Is It Cruel to Keep a Cat in a Catio?

An Outdoor environment can give your cat excitement and Happiness, but it still adds many risks that can jeopardize the free-wandering of kitties. Thus Catios are ideal in this situation as it gives felines the enhancement they need in a very risk-free manner. These are closed yet open-air porches for kittens, which many cat owners adopt to protect their cats while exposing them to nature.
Catios are becoming progressively well-known among numerous felines’ guardians as it provides a sense of protection while fulfilling their pet’s regular senses to live outdoors.

There are many different structures and dimensions available these days. If you are searching for a cat condo cage, you should check out MyPetCages, a web-based site with many pet enclosures at an entirely sensible cost. They have been manufacturing these pet cages since 1985 and have good quality kitty condos, walk-in pet enclosures, doggie dens, mini condos for pets, and many more.

Types of catio


Various types of patio designs are suitable concerning the space, size, and sort of feline you own, like a breeder feline, a domestic cat, and so on. some of them are listed below

1.Window hanging catio

These are mainly used by people living in story apartments. It is a little stretched outside the window. The magnificence of a window catio is that you should open your window for your kitty to enter their outdoor room.

2.Movable catio

It is an independent catio, which can be moved to various places in your home. Moreover, you take it with you while traveling, making it more convenient to use.

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3.Gallery catio

If you live in an apartment with a spacious balcony, you can utilize it by setting up a beautiful catio.

4.Terrace catio

You can make a patio catio in the yard for your kitty. It is built on a height, so make sure to incorporate a feline tree so they can climb down if they don’t want to stay on the terrace and feel locked.

Is Catio Good For Your Kitty?


Indeed! It is a good choice, but before you buy a condo for your pet, you need to understand that it is almost half a month before your feline gets used to it, so don’t force catio on your kitty. Instead, you can provide a suitable habitat by setting food, treats, and some toys in the space and letting your kitten investigate the condo; after some time, your cat will start loving to spend time in the catio. You can likewise ensure that your kitty has accessible water and food access and since it is outdoors, always provide some shade where your cat can relax.

So following are a few honest explanations why you should pick a catio for your beloved pets.

1.To Protect Them From Being Prey On Other Animals

A catio aids with forestalling your feline, preying on creatures like canines, urban coyotes, and birds like falcons, owls, and snakes. As it is a walled area that will prevent outcast creatures from entering, you can carefreely leave your pet outdoors without thinking twice.

2.Prevent Fights

Many cats have the trait of dominance and impulsiveness; thus, there can be situations where your pet cat fights with other animals, resulting in battles that might cause severe injuries to your pet.

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3.Prohibit Mating

During the heat period, your feline gets more vocal than usual. It continues as it attempts to draw the attention of a male to mate, which can be challenging for a feline proprietor to forestall mating. Here feline catio can play a significant part by not letting your cat get into contact with other cats.

4.Protects against Feline To Get Infection

Suppose you leave your feline in a free external environment. In that case, it may forage on birds, raw contaminated meat, and rodents, which could induce salmonella contamination in your pet. Moreover, they can likewise get ticks and bugs. So keeping essential items, food, and water in an adequate amount in the catio can forestall your feline getting diseases.

5.Provides Security From Car Accidents

Felines that are left freely outdoors without proprietor surveillance are more prone to accidents, e.g., Like hit by a car, as they are not aware of vehicles on the road. So it can be risky for kitties outside. Instead, you can utilize catio to safeguard your feline from these setbacks.

6.There are fewer chances to get bygone


Around 15% of pet guardians lost their feline as some of the cats wandering may have distrusted compasses which confuses them as they are unable to find their home and get lost. A catio Can give security to the pet guardians here as it is a fenced-in area, so there is no way that your pet will get lost.

7.Decrease disputes with residents

Felines mark their territory. Thus, their free-running behavior can cause conflict between you and your neighbors. Unlike you, not every person loves kitties. Hence an adequately fenced catio will forestall your furry friend wandering around.

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8.Uplift your cats’ mood

Cats are very moody animals. This exposure outside in the daylight helps your cat be joyful. It builds up serotonin and dopamine production in felines, called “happy hormones. ” So catio is an exceptionally safer choice for your kitties to explore outdoors without getting at hazard.


Research has shown that pet parents have improved mental well-being. They feel more cheerful, sure, and less anxious, rest, concentrate, and deal with issues in their lives. Thus it is crucial to take care of your furry friend, and the outdoors can be a considerable danger to wandering felines with limited exposure to the outside as the odds of getting wounded are high for our furry friends.

There can be conditions where they can get infection underneath the skin and can likewise open kitties to serious irresistible sicknesses like cat immunodeficiency infection caused by the AID virus, which can be fatal. So building a catio for your cat has a few advantages: it is more secure than permitting your cat to meander openly outside, yet approaching daylight and natural air will make your feline more joyful.