6 Tips for Creating a Job Advert That Reflects Your Company Culture and Values

When it comes to creating an effective job advertisement, it’s important to consider how the ad will reflect your company’s culture and values. When a potential applicant reads your job advertisement, they should get an immediate sense of what culture and values your organization has in order to determine whether the position is a good fit.

Understand Your Company Culture and Values


A clear picture of company values and culture will help attract candidates who are well-suited to the role and excited to contribute their skills. Consider the tone, style, and words you use in the job advert so that it showcases your company’s unique personality.

Providing an outline of both your values and culture in the job advert using a template from careerposter.co.uk will allow potential candidates to discover whether they share similar beliefs with your organization initially, before investing time into learning more about the position. You should also describe any benefits and perks associated with employment at your organization – this can be a powerful tool for securing top talent as it sets your organization apart from other employers.

Define the Role and Responsibilities

As part of creating a job advert that reflects your company culture and values, it is important to define the role and responsibilities as accurately and concisely as possible. A clearly written job description will be attractive to potential applicants, and give them a good idea of what working in your company would involve.

The more detailed description you can provide about the position, the better it will be for both parties. This should include the job title and expectations for:

  1. The duties and responsibilities that are required of the position
  2. The experience and qualifications needed in order to fulfill those duties
  3. The environment an individual will be working in (e.g., remote or office-based)
  4. Any special skills or expertise preferred
  5. Training opportunities that could come with the position.
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Additionally, if you plan on making salary information public, you can include this information right away so that applicants have all available information when considering your offer.

Include Qualifications and Requirements


Doing so will ensure that you attract only those applicants who meet your desired criteria. To properly showcase your company culture and values, be sure to include some other key elements such as language around working style, preferred experience, required skills, and any unique methods of communication you value in the workplace.

For example, if team collaboration is important to you, use language in your job ad that stresses its importance; this could include phrases such as “We value an environment where collaboration and teamwork are key” or “We are seeking someone who enjoys working with others to build strong relationships”. You can also highlight qualities that are specific to your job or industry such as accuracy, professionalism, and problem-solving skills. Be sure to clearly list all duties associated with the position so applicants can assess whether they have the capacity to adequately meet them.

In addition to outlining essential qualifications and experience, explain why this role is meaningful within your organization; discussing how it provides an opportunity for an applicant’s accomplishments or career growth can help draw more attention from qualified prospects. Being explicit about what makes someone a great fit in the role enables an applicant to determine whether they would be a good match for the job before applying — further enabling them (and you) to find success in their new role!

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Set the Right Tone

Here are some tips on how to set the right tone in your job advert:

  1. Consider using language that reflects who you are as a business including what makes you unique. To help illustrate this, focus on describing the impact that this role can make rather than simply listing functional requirements.
  2. Highlight what makes your company attractive by basing your messaging around shared values—both yours and those of potential candidates. Let them know why they might be motivated or excited to work with you and for you by painting a picture of what their day-to-day life would look like.
  3. Fundamentally understand who you’re targeting—whether they’re experienced professionals; young people looking for their first taste of the workplace or someone transitioning from one sector to the next etc.—and be sure that your language appeals directly to them. The ad should actively engage potential candidates — whether it evokes emotion or encourages further investigation into what working with/for your business would mean for them personally is up to you—while at the same time staying true to who you are as a business.

Utilize Targeted Advertising


Targeted advertising is an effective and cost-efficient way to reach potential job seekers who have the necessary qualifications and meet your company’s cultural fit. Utilizing platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Google, and Indeed will help ensure your job adverts are seen by those with the appropriate skill set for the roles you’re hiring for.

These platforms offer several types of targeting options; audience targeting allows you to target users based on specific demographics, such as profession or educational background. Additionally, these sites provide further placement advantages so you can show your job adverts in contextually relevant places such as related groups or newspaper sites. This allows you to customize where job seekers will see your post – providing a higher chance that it will be seen by someone who matches your required qualifications and company culture fit.

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Monitor Responses and Follow Up

Once your job advert is live, it’s important to monitor and respond to any applications it may receive. Following up with potential candidates promptly will help keep them interested in the role whilst giving you the opportunity to learn more about each individual. This can help you determine which applicants will be a good fit for the role and your company culture.

Additionally, responding in a timely manner will create a positive image of your company for potential employees. As some candidates may review multiple job postings, an initial response will show that you are professional, organized, and committed to finding the right candidate for the job.


Writing a great job advert is an important part of finding the right candidate for your business. By taking the time to reflect on your company culture and values, you can ensure that you produce an advert that speaks directly to potential candidates. Not only will this help you find someone who is better suited to fit in with your team, but it could also improve employee retention rates down the line. With these tips in mind, we hope that you now have enough information to create a successful job advert for your business!