What Are Evaporative Air Coolers And Their Benefits?

In many locations, air conditioners have replaced air coolers as a way to beat the summer heat. Despite this, a large number of people continue to use evaporative coolers, thanks to their several benefits, which are further highlighted in this article.

Air-coolers, without a doubt, function better in locations with a hot and dry climate. Moreover, using air-coolers provides its own set of benefits. Apart from saving money on power, air conditioners entail several environmental benefits that are difficult to overlook. The following are some points that support the use of air-coolers.

However, before reading the benefits, learn the science behind an air cooler and understand how it provides a refreshing cool breeze.

What Are Evaporative Air Coolers?

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In an evaporative cooler, when air passes over water, it evaporatively cools down. Water absorbs some of the heat from the air when it evaporates, thus providing relief to people from the scorching heat. It is also why the sea breeze is so frigid! Evaporative coolers are also known as air coolers because they cool the air through a natural process, providing a more refreshing breeze.

A water tank, an absorbent sheet, and a fan are the three primary components of an evaporative air cooler. You put cold water in the tank and let the absorbent sheet soak it up. As the water on the sheet evaporates, it cools the air surrounding it. The fan blows this newly cooled air into your room for a natural, refreshing breeze!

Benefits Of Evaporative Air Coolers

Are you considering purchasing an air cooler but are unsure how beneficial it would be to you? Continue reading to know about the significant benefits of evaporative air coolers.

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1. They Don’t Put A Hole In Your Pocket.

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The fact that evaporative air coolers are relatively inexpensive is one of their distinguishing features. A typical air cooler that will keep your building cool does not have to be expensive. Evaporative air coolers are also available in a variety of sizes and are all reasonably priced. Check this site for the best evaporative air coolers.

When you’re ready to purchase, the total cost of the device will astound you. Furthermore, evaporative air cooler installation does not require much technical knowledge, and you will be able to handle it yourself, minimizing the need for professionals and their associated costs.

Air coolers have a small number of parts and simple maintenance procedures. You can easily do general maintenance at a low cost because its constituent elements are similarly affordable and widely available.

2. Reduce The Zeroes In Your Electricity Bill

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It may appear to be a continuation of the previous point, but its impact on your wallet is so significant that we believe it deserves its own discussion.

One of the primary issues that people face throughout the summer months is the heat and its impact on their budget. Air conditioners, which were once the most popular means of air conditioning, use a lot of electricity.

During the summer, this usually results in a significant increase in energy bills. This issue has been resolved thanks to air coolers. You will notice a considerable reduction in the amount of energy used for cooling after you get an evaporative cooler.

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3. The Freedom Of Opening Doors And Windows

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Typically, for an air conditioner to chill a room efficiently, the room’s doors and windows must be closed. It is because opening them will alter the room’s temperature and force air conditioners to work harder to deliver adequate cooling.

It will further lead to a situation where efficient cooling is impossible to achieve, and cooling costs will continue to rise. However, with the air cooler, closing the windows and doors is pointless. They operate well with the windows and doors open. Evaporative air coolers are ideal for outdoor use as well.

If you get the portable ones, you can use them in the kitchen while cooking and then take them out to the balcony when you want to relax. The fact that they are working outside does not affect their efficiency.

4. Get The Flow Of Fresh Air With Added Moisture

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One of the drawbacks of fans and air conditioners is that the air they produce is frequently dry. While it may be cold, it is rarely as pleasant as breathing fresh air.

They also harm the skin and eyes in general. On the other hand, air coolers generate cleaner air. They actually employ hot air and water to generate their cooling effect by evaporation, which is natural.

Evaporative air coolers add layers of moisture to the air that leaves the vents while cooling it. The air becomes more humidified as you take in, making it more pleasant to the nostrils and the entire respiratory system.

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5. You Get A Better Health

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Health risks related to air conditioners include skin irritation, eye problems, pneumonia, and other disorders caused by molds that grow on the air conditioner’s vents.

Air coolers, on the other hand, provide health benefits to consumers. As previously said, the air they generate is fresher and contains moisture.

During the cooling process, their cooling pads act as filters, eliminating some impurities from the air. Their cooling capacity is also not as high as air conditioners, which can reach dangerously low temperatures.

6. Easy To Install

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An air cooler does not require installation, which is a time-consuming process when it comes to an air conditioner. Whether you have a window air conditioner or a split AC model, you will need to make additional arrangements for installation. On the other hand, an air cooler can be easily installed as an appliance in your home. Many air coolers are also equipped with castors, making transporting them from one area to another seamless.


Purchasing an evaporative air cooler is unquestionably a wise move. The device is quite effective at cooling the air and is generally superior to other air cooling systems. Evaporative air coolers efficiently provide efficient cooling at a low cost, as well as the other advantages mentioned above.