6 Best and Most Valuable AWP CS:GO Skins

Recognizable gameplay and the almost mythical atmosphere the experience brings are considered one of the main culprits for the fame CS: GO receives from all corners of the world. The global gaming community is merciless and will chew and spit out any gaming title, almost effortlessly, if it does not meet the wants and meets of a contemporary gaming aficionado. Genuity is one of the most cherished features on the market, and your gear reaches that status only if you get your hands on distinguishable equipment enhancers, such as skins. Thus, if you shoot to kill, we suggest consulting the lines below to learn about the best and most valuable AWP CS: GO skins.

Business or Pleasure

Before we continue, we should aim your attention to the potential this type of gaming merch has. Namely, skins have more than just an in-game usable purpose. Besides enhancing a game style of a player, skin can also be viewed as a valuable asset. Using AWPs in CS: GO implies handling your opponents with a single blow without them seeing you. Considering that your enemies cannot see you does not exclude the fact that you can execute them with some style. Well, style enhancers usually come with a price tag attached, so the sooner you realize that the more chances you will have to do something about it.

Price Affecting Factors

To make a long story short, skins enhance a weapon similarly as feathers enhance a peacock. Thus, the optimal skin condition would imply it has just been acquired, while the least cherished ones are the skins in bad condition. Additionally, you should know that skins using StarTrak technology add to the value due to a counter which counts the number of kills a player has made. Finally, we should introduce you to the souvenir skins, which work the same way as the standard ones, but with an additional set of features characteristic for the skin in question.

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1. Containment Breach

Source; gameriv.com

Nuclear catastrophes leave no casualties, and they tend to bring up a certain apocalyptic vibe at the very mention. If you feel comfortable with the aforementioned, we dare to suggest that your foes should not, especially if we add the destruction element the imagery characteristic for this skin to the equation. Surely, the condition of the skin has everything to do with its price, but you should be able to afford a decent-looking craft if you agree to spend about $500 on a piece. We dare to add it is a small price to pay for a piece of art as ominous as Containment Breach.

2. Hyper Beast

Source: gamersdecide.com

Nowadays, it’s all about the hype, right? If psychedelic motives mixed with street art culture give you a boost, then you should seriously consider this piece. You can get your hands on one for as much as 200 green ones, and secure your enemies go away with style, while you satisfyingly pull the trigger from the other side of the gunpoint. CSGOSkins holds a lot more pieces of information about unique upgrades than we could fit in this article, so feel free to reach out to them to learn more.

3. Dragon Lore

Source: sketchfab.com

Everything about dragons is special, regardless of connotation, so the fact that Dragon Lore skins are considered to be one of the most valuable skins in the Counter-Strike franchise does not surprise a lot. On the other hand, its price tag as a battle-scarred skin easily reaches $1K could confuse the uninformed. Wait to see their reaction when they find out that some of these fire-breathing-dragon skins were sold for more than $60K a piece. The reason for the sky-high price tag is evident since pieces such as Dragon Lore are one of the rarest visual upgrade packs in the game.

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4. Gungnir

Source: reddit.com

The only thing that could stop a CS: GO aficionado, who happens to love Norse mythology, from having this skin named after almighty Odin’s legendary weapon, could be its price. On the other hand, some believe the precision of the artwork and visual effects potentiated by detailed design surpasses the price of $3.5K by far.

Basically, you would cause the same effect by using your AWP as Odin would with his spear since a foe touched by a projectile you sent by your visually upgraded killing machine would soon join their brethren inside the walls of Walhalla. Thus, if experiencing a godlike experience is what you are looking for, we suggest you think about this one-of-a-kind upgrade, even if it would cost you a small fortune.

5. The Prince

Source: broskins.com

You do not have to wear a crown to feel as if you were royalty, but owning the Prince skin should add to the overall feeling. Great leaders and warlords were not only remembered for the great victories they bestowed their people with, but also for the unique weapons that made their campaigns possible.

Thus, if spending about $1.5K would not harm your budget, we suggest you try out this royally decorated skin and let it do the magic. If royal gadgets would bore you at any time, you should not worry about your money being wasted, since items such as the Prince hold their value due to their uniqueness, so you could resell it later.

6. Oni Taji

Source: carousell.sg

If Japanese tradition intrigues you, then this skin should enhance your killing venture by identifying you with a samurai. Your foes would have to accept the role of the Oni since in this scenario bullets coming from your AWP would penetrate their flesh as katana would hurt the mythical demon. About $500 should make your sniper rifle as deadly as it gets since the Japanese patience represented with this skin might impact your aiming stability.

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Hopefully, the aforementioned pieces of information and suggestions will help you decide which of the most valuable CS: GO skins would fit your style optimally. If you shoot to kill with a single blow then you should do it with some style. Now, you might choose your favorite according to what suits you, or what message it sends. The catch is that it will impact your game unquestionably.