How to Choose the Right Airbnb Management Company

The Airbnb business requires a lot of involvement. To run a successful business and always have customers, you have to put a lot of effort first so that it’s easy to manage the business from a distance and not have to worry. Maintaining a high rating is absolutely necessary to control many processes: thoroughly cleaning the premises, purchasing all necessary items, updating dates and prices, communicating with customers, advising on various issues, helping customers, etc.

Property owners, of course, do not always have time for this. In this case, it is simply necessary to use the convenient services of Airbnb management companies. Read more about the services of such companies here. They will develop the most effective business strategy, which will allow the owner not only to get the maximum profit, but will also completely free him from the hassle of running the business. In addition, the company itself will take care of the implementation of the business strategy, which is also, of course, very convenient.

Benefits of cooperation with quality Airbnb Management Company


Before you consider partnering with Airbnb hosts, you could have wondered: why not do it yourself?

Delegating tasks to professionals allows the business owner to:

• Get a well-thought-out business strategy developed taking into account the characteristics of a particular property (region, location, living conditions for guests, number of rooms, and the target audience).

• Save time. Routine tasks are important, but they take a lot of time, distracting from strategic planning and finding ways to grow your business.

• Improve the quality of services provided. And that means getting 5-star reviews from guests.
Get help with Regulatory Environments.

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• Increase occupancy and ensure a constant influx of new customers.

• Remote business management. If the personal presence of the owner is difficult or impossible, the services of a management company will be an effective solution to the problem.

Risks of cooperation with a bad Airbnb Management Company

As we mentioned earlier, professional Airbnb management companies can bring many advantages to an entrepreneur. At the same time, working with a low-rated company carries certain risks:

• Financial risks. Bad-written contracts can result in lost income and the inability to sue Airbnb guests or tenants for damages. Just imagine, one poorly drafted contract and your property is already at risk, you can’t prove anything without proper paperwork. In addition, poor management can lead to higher operating costs.

• Reputational risks. Bad service providers could cause your rating to drop and negative guest reviews. Especially if you are a Superhost. As a reminder, the Superhost evaluation takes place 4 times a year, during which many factors of the quality of the services provided, hospitality, and the good reputation of the owner are evaluated.

• Lack of relationships with quests. When real estate investors interact with guests in person, it gives you the opportunity to understand your audience’s needs and make a personal connection with them. That way, you can better understand your guests and understand what they need and how you can still improve your business.

Choosing Airbnb Management Company: what to look for?


• Price policy. Quality services don’t come too cheap. Follow the pricing policy of this niche and choose the best option.

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• The company’s reputation, positive feedback on cooperation with it. Reviews are a powerful source of information not only for your customers, but also for you. Almost every client first of all relies on reviews left by other clients, so having real positive feedback is extremely important.

• Transparency of reporting on expenses and financial results. Analytics is an important part of business processes. Detailed reporting will help you maintain a trusting relationship with the management company and keep abreast of all the processes of your business.

• Constructive availability of business development advice, and strategy. An integrated approach to the provision of services is a positive feature of every manager.

• Ability to work with specialized software. Airbnb Automation provides many useful features: AutoReply, Autopricing, Autorewiev, AutoTask, etc. They make it possible to significantly simplify the daily management activities: publishing listings, making personalized reviews, communicating with your team and clients, updating availability and prices, answering the most common user’s questions, etc.

• The expertise and ability to provide legal advice, and knowledge of the features of local taxation. Airbnb services require local tax or VAT to be charged to guests, so the management company must be competent in these matters.

• Customer focus (day-and-night availability for guests, friendly tone of communication, attentiveness and individual approach, ability to resolve conflicts and unexpected situations). Positive communication is the “face” of your business, a guarantee of comfort, and a cozy atmosphere at home. This is especially important for clients who are looking for vacation rentals.

• Availability of an effective property maintenance system (cooperation with reliable repair and cleaning companies, quick response to a service request in case of an unforeseen situation, etc.). There is always the possibility of force majeure, and it is very important to respond quickly and eliminate them as soon as possible. That’s why it’s very important to have an effective system for maintaining your property.

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After weighing all the pros and cons of cooperation with the Airbnb Management Company, you will be able to make the right decision. Look for successful solutions, create profitable offers for customers, increase your general profits in a short term, and develop your business on Airbnb.

Doing business this way provides peace of mind and benefits, especially if you are trying to rent out your property for the first time. An inexperienced landlord can make many mistakes – misjudging the rental price, letting in unscrupulous tenants, concluding a bad contract, handling paperwork incorrectly, and so on. But if you cooperate with a company, all these mistakes will be minimized.

In addition, you will get rid of unnecessary contacts and ensure complete security of the display and confidentiality of information. Also, you can be absolutely safe, because when working with the company there are no pitfalls, since you do not pass title documents for housing.