Best Dog Pet Insurance Reviews

Almost everything is secured through insurance these days. All the things that matter and are important to us, from our cars, houses to our lives as well, all have their insurances. Now, if you have a pet whom you love like your child. Then, why would you not want to secure their health as well? Considering how much people love their pets, insurances for pets has been introduced as well. There are many insurances present with their services and varying costs.

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With such variety, another issue comes up regarding which one to choose. How would you know which insurance is best for your pet and would cover everything he needs? Well, if you have a pet dog then don’t worry at all as this article provides reviews about some of the best dog pet insurances of 2024.

The most loyal

Every pet is adorable but dogs are known to be the most loyal. It’s a known fact that they’ll not think a second before sacrificing themselves for their human. Thus, their humans love them that much as well. For seeing what insurance company is best for their dog, one needs to look for the services provided by the company. The factors that the insurance company covers and how much they cost for it. The prices and the service quality is to be compared with others present and then choose what’s best for you and your dog. Some of the best dog pet insurance companies of 2024 are,

  • Pet Assure
  • FIGO
  • Healthy Paws
  • Nation Wide
  • PetFirst pet insurance
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A detailed description of each of these insurance companies is given below,

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Pet Assure:

Pet Assure insurance company is not just for dogs or puppies. It covers all kinds of animals, ranging from puppies to birds. Although it is not solely focused on puppies or dogs its low costs and excellent service regarding any kind of animal is what makes this insurance company secure a place in this list.

There are not many companies that are flexible regarding their services, but Pet Assure is. Moreover, they even cover pre-existing conditions which many insurance companies deny even considering. Pet Assure insurance company covers illness, accidents, pre-existing conditions, and preventive care as well. All their pet plans include veterinary services with a particular discount.

The pros of Pet Assure company include,

  • Low pricing on plans, reasonable packages
  • No waiting, one can use the coverage or services right away
  • 25 % discount on veterinary services
  • No deductions
  • Pre-existing conditions are treated as well

The cons of Pet Assure company are,

  • Discount veterinary services are valid to their veterans only which is about 5,600.
  • They don’t cover prescriptions


FIGO pet insurance company is one of those companies that not just provide the pets a hospitable environment but make the pet parents feel welcome and secure as well. They listen to all the concerns of their pet parents and provide multiple solutions. They let the pet parents move towards the choice rather than bounding them with one single plan for their pet.

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They offer three kinds of plans essential, preferred and ultimate. Each has a varying amount of services and price ranges as well. They cover accidents and illness but not pre-existing conditions.

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The pros are,

  • One can visit any licensed veteran and get a discount.
  • Includes holistic care
  • Virtual vets available 24/7
  • Top-notch Customer service
  • Money-back guarantee

The cons are,

  • An enrollment Exam is necessary
  • Exam Fee is not covered

Healthy Paws:

Healthy paws insurance company is no doubt one of the best dog insurance companies. It covers almost everything. The pre-existing condition of your dog or puppy, their illness, and accidents all. They have a single plan at a standard price which offers everything. Thus, no complex planning just a single road to safety.

The pros of Healthy Paws are,

  • Direct payment option available
  • In the case of alternative treatments, the costs are covered by the company.
  • Fast in processing claims.
  • They make donations as well

Nation Wide:

Another highly claimed dog insurance company is Nation Wide. This insurance company claims to have more coverage than any other company. It has three types of pet insurance options. Their prices are set to be a bit higher in comparison to other companies but it’s because of their honesty. Their policies have no downplayed, they provide what they offer and their service is the best as well.

Nation Wide pet insurance company’s pros are,

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  • Plans include options for every type of veterinary care a dog can need
  • Provides Discounts as well
  • Alternative treatment’s costs are covered
  • 3 different plans to choose from
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Their cons are,

  • No flexible price ratings
  • A bit expensive than normal

PetFirst pet insurance:

PetFirst insurance company offers routine checkups for your dogs to emergency care as well. They cover a wide range of services. They present a reasonable price for their services which become more flexible through the discounts and can be easily budgeted into anyone’s normal annual expenditure.

They have a single insurance plan which covers almost all accidents and every kind of illness a dog can have.

PetFirst pet insurance company’s pros are,

  • Wellness benefits available
  • Online resource center available 24/7
  • On the very next day of your enrollment, the company starts covering for any kind of accident.

Some cons of this insurance company are,

  • Each treatment comes with its limit, no unlimited plan
  • Accident and injury costs are limited at $10000 a year only

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How does pet insurance work?

Pet insurance protects one from getting bankrupt in case of emergency pet conditions or from paying unnecessarily huge amounts of veteran bills. It’s similar to any other health insurance or property insurance.

Why do I need dog insurance?

No one knows what kind of trouble their pet can get it in. That is no different with dogs. Thus, despite paying a large number of bills it is wise to take precautions beforehand.