5 Best Online Role-Playing Games in 2024

Playing games is one of the most common hobbies of young people. Some are passionate players, and they play every day, follow the gaming market, and can’t wait for the long-awaited sequel to come out, while others like to play after a hard day at work. Either way, one thing is guaranteed, and that is fun, whether you’re playing via a smartphone, console, or computer.

There is often controversy over whether playing games is harmful. Well, we can’t say no if it’s your main occupation in life, but if you can control yourself and the time you spend on this hobby, it will even have a positive effect on you – the power of perception will be better (you will have a better eye for details), will also improve the power of judgment and decision making, and you will notice that your concentration is better.

The best thing about playing games is that everyone will find something for themselves, whether they like strategy, shooters, or any other genre. Thanks to the Internet, today it is possible to import with people around the world and embrace online together.

In this article, we are talking about RPG (Role Playing Games) games. Role-playing games have always focused on engaging the most powerful creative device known to the mind – the human brain – it doesn’t hurt that there are several apps and sites to help with the process, which is why roles in the 21st century are now centered on RPG applications and digital aids like which are dice, mapping software, digital character sheets, and virtual tabletops.

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Namely, when we talk about RPGs, we are not talking about a single game, but about several of them that are very different from each other. In many cases, the only thing that connects them is the role-playing element. So, it is about the player having the opportunity to choose the role (or more of them) to play.

The game consists of two types of players: several players who lead the characters where each player designs and leads one character and one player who designs the background of the game, manages the supporting characters, ie all the characters that are not led by the players, and fulfills the function of a judge (the so-called DM-dungeon master). Each character has six basic traits (strength, skill, constitution, intelligence, wisdom, charisma) whose values are determined by rolling the dice and which further determine the behavior and activities of that character in the game. The game takes place so that players say what they do, and the outcome of their activities is partly decided by the dice, and partly DM. One session usually lasts at least 4-5 hours (often much longer). So, let’s see some of the most popular RPG games.

1. Fallout 2

Source: microsoft.com

If you are an experienced gamer, this is a game you have probably already played and which is on this list for a reason. This hugely successful Fallout series has been on the market since 1998. The plot is set in the future, in 2241. This is not the only game whose plot is set in the future, but it is certainly special in that it looks like the SF world as conceived in the 50s of the last century in America. So, the nuclear war has passed, destroyed almost the whole world, and now is the time to deal with various challenges – enemies, mutated animals, and so on. If Mad Max is your favorite movie, this will be your favorite game.

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2. Batman: Arkham City

Source: cnet.com

The gaming industry failed to find the right recipe for a good game about superheroes for quite some time until Rocksteady appeared who achieved a truly enviable success with Batman: Arkham Asylum. But it was not just about success, but also about setting some new standards of gameplay mechanics in games, which were copied by other successful titles, such as Shadow of Mordor. Arkham City took the whole thing to a whole new level, offering the player a whole Gotham and open-world gameplay, great plot, fantastic graphics on the PC version, but most importantly, the game kept that great, recognizable gameplay.

3. GatheringRO

The plot is set in Norse mythology and tells the story about the Ragnarök saga. It is truly captivating and the story keeps getting bigger, as they release new episodes. It belongs to the real-time action combat MMORPGs, but combined with a very rich landscape that provides extra excitement as you explore it.

Another interesting thing is that the environment is presented in 3D graphics and the characters in 2D graphics. If you love a nostalgic graphical twist, with deep RPG gameplay mechanics, this game is a great choice.
You can find more details if you click gatheringro.com.

4. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

Source: pocket-lint.com

Thanks to the TV series, The Witcher has also interested people who have not played this video game so far. For those who met the protagonist Geralt only in the TV series, entering the game can be daunting. This game has three parts, and in the opinion of many, you will not miss much if you immediately focus on the best part – the third. The third part of The Witcher perfectly fills all the gaps and provides explanations by presenting new characters and summarizing the key events that took place between the beginning of the game and the first episode of the series, never exaggerating with explanations.

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5. Darkest Dungeon

Source: nintendo.co.uk

If there is anything we need to single out this game, it would be hand-painted graphics. Darkest Dungeon was an extremely cruel game in which your best warrior could end up in a madhouse without the only witch on your team getting the trauma of fear of the dark.

The RPG subculture has undergone many changes since its inception and cannot be adequately discussed based on twenty years of sociological research, several studies on the psychological characteristics of players, and a mountain of texts written by players about the game itself.