Mastering Cryptocurrency Trading in 2024: Is It Real for a Starting Trader to Make Mistake-Free Investments?

Investments have always been the topic for the financial elite – the people who know how the economy works and feel where to put money to get it multiplied. Today, the situation has changed drastically. At every corner, we hear ‘professionals’ and ‘absolute experts’ talk about investments, and most of these talks are focused primarily on cryptocurrency.

Cryptocurrency has turned into a new playing field for investors and exchange companies, and each wants to get their profit.

If you are among those people who don’t want to view crypto investments as trying out luck, you surely need some proven pieces of advice not to be tempted to give it all up when the first hardship comes.

So, this read is for you if you plan to purchase some digital currency to speculate on it. But be prepared that getting exceptional returns demands hard work and continuous presence, meaning that you monitor the situation all the time to see where it goes.

8 Tips to Make Smarter Investments In Cryptocurrency

It was said that 2024 and 2024 might be some of the best times for the cryptocurrency market. This sphere continues to allure investors from different backgrounds and with other goals. Here are some easy tips on making the most of this time and enjoying your revenues.

Tip 1. Do your research.


Whenever you hear about the massive success of someone who has pooled their funds in the crypto and achieved top spinoffs, this happens most likely due to this person’s persistence in learning.
Studying cryptocurrency and its functioning mechanisms is an absolute must if you want logical decisions and steady success. Note that learning separate data or recommendations on investing isn’t enough: you should cover the topic from A to Z to know all the nuances. We can advise reputable sources such as Forbes Advisor, Bankrate, and whole courses on Udemy and Coursera. Yes, you will spend a few weeks on them, but courses show the best results.

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Be aware of the latest trends for cryptocurrency trading; they can show you what way you shouldn’t go right now or when to wait before selling your asset.

Tip 2. Focus more on liquid currencies.

There are over a thousand different cryptocurrencies created with their peculiarities of functioning. Still, it never means that you can choose a random coin and have success from this investment. Bot, all of them, are worthy of your attention because many coins lack liquidity. This parameter determines how easily the currency gets converted to other coins to enter and exit the market.
Professionals in the trading sphere would say you should better look at the coins with high liquidity if you don’t want to get stuck in a dead-end situation with no possibility to sell. Learn more about crypto liquidity on

Tip 3. Choose your instruments right.


With a million services for trades and exchanges, scams are waiting for simple-hearted beginners. Remember to look for a legal place with all the rights and documents for selling this or that type of cryptocurrency. This is essential for any size of investment.

By choosing services carefully, you will also avoid jeopardizing your data. A decent service such as Coinbase or Gemini will guard your data with powerful cyber security software. Another trustworthy place is BitcoinEvolution which was created recently but is already gaining steam in the crypto community due to its many features and excellent customer support.

Tip 4. Avoid decisions based on emotions.

The movements of cryptocurrencies’ prices can be at times chaotic. Yes, they decide if you get profit or lose it, but you need to have the discipline and keep a cool head even if the circumstances are against you. The point is that these fluctuations are the norm since crypto coins are inherently volatile. So, don’t be affected by the short-term changes – if you have a plan, stick to it, with only some changes when the limit for your stop loss comes too close.

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Tip 5: Check the wallet address while making transactions


While making crypto transactions, it is quite crucial to add correct details and make sure to check them thrice before completing the transaction. Filling in the wrong wallet address will lead to a huge loss of crypto coins, which is one of the common errors made by both first-time users and even professionals. In addition to that, all the crypto transactions are irreversible.

If you have sent cryptocurrency to the wrong account, there are high chances that you may not receive them back. Sometimes, if you remember the account address, you can ask the account holder to transfer them back to you.

Tip 6: Avoid storing the cryptocurrency in a single wallet

Instead of storing all your crypto coins in a single wallet, it is better to keep them in different types of wallets. Hot wallets are the safest option if you are looking to store small quantities of crypto assets. If you want to store crypto coins in large amounts, it is better to keep them in a secured cold wallet. As they have no connection with internet services, cold wallets possess a lower risk.

Depending on your preference, you can either choose non-custodial or self-custody wallets, which are two types of reliable and secured wallets to store crypto coins. Even if you lose access to a wallet because of cyber attacks or forget the key to one of your wallets, you can avoid losing hefty amounts of cryptocurrencies. Hence, keep in mind to store your crypto assets in multiple wallets, both offline and online.

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Tip 7: Maintain offline hard copies of the crucial keys


As the private crypto keys are often lengthy and complicated, it is not that easy to memorize them. Hence, you need to write down the keys separately and store them safely in a secured place. If possible, it is best to keep several offline private keys in printed papers and documents. Make sure to keep them in lockers or other safe, hidden places. Even if you lose a copy, you can use the extra copies to know the private key.

For a wallet account, you must set a tricky password and create a seed word series which you can use to recover the wallet if you forgot the password. It is mandatory to store seed words and private keys because if you lose these critical data, you might not have the chance to access your account.

Tip 8: Avoid buying just because the rate is low

Most beginners often tend to buy a cryptocurrency that costs less. You should never make crypto investments just because the price is low. When you start investing in crypto coins, you need to know the market value and the recent trends of that cryptocurrency.

The value of cryptocurrencies is also calculated by market capitalization. Therefore, it is practical to utilize the market cap of the crypto to conclude whether to invest in that crypto coin or not. For making investments, choose the crypto that has a high market cap.


Yes, the sphere of crypto investments is complex, but who said it would be easy? Anyway, with these tips and tricks for mastering trading, you will avoid many problems and learn to base your decisions on worthy data. This is, though, not a guarantee that there won’t be failures on the way – every trade involves some risk in the end. Yet, mistakes teach us far more than any quick triumph.