6 Tips For Choosing The Right Dab Pen

The popularity of vaping has led to enticing options of dab pens. A dab pen is a vaping device that you can use to consume concentrates that are also called dabs, which are usually shatter or wax. Since wax is a thick substance, a high temperature is needed to convert this concentrate into an inhalable medium. So, a dab pen with a strong battery is ideal for vaping wax.

Dab pens are actually different from vaping pens. While the former uses shatter or wax, the latter uses oil or cannabis flower.

Moreover, dab pens include a chamber with a heating apparatus, such as ceramic wicks or aluminum coils, where you add concentrates manually. On the other hand, vape pens feature a battery that’s usually 510 threaded, which you attach to a vape cart to heat, vaporize, and inhale. Thus, what makes these devices different is the type of concentrate you’ll use and how you’ll consume it.

Vaping with a dab pen is often preferred because of its higher intensity and potency. Additionally, it’s convenient, portable, and discreet.

You might think that buying a dab pen is simple. But shopping for one is more than just entering a vape shop and buying the dab pen you’ve been eyeing. And if you’re new to vaping, you might find it overwhelming to choose the right one. Continue reading, so you can find a dab pen that suits you best.


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When searching for a dab pen, one important thing you need to consider is its functionality, particularly if you’re a newbie. Besides, you wouldn’t want to buy a dab pen that’s hard to use.

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To assess the dab pen’s functionality, study its features. Some dab pens boast programmable pre-sets and temperature controls while others can burn not only e-liquids but also other vaping materials.

But the more features a dab pen has, the harder it will be to use. Furthermore, pens with advanced components will cost a lot more.


Dab pens are available in a broad range of designs and are made of different materials, with the most popular ones being ceramics, Pyrex glass, carbon fiber, and stainless steel.

If you’re not on a budget, go for carbon fiber or stainless steel dab pens. For instance, with Dr.Dabber or other brands, you’ll come across dab pens that are designed with a black color and built with a stainless steel body. Alternatively, you can get high-quality plastics with ceramic heating elements and Pyrex glass components.

In addition, you need to consider the rods and coils, so you can buy a dab pen with a high melting point. Stainless steel or titanium coils and quartz rods are ideal choices too. On the other hand, Teflon, silicon alloys, and titanium alloys are materials you should avoid since they have low melting points, which make them dangerous to use.

Heating Method

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The dab pen’s heating method is another factor you must take account of. There are several heating methods that dab pens use:

  • Conduction: You’ll be able to vape right away after turning on a dab pen that applies this heating method. Through conduction heating, the vaping material meets the heat directly, making it faster and more convenient for you to vape. On the downside, though, the vaping material goes to waste because of increased combustion and excess heat.
  • Convection: It involves hot air passing through the vaping material. It causes the device to heat up longer, but it doesn’t waste the vaping material, unlike conduction heating. However, dab pens that use this method are a lot more expensive than those that rely on the conduction heating method.
  • Induction: A rare method, it utilizes magnetic fields to heat materials. Because this process is still new, not many dab pens have adopted it.
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Knowing the pros and cons of these methods will help you narrow down your options and select one that best meets your needs.

Compactness And Mobility

Many dab pens usually come in a compact design to ensure discreetness when vaping. However, this small design has a downside: it comes with a small heating chamber and weak batteries that don’t last long.

In spite of their design, many of the concentrates used in dab pens are usually very strong, so you won’t need to put a lot of concentrates in the heating chamber. Vaping one or two times per day will be more than enough to enjoy yourself.

Battery Life

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Dab pens have in-built rechargeable batteries with varying capacities and strengths. They’re designed to last several days, depending on your usage. So, of course, it’s best to opt for one with a long battery life.

It will help to take your lifestyle into consideration when deciding on how long the battery of your dab pen should last. One question you can ask yourself is how often you vape. If you normally vape frequently, get a device with a bigger battery. But if you don’t vape much, a dab pen with a smaller battery will work just fine.

Keep in mind that dab pens with high-quality outputs use up a lot of power. So, you should get a dab pen with a long battery life to enjoy rich flavors.

Aside from high-quality outputs, high temperatures drain the battery fast, but you can always buy a dab pen that features temperature control technology. Besides, devices have USB chargers, so you can recharge your dab pen anywhere, anytime.

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Since the prices of dab pens vary, you’ll need to set your budget. Are you willing to spend a lot on the best dab pen? Or will you be okay with taking your time to save until you’re able to buy the dab pen you want? If not, find one that’s affordable but high-quality.

You can start with a simple device that’s reasonably priced, portable, and equipped with power outputs and heating temperatures, perfect for using at home. But if you plan to use the device outside, choose one that’s discreet, small, and sleek.


For a novice, picking the right dab pen can be challenging and confusing. But with this guide, you’ll be able to figure out what features you need from a dab pen, find the right one, and take pleasure in vaping.