Can Discord Be Professional and Used for Business?

Online communication tools for the business were available even before the pandemic. However, there was huge growing popularity noticeable in the period of the COVID-19 and after it.

Technology helped businesses all over the world to continue with their work remotely without any difficulties. Therefore, we can freely say that one of the most important things that previous years taught us is that business can work completed successfully through viral communication and thanks to the tools that keep everything stay on track. People from all corners of the world had a chance to make appointments and collaborate together.

There are so many different great communication tools available for business, but in this article, we are going to speak about one that got enormous popularity across the whole world – Discord.

This app is very easy to use that has been primarily focused on gamers. However, it was effectively transformed into business purposes recently. Now, this app has more than 140 million active users, however, there are so many other fascinating things about the app that you can read on and according to them decide whether it can suit your business goals as well.

What is Discord?


Before we start speaking about Discord app benefits for the business, let’s primarily explain what this app refers to. This will help you decide whether you should consider using it for your business. So, Discord represents a chat app where users can create their own communication servers and chat with their friends or employees. Every available server has the option to board different channels at the same time that are created by hash-tagged keywords.

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Logically, each of these channels can have its own purpose and settings. All users have the possibility to join several servers from one account and after they do that, they can freely send direct messages to other people thanks to the features of the channels. For instance, they can text, send photos, video messages, or voice messages.

How does Discord operate?

If you want to try this chat app, you should understand how it works and how you can use it. In general, you can create a server on Discord for people and then choose to set up channels by topic name with hashtag keywords. For instance, you can write #meeting, #FAQ, #employees, etc. Additionally, you can set permissions for every channel that you create which means that only specific people can post or view the discussion from some channel. Users can visit the channel and add a message that everyone can see.

Despite that, there is an option of sending a photo or message to multiple channels, not only to one within a server. The only requirement is tagging users that you want to see the message with the correct channel hashtags. Discord is according to all users’ reviews a highly effective and efficient messaging system. The good news is that you can use this app through any device you have whether it is a desktop browser, mobile app, or something else. Now, after reading how you can easily use this app, you can read the benefits that come with Discord for your business as well.

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Benefits of using Discord for business


Business owners that are using the Discord app for their businesses are truly appreciating how easy, fast, and convenient they can connect employees across different corners of the world in one place. This means that they connect people that are inside and outside of the office to have a proper meeting. Now, let’s see what type of features would you get by using this app.

Discord all is highly affordable

The good news is that most of the Discord available features are completely free to use. Therefore, if you are a business owner, you can be peaceful that your employees in the company will have free access to everything that they are going to need for their job tasks. Even though the membership is free for most of the features, you can consider investing in some extra perks including

Discord’s premium tier called Nitro. It comes with a very budget-friendly price of $99 per year. It is important to mention that Nitro is providing access to HD video capability, some larger servers, custom-designed emojis, and many other interesting features that you can take advantage of.

The app provides you to start using it easily


One of the most significant Discord features is that it is so easy to use because you will not find a simpler chat app. This means that anyone who already used some type of chat feature on social media or on the phone will understand how to operate the app instantly. The person just needs to download the app and this process will last a couple of seconds. Additionally, the app takes very little space on the phone or other devices. Since it comes with so easy features, you will not become overwhelmed and you will not need hours of learning how to figure out to use the app to schedule a meeting for your employees.

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The app has a feature that allows integration with other tools

Discord has encouraged the developers to work with the API to create new forms of collaboration beyond the gaming community. This led to the outcome where many businesses, companies, and organizations started to use this app. All users are highly satisfied with the immersive experience that they can get by using this app. Therefore, if your business has not still tried the Discord tool, now is a perfect time.

Discord has excellent audio sync features


Since the app was primarily used by gamers, you can conclude on your own that it is designed in a way to have high-quality audio features in order to connect gamers. Therefore, Discord is very popular for syncing clear audio between users which will be very beneficial for you while you are having meetings. This will allow your employees to communicate and collaborate perfectly with each other without any type of difficulties such as delays, and lag problems during the meeting.