How Much do Ground Mounted Solar Panels Cost – 2024 Guide

We are living in a day and age when the environment is in real danger. There are so many things about our way of life that harm the world that surrounds us. We are talking about a plethora of elements that have negative effects. We all know the images of the north and south poles and how the ice is melting slowly but surely.

Therefore, many countries have decided to create an agenda that will provide us with a chance to cut a majority of these negativities. One of the most significant things that will provide us with a chance to keep the environment in the best possible condition is the installment of solar panels. Even though we are not talking about new technology, we can see that a majority of people and institutions haven’t installed one of these yet.

The biggest reason is that we still don’t know much about it. If you would like to take a look at the basic concept of solar panels and how they can change the way we live today, take a look at Now, we would like to talk about all there is to know about these, with a focus on the costs. Without further ado, let’s take a look at what we’ve been able to gather.

How Does it Look Mounted?

What many people don’t understand is that there are a lot of different ways to mount solar panels. Therefore, it is not impossible to say that there is one, precise way. Despite all of these differences, we can see that the two systems have established themselves as the most prominent ones. Let’s take a look at these two.

  • Fixed Scaffolding


The first one we would like to talk about is fixed scaffolding. It needs to be said that this is a fixed stance and there is no way the direction can be changed in any way. That’s why it is needed to find the perfect position that will make the most out of the sunlight. The panel is mounted on the ground scaffoldings. In a majority of cases, these are made out of aluminum. However, you will see examples of them being made of steel. Also, the material which will be used is decided on the soil, to avoid any unpleasantries.

  • Pole Mount


The next one we would like to talk about is called pole mount. It is interesting to see this one because it has one pole that branches into a couple of other ones. At the same time, it is more usual to see these branches holding a couple of panels instead of one. In case it is aimed to be a part of a larger system, you will see a low row of poles that have panels on them. Since they can offer you much more energy than the previous type, we can see that they can provide you with many financial benefits. Read more here to know all you need.

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How Much Do These Panels Cost?


Now, we’ve got to the most important part, how much do these panels cost? There are a couple of factors that determine the price of the installation. For instance, the costs depend on the project and the region. At the same time, not all of the manufacturers make the same panels. However, we believe that the most important factor is whether we are talking about a commercial or residential installation.

At the same time, it needs to be said that having these on your property can have a big impact on its price. The reason is that electrical bills can be much higher if the panels have been as effective as they should be. If they are effective, you will find a lot of interested customers who will be interested in meeting your price, mainly because of lower electrical bills. It varies from case to case.

Last but not least, we would like to say that the installation’s price depends on the type of installation. That means that you will be required to pay roughly $12k for a system that produced 4kW. If you want a bigger capacity, let’s say 13kW, the price can go up to $31k. Naturally, you will have a deduction of the price because the federal government covers 26% of the price, in hope that a lot of people will buy these. Naturally, the price for commercial properties is higher than for residential ones.

What are the Benefits?


When discussing benefits, we can see that homeowners will feel the most of them. Since they will not spend a lot of electrical energy in most cases, they can expect that their bills will be significantly lower. Also, some of the benefits depend on the type of installation. In case you have selected ground-mounted systems, you will see that they are relatively easy to place, and you will not have problems with them using too much space.

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At the same time, you will need to perform any kind of project like drilling your roof and mounting them on it. Plus, those who can be installed on the roof tend to be lightweight, which is not a problem in the majority of cases, but it can happen sometimes. The reason is that their productivity can depend on the type of your roof. So, we are talking about one more factor for you to take into consideration.

When talking about some general benefits, we think they are rather obvious. Your electrical bills will be much lower than usual. When you calculate these drops, you will see that you have saved a lot of money long-term. Therefore, we truly believe that installing these is a no-brainer. You just need to find a reliable company who will provide you with a first-class service.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, solar panels are an interesting way of producing electricity. We are talking about a concept that will help us step into the new era. Here, you can take a look at what costs you will be looking at, if you decide to install ground-mounted solar panels on your property.