5 Questions to Ask When hiring a Concrete Contractor

Concrete is one of the highest used materials for buildings. Irrespective of the type of building i.e. commercial or residential property, the building material is concrete. This is because of the durability and toughness that concrete offers. Furthermore, you will have a sturdy surface that will last for years.

In addition to the buildings, concrete is also one of the excessively used material for the making of parking lots, loading docks, foundations and different properties. Therefore, if you are working as a project manager and have to deal with buildings and materials, you will need to find a commercial concrete contractor.

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And because the quality of concrete is directly related to the lives of people, you have to be careful. Your mistake in selecting the right contractor will put the lives of a number of people at risk. Therefore, it is important that you take several options into consideration. Thus, you will be able to make the right decision.

Here are some of the questions that you can ask a contractor before hiring him.

1 – Do you have a license?

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The very first question that you need to ask a contractor before hiring is his license. Every task that involves the involvement of humans needs a proper license. So when a contractor or company is working in the provision of concrete, they get a license from the relevant governmental department.

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This license ensures that the relevant person has proper education for doing the job. Likewise, it also makes sure that the person has proper training. Furthermore, when it comes to companies, a license ensures that it is capable of providing the best quality.

So if you ask the question at the right time, you will save yourself from future complications. Therefore, you need to see the license in the very first meeting. If the contractor does not has his license, you cannot trust him irrespective of the low cost that he offers.

2 – Can you provide any guarantee?

If you are working with the right person, he can provide a written warranty. This is just like getting a warranty for electronic things that you buy from the market. There are several companies that make hairdryers but not everyone will offer a warranty. So if you get a warranty, it means that the product is worth the money.

Likewise, if your contractor is confident of his skills, he will definitely give you a proper guarantee. Usually, they have a written document of warranty or guarantee. This states that the work will be of good quality and will last for years. It is best to get a guarantee for at least 2 years. Contractor companies that know their worth, will surely provide such a guarantee. Because it only strengthens their market value.

3 – How many years of experience do you have?

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Quality comes with experience. Although the educational background and other things are important but without any experience, all this is nothing but documents. Therefore, you should definitely ask for the experience of your contractor.

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So even if you see the license, you should ask for experience. Because a license will only tell you that the person is right for the job. But experience comes with working practices. Without practical knowledge, bookish knowledge is not worth much. So when you are making a building contract with a company, it is important to know that they have the right qualifications to meet your demands.

4 – Do you have any references for your previous jobs?

Anyone can lie about his experience in the industry. For example, a contractor has worked for a year or two but he lies and tells you that he is working in this industry for the past 5 years. Therefore, it is important that you ask for references.

If he has done many projects before, you can have a look at them. Likewise, you can ask for the contact information of previous clients. In this way, you will be able to get a hold of the information on time.

If the contractor is reluctant to provide the contact information of previous clients, you can just skip him. Because it is highly likely that he is lying about his previous jobs.

And if you can contact the previous clients, you can know more about the professionalism of that person. Furthermore, you can also look at the project that he has worked on. The older projects will let you know more about the quality of work that he can offer. Also, for how long, his provided concrete will last.

Furthermore, it is better to contact more than a single client. The more the references, the more confident you will feel while working with him. Moreover, you will be able to trust the contractor and won’t have to visit the site too often.

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5 – Do you have any new projects in hand?

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Despite all the qualities, time is also crucial. You must ask the contractor whether he is available to do your project or not. You can ask directly that whether he has a project on hand or not. If he is currently working on something, you should know when he will be available. Likewise, if he has more projects going on, it is possible that he will not pay special attention to yours.

Therefore, if you want the contractor to pay full attention to your project, you can work together with them. Give them some time to complete their ongoing projects and then you can have yours in line. However, you have to delay the time of your project and if you cannot afford it, find a new contractor.