How High Can Bitcoin Go In 2024?

When you speak of cryptocurrency, Bitcoin is the name that will spark in your brain. Bitcoin is regarded as the first cryptocurrency. People might know about crypto and how it trades, but they know about bitcoins. From the start till now, this cryptocurrency has been a hot topic and will continue to be so in 2024, 2024, and later.

After the 2024 steller, Bitcoin has further sealed its growth. This article will help you make decisions on whether or not to invest in Bitcoin. This currency is designed in such a way that makes it fit for global transactions. Regardless of nationality, you can use it to make monetary transactions in any part of the world.

Esteemed sites like BitcoinMotion have made some astronomical predictions regarding Bitcoin. The predictions of bitcoins are as follow for the years 2024, 2024, and 2030:

  • By the end of 2024, it will reach $33,748
  • In 2024 it will reach $69,712
  • And in 2030, it will reach $295,000

If you are still deliberating on whether you should invest in Bitcoins, this article will get you covered. Hopp on for some knowledge!

What Is Bitcoin?


Satoshi Nakamoto was the creator of this genius cryptocurrency. It was the first peer-peer electronic cash transaction. As it is based on the ideology of peer-to-peer, there is no involvement of a third party, i.e., the bank or the government.

Instead, there are miners who keep a close eye on the transaction through Bitcoin and are rewarded with BTC to verify a block and add it to the blockchain. This reward is an incentive that the miner gets; it keeps them motivated and keeps growing the bitcoin network.

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At an interval of four years, the incentive to the miners is reduced to half. This phenomenon is referred to as halving by the crypto industry.

Why Is The Value Of Bitcoin Shooting Up?

Bitcoin has earned the title of digital gold. Owing to the strategy, it is destined that the value of Bitcoin will escalate with time. It is hard-capped at 21 million BTC and, when combined with each block-halving, renders the currency a deflationary exposure and makes the currency scarce, similar to the availability of gold.

These aspects that are added to this cryptocurrency make it unique. Bitcoin is not considered a borderless currency but also stores a value that you must invest in during the economic crisis, and this currency is going to work wonders.

2023: Bitcoin Prediction


As already mentioned why the price of bitcoin will keep growing up, and 2024 seems perfectly bright and sunny for the Bitcoin future. There are no dark clouds whatsoever, and if you have not invented your share in Bitcoin yet, 2024 is not very late.

The growing crypto market will continue to find new ways to bring onboard new investors. The development will make digital currency grow exponentially. This is the reason that experts can conclude that the price of Bitcoin in 2024 will reach $68,000.

Bitcoin Prediction 8 Years Down The Lane

In 2025, the estimation for BTC value is $90,000. Although there are other altcoins that will gain popularity and value, Bitcoin is far from losing its charm as it was the first in the market. Years of dealing with this currency have shown people that they will not be conned. Thus, it has become a brand that people trust.

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2024 will mark the next Bitcoin halving. It implies that the supplies will become more sare, and it will further increase the value of the currency further. It might start the bull market (when the securities are on the rise) gain and lead to high prices.

At the end of 2030, the currency is predicted to cost 1 million USD per coin. People with possession of Bitcoins can bet they will not see a dark cloud hovering over them any sooner.

Past When The Bitcoin Prediction Got Right


Predictions made are subjective to the course of the object. However, few industry experts have correctly predicted the bright future that bitcoin will have. Let’s see some examples:

Analyst at Global Advisor- Daniel Masters

This renowned personality with financial knowledge and expertise calculated that the Bitcoin price will become $4,000 n 2017. His predictions were right. Further, the coins reached a value of $20,000.

South African Internet Entrepreneur and CEO of Civic- Vinny Lingham

Like Masters, Lingam also made a prediction that the value of the currency will increase in 2017 and 2018. His theories were more detailed than the former.

 Billionaire Venture Capitalist- Tim Draper

This billionaire has a sport for inventing new gigs. He made a huge investment in Bitcoin in 2014 and predicted that the value would shoot up. Making his predictions true, the price of Bitcoin reached $10,000 in 2018.

Decentralized Finance (DeFi)


The network steward at crypto platform ICHI, Bryan Gross, predicted that the value of the currency would shoot up. And he was not wrong, too, as we can see down in the past that the currency has fired up from 2008 to 2024. Starting from $0 to $33,748 at the end of 2024.

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Legendary Commodities Trader- Peter Brandt

Not all the predictions that were made regarding this currency were positive. There were negative predictions too. Peter Brandt predicted that the price of Bitcoin would go down to $3,200, and it met that value in 2018, making his prediction true.


Experts have predicted that this currency is soon going to replace all the currencies across the globe. Thus, the fear of losing power is making some authorities bullish about this currency. To an extent, some banks and governments, so few nations do not recognize the existence of this currency. And on the other hand. Some governments have given them a green signal.

The motto of this currency was disrupting the traditional mode of finance. And they are already en route to a huge adaption by the common people.