Honor Band 5i – Full review with Pros and Cons

One of the leading manufacturers of smart devices is Huawei, with its many smartphones and smart watches. Huawei is the parent company of Honor, which has several low-budget fitness groups on the market. Here we look at the 5i Band of Honor based on its design, connectivity, battery performance and other features. We analyze the pros and cons of this fitness group to help you understand if it meets your needs.


  • The Honor Band 5i has a 0.96 inch colour screen.
  • The screen is not LCD, but TFT. In this price range, this small defect can be overlooked.
  • The brightness of the screen can also be adjusted.
  • Under static conditions, this track can withstand 50 metres of water depth without failure.


  • This fitness strip can track your sleeping habits and provide reports by syncing with your smartphone.
  • Another impressive feature is the 24-hour heart rate monitor.
  • The fitness belt also has several sports modes that allow outdoor and indoor running, jogging, cycling, etc. to practice.
  • It can display smart notifications from social networking applications on your smartphone, as well as notifications of incoming calls and messages. However, you cannot participate in the calls.
  • The associated group can control music applications on your phone, including applications such as Spotify.
  • It’s got a phone messenger that will call you if you lose your phone.
  • According to official reports, you can use the 5i Band of Honor to check the oxygen saturation of your blood after releasing a software update for the sPo2 function of the Huawei Health application.
  • You can also use the application to change your face.
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Adjustment steps for the different dials

1. You must install the Huawei Mobile Services application.
2. A Huawei identity card must be created on the website. This registration procedure cannot be carried out on the basis of the application.
3. Now go back to the application settings and add your Huawei account to your application.
4. Install the Huawei Health application from the game store.
5. Finally, add your fitness strap and you’re ready to install your dials.


  • The right range can be synced to any Android phone with Android KitKat or higher and iOS 9.0 or higher. You need to download the Huawei Health application to connect your Honor Band 5i to your fitness group.
  • With the Honor Band 5i you can remotely control the camera on your Huawei and Honor smartphones with Android Oreo or later.


  • The 5i headband uses a rechargeable lithium-ion polymer battery that provides up to 7 days of emergency power. If you run the heart rate monitor and sleep tracker of your application continuously in full brightness, it will take about 4 days.
  • The 5i honorary band has a battery charge time of about an hour.
  • The Fitness Strap has a built-in USB port for easy charging. The charging port is hidden in the bracelet. You do not need another charging cable to charge the watch.


  • You don’t have to take the charger everywhere. Just plug it directly into your laptop or Powerbank to charge it.
  • Sleep monitoring and a very accurate pedometer
  • Different dials are available for individual occasions such as holidays, work, home.
  • You will be able to control the music on your watch.
  • If the price is less than 2,000 on Amazon at the time of purchase, you can choose. This is certainly a good alternative for Mi Band 4.
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  • The screen’s pretty sweet.
  • An update of the SPO2 is expected by March 2024. If this is an important requirement for you, you should wait or buy another watch.
  • The dials are difficult to adjust
  • Only the camera on the Huawei and Honor phones can be controlled remotely.


The Honor Band 5i is without doubt a fitness group worthy of its price. I bought it for Rs.1999 from Amazon and it was almost the same quality as the Mi Band4 which cost more than Rs.2300 at the time. If your needs correspond to the advantages mentioned above and the disadvantages do not matter to you, do not hesitate to take the plunge.

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