5 Benefits of Using a Kettle Cooker in Your Professional Kitchen

Kettle cookers are becoming popular in professional kitchens as more chefs realise the many benefits of having this appliance in their workspace. Kettle cookers allow you to create a diverse menu efficiently without impacting the quality of food.

Keep reading if you’re wondering about the benefits of getting a kettle cooker for your food production business. We share the many features of this useful appliance that make it most suitable for large and small professional kitchens.

What is a Kettle Cooker?

A commercial kettle cooker is an appliance used for mixing and cooking a variety of dishes. Premium quality kettle cookers include many features that improve your food production, especially when you’re working under pressure. These include:

  • Accurate temperature control
  • High-speed agitator
  • Automatic water filling
  • Food temperature control when chilling dishes
  • High-grade steel construction

Upgraded kettle cookers can include a chilling component, making them extremely versatile appliances in professional kitchens.

5 Benefits of Using a Kettle Cooker in Your Professional Kitchen

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1. Effective and Fast Food Preparation

Time is money, especially in a busy kitchen and chefs need appliances that can speed up the food preparation stage without compromising on quality. Kettle cookers can mix ingredients quickly and consistently with automatic settings that leave the chef hands-free to focus on other tasks in the kitchen.

Through the automation of mixing during the initial stages of food preparation, commercial kettle cookers improve work productivity and efficiency while you’re producing tasty meals.

2. Scope for Trying New Recipes

Kettle cookers are versatile and you can use them to produce all types of meals including desserts. Mixing kettle cookers come with a variety of mixers making it possible for professional chefs to experiment with new recipes.

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Look for a brand that offers up to seven mixer modes with speeds ranging from 10 to 200 revolutions per minute. This allows you to try out a range of new recipes, expanding your creativity and menu all with one appliance!

3. Precise Temperature Control

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Quality kettle cookers can allow you to set temperatures to as high as 125⁰C with a jacket that lets the appliance operate at 1.5 bar. This gives you the freedom to cook different meals but you can enforce precise temperature control for successful results!

Commercial kettle cookers should include temperature control features that allow you to manage how your dishes are cooked. Heating regulation is important, especially when you’re using a kettle cooker to heat prepared meals. With superior quality brands, you can achieve all of this with this innovative appliance.

Not only does precise temperature control give you excellent cooking and heating results but it allows you to be energy efficient as well.

4. User-Friendly Features

Commercial kettle cookers have come a long way since their first design! Automated features make this appliance easier to use in a fast-paced kitchen environment. When picking a kettle cooker for your catering kitchen, make sure it includes some or all the following features for optimal functionality:

  • Easy-to-use touchpad for setting functions.
  • Numerical temperature display that’s easy to read.
  • Various programming possibilities that are simple to use.
  • Customisable functions that let you control water measurements and temperature.
  • Removable tools that can be washed in the dishwasher for easy and hygienic cleaning.

User-friendly automated features save you time when operating in a busy workplace. They give you the best results every time and allow you to get your meals out and delivered when expected. With customised basic settings, you can rest assured you meet your customers’ expectations too!

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5. Suitable for Most Food Production Kitchens

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Commercial kettle cookers aren’t limited only to professional kitchens! Chefs are using them in a variety of food production kitchens such as:

  • Catering enterprises
  • Food processing industries
  • Cruise ship kitchens

Free-standing kettle cookers save space, which is particularly useful for smaller professional kitchens. When not bolted to the ground, kettle cookers can be portable making it easier to clean floors or when you need them located to another section of the kitchen.

Kettle cookers can come with various tools that allow you to mash, whisk or scrape food during the mixing process. This makes them highly versatile and relevant for most food production kitchens.

Tip: if you supply refrigerated food, consider using a mix-cook-chill design – this lets you cook and chill food directly in the kettle cooker!

Final Thoughts

Kettle cookers are versatile, efficient, reliable and safe to use in professional and food-processing kitchens. Depending on the type and brand you select for your kitchen, you can expect higher overall performance from the appliance giving you the best mixing, cooking and chilling results. They even increase safety in the commercial kitchen with their ergonomic designs and automated features.

If you’re passionate about producing high-quality meals for your customers, you need to consider getting a quality kettle cooker for your kitchen. Look out for the abovementioned features to get the most out of this appliance in your kitchen

In conclusion, integrating a kettle cooker into your professional kitchen offers a multitude of benefits that enhance efficiency, creativity, and quality in food production. From expedited food preparation to precise temperature control, these appliances streamline operations while accommodating experimentation with new recipes. User-friendly features and versatility make kettle cookers suitable for various food production settings, including catering enterprises and food processing industries. Moreover, their space-saving design and portability contribute to practicality in smaller kitchens. By selecting a quality kettle cooker equipped with advanced features, chefs can elevate their culinary output, meet customer expectations, and ensure optimal performance in their kitchens.

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