supermodel look.

How long is their application


The length of the application is completely dependent on the area that is being treated. For that reason, you can expect the procedure to go from fifteen minutes to a full hour.

Normally, this is also dependent on the skills of the dermal technician. For that reason, consider doing fillers only in a place that has specialized technicians. Look at reviews and find the place where most of their customers have been satisfied.

Does it hurt

Since you will get a needle inside the treated area, it is normal to have discomfort but it should not hurt. To decrease the possible painful sensations, most of the fillers come with a local anesthetic that will cause a minor numbing sensation.

After the procedure, it is normal to have an odd sensation in the treated area. These tender feelings can last up to two days while they slowly disappear.

How long do they last


The main question related to this topic is how long the dermal fillers last. Although we can say they last from six months to a year and a half, we can’t be certain.

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The longevity of the fillers is dependent on a couple of factors.

The first thing is the quality of the filler that is being used. For that reason, you should never cheap out when selecting the product like suggest. Firstly, it enters your body, and secondly, you want to ensure the longevity of your cosmetic improvement.

Another factor is the time your body needs to metabolize and decompose the filler material. Since every person is different, the fillers last differently for each person.

Lastly, we have the amount of filler inserted inside the treated area. The more filler there is, the more time the body needs to metabolize it.

When you notice there is a loss in volume in the area you have injected, it may be time for corrections. These corrections will ensure the longevity of the results and keep on with the looks of your dreams.


When it comes to safety it is normal to be concerned when going through a procedure where a product is inserted into your through a needle. However, getting fillers is a completely safe method as soon as it is done by trained beauticians backed with a diploma.

Because this is not an invasive technique, the adverse effects are set to a minimal occurrence. In addition, this method has been performed for a long time, and the fillers are constantly being upgraded and tested. This makes this dermal procedure a completely safe way to achieve your beauty standards.

Possible adverse effects


Even though this is generally a safe procedure, some side effects may occur. Usually, all of these symptoms are temporary and end in a day or two. They are caused by the trauma of the needle, so you should not be worried.

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Symptoms like these include swelling and hyperemia. For that reason, the doctor will gently press the area of application with massage-like movements. This helps in the distribution of the product, as well as reduces the swelling symptoms.

On the other hand, there can be symptoms that cause greater discomfort like tingling sensations or pain. They usually happen right after the application and can last up to a day or two.

Before you get the fillers applied, the doctor or the certified beautician will explain the whole process. In case you have any concerns, you should feel free to discuss them with them. In case of discomfort or any other symptoms, reach out to the doctor and look for a way to feel better.

Costs of such procedure

The costs of such a procedure are different depending on where you live, and the dermal institution where you get the fillers from. However, you can expect to pay from around 200 to 300 dollars for a single treatment.

To ensure the best results and longevity, get the best fillers possible. Do not cheap out since this is a process that will make you look the way you wanted.

In case you have any ambiguity, consult a dermatologist and learn everything that concerns you. This will make the whole process better since you will know what to expect, and how to quickly address the problems if occur.