Guide to The Top 5 CBD Products in Canada

Buying CBD in Canada can be tricky thanks to the many options out there. Namely, the market is so huge that anyone can find a product to satisfy their needs. But that begs the question. What are the top 5 CBD products in Canada?

To answer that question, you will have to stick around. But before all that, let’s learn more about cannabidiol itself.

What Is CBD?

First things first, let’s look at what cannabidiol, or CBD, is. In short, it is a compound of the hemp plant. But of course, things aren’t as simple as that.
Cannabidiol is one out of hundreds of active compounds of the hemp plant. Canadians extract CBD from hemp specifically due to the relatively low THC content. THC is yet another major compound of the plant, and the one responsible for the high feeling of marijuana.

With all that said, it can also be extracted from marijuana, but it is not ideal. So, Canadian CBD farmers stick to growing hemp. The hemp is then sold to manufacturers where they turn it into oil or another substance. From there on, we make all kinds of this products.

As some of you might be aware, it is quite beneficial. Not only can we use it to relieve pain and inflammation, but for dozens of other conditions as well. This includes for sleep, for appetite, for improving mood, anxiety, and stress, and many more.

With all that out of the way, let’s see what the top 5 CBD products in Canada are.

Guide To the Top 5 CBD Products In Canada

There are dozens of products on the Canadian market. But we can safely assume what the top 5 are based on popularity and hype. So, let’s go ahead and do that.

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1. CBD Oil

It is the most marketed product in Canada. Thus, most Canadians are familiar with it. Most CBD stores, both online and local, have tons of varieties of CBD oil. Popular choices include full spectrum and broad spectrum oil. But we’re seeing that 99% pure CBD oil is also quite popular. This is called CBD isolate, and it is the purest form of cannabidiol on the market.

CBD oil mostly comes in a tincture bottle or a spray. The advantage users have when using tinctures is the sublingual consumption method. This method involves dropping drops of it under the tongue. When using sprays, you’re meant to spray the oil under the tongue.

The earthly taste of cannabidiol is not a fan favorite, but keeping the oil under the tongue makes for a far superior consumption method compared to directly ingesting it.

2. CBD Edibles


This market in Canada is one of the fastest-growing ones. Check out this shop and find everything about that. Current projections put it at $1.2 billion and by 2025, it is estimated that the edibles market will rise almost double. But what are edibles? Edibles are products infused with cannabidiol. These products include anything that we can orally digest (eat or drink).

Thus, many Canadians call edibles “munchies”. There are a few reasons why edibles are so popular. First off, they provide users with a huge variety of flavors. Tropical flavors are some of the most popular ones. These include watermelon, orange, banana, mango, etc.

But edibles can also come in sweet flavors such as chocolate and vanilla. Don’t be surprised to see many other flavors such as mint. Another reason why edibles are so popular is down to convenience and privacy. Namely, not every Canadian wants to be seen taking cannabidiol. So edibles offer a very private consumption method. All you have to do is simply take a few gummies.

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With edibles, you don’t have to light up anything, nor take out a tincture bottle and drop the oil under the tongue. But this consumption method isn’t perfect. With edibles, they go through your digestive system and need to be dissolved before you can experience the effects of the cannabidiol. Thus, you can expect the gummies to take effect up to an hour and a half after consumption.

3. CBD Vapes


Inhaling CBD is quite possibly the most effective way out there. Canadians are well aware of that, and that’s why CBD vapes are so popular. When we inhale cannabidiol, it goes into our bloodstream. From there, the cannabidiol goes to every part of our body and in the most important part – the brain.

This is why inhaling CBD is so effective. With vapes or cigarettes, you can expect the effects to kick in after only a few minutes. There are many sites in Canada selling CBD vape pens, and this website and similar are great starting points.

More so, vaping CBD offers Canadians a very familiar consumption method, vape pens are becoming commonplace. Unlike tinctures and sprays, most Canadians have smoked buds before so they know how to vape it as well.

4. CBD Topicals


Inhaling CBD is quite effective, no doubt. But not everyone prefers it. That’s why Canadians can turn their attention to CBD topicals. They are skincare products infused with cannabidiol. These include creams, salves, lotions, lip balms, bath bombs, and more.

These products perfectly capture the skin-related benefits of cannabidiol, while also offering something more. Since they are indeed made for our skin, brands add all kinds of natural and organic ingredients to further enhance the properties of cannabidiol.

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When it comes to using topicals, it’s all about applying the product to the skin. This is yet another effective method of taking CBD. Thanks to the CB1 and CB2 receptors located under our skin, we can experience the effects of CBD much faster when topically applying it.

The nature of these products also makes them highly sought-after. Canadians love incorporating CBD topicals into their daily skincare routine. You can even make yourself a nice bath, throw in a CBD-infused bath bomb and relax.

5. CBD Pills, Capsules


And the last products on this list are pills and capsules. These products are great because all Canadians have to do is simply swallow them with a glass of water. They’re ideal for users that aren’t really into cannabidiol but want to experience the benefits from it. Thus, capsules and pills infused with cannabidiol are the perfect product for many.

One benefit of using these capsules in Canada is that they’re portable and discrete. Capsules are mostly made out of powder or oil. Pills, on the other hand, are hard products. Canadians looking at taking CBD pills and capsules need to figure out which one works best for their needs.