How To Find The Best Presale Tickets – 2024 Guide

Whenever there is a music concert happening that features your favorite artist, you will certainly want to be part of it by any means. However, you may end up disappointed when you find that the tickets are all sold out. What do you do then? Look up presale tickets, of course! Now, not just about anybody can have access to presale tickets. For such tickets, fans will need access to a link or have a password. So, in order to know how to find the best presale tickets, you must first know how presale tickets work.

As the word suggests, presale tickets are tickets that are for sale even before releasing to the public. If you are a fan club member or a loyal customer of a certain company, the chances are high for you to get access to presale tickets. For that, the event or venue sponsors will send a link or password to the exclusive members. The best part is that even the seat allocations for presale tickets are different from those intended for the general public. This means that you can take advantage and book the best seats. However, keep in mind that not all presale tickets will guarantee you the best seats. When you have booked a presale ticket, there will be no exchange policy. So, it is always best that you carefully pick the seat that you’re comfortable with.


Fans will also find that there are different types of presale tickets available for sale. Some of these are label presale, venue presale, radio presale, fan club presale, social media presale, and credit card presale, among others. Presale tickets are also available for those who are registered members of certain music websites. Each type of presale tickets will give you access to different codes.

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Before anything else, you need to make sure that you follow your favorite band, artist, and venues on social media. By doing so, you will be able to find out everything you need to know about the presale tickets and when they will be up for sale. In some instances, a few artists will have a period of presale registration for exclusive fans. Meaning, those fans who are registered will be getting a presale code on the day or ahead of the presale. Check this website for the best presale tickets info.

As mentioned earlier, presale tickets for sale are only accessible for those who get the hidden link or code. So, this means that even if you go through the main website to look for tickets, you won’t find them anywhere. Again, fans must know that just because you have access to presale tickets doesn’t mean that you are guaranteed to secure a ticket. Thanks to the number of people who are already members of events or venues, the competition is tough. Therefore, you need to always be alert and book your tickets as quickly as you can during presales.


Usually, when you are a member of a fan club, you will enjoy a lot of perks apart from presales. In order to be a member, you need to know that you have to pay a certain amount. Rest assured, it will be worth it all as you can finally get the chance to be at an event that you have been dying to be a part of! Also, the numbers of fan club members are always comparatively lower. And these fans are going to want to secure tickets for a particular show. Therefore, this means that there will be limited competition. The numbers could be in hundreds or thousands, which is less in comparison to the tens of thousands during other types of presales.

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One of the main reasons people are always on the lookout for presale tickets is the fact that they don’t want to miss out on the tickets. This is even more true for artists or bands who are famous worldwide. The tickets to events for such artists will undoubtedly sell out within seconds. So, in order to prevent this, presale tickets come to the rescue for diehard fans.

There are a number of trusted websites from where you can get presale tickets. Of course, you will need to register to these websites if you want access to these tickets. By logging in to these websites, you will be able to get access to a whole bunch of information pertaining to presales. Also, most of the time, presale tickets are usually on the lower side than the general sale tickets. This is another reason people hope to find seats to their favorite events with presale tickets.

Presales also vary from event to event. For instance, some presales will give fans the opportunity to find the best seats. On the other hand, there are presales that will allow you to book your tickets before the actual general sale. The determination of inventory is by the show’s promoter, based purely on the kind of presale.


So, if you have been trying your luck to secure tickets to your favorite artist’s show and end up unlucky, presale tickets are the way to go. Of course, you may not always be entitled to the best seats: sometimes your seat may be further away from the stage. But as long as you are content with being part of the show, you can start looking up websites where you can get access to presale tickets. Also, remember that when you book a presale ticket, you won’t be able to demand an exchange. So, ensure that you don’t have a problem with where your assigned seats are before booking the presale tickets.

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When you are a huge fan of particular artists, you will want to be a part of their musical journey. Whether it’s a concert tour or an arena concert, you can make your dream come true, thanks to presale tickets. Exclusive to select members, you can start browsing websites where you can register and get access to presale tickets whenever they are up for sale.