Navigating the Complexities: When to Seek Legal Help for Denied Disability Benefits

The one thing worse than getting injured is being denied disability benefits. For one reason or another, things like this happen. It puts an employee in a peculiar situation. He’s not able to work, and he won’t receive the benefits that come with a disability. This doesn’t sound like an ideal scenario and it is not. It is a worst-case scenario. A situation like this brings out a fair question – have you been treated wrongly? The chances are quite high that you were.

When you find yourself in a situation where you’re denied disability benefits, you need to ask yourself another question – do I need legal help? Let us be completely honest here, the answer is always yes. In a situation like this, you need to lawyer up. It needs to be done quickly. Before we move to explain the reasons why you should seek legal help in a situation like this, let us first go through the reasons why a disability benefits claim could be denied.

Reasons Behind Denied Disability Benefits


Even if you 100% deserve this benefit sometimes you will get denied. This happens all the time. While sometimes we’re talking about wrongdoing, sometimes the reasons why a  claim has been denied are quite logical and on the spot. Either way, you will find yourself in a better situation if you have legal help by your side from the start. If you’re already on the same page as we are please click here. These are the most common reasons why your claim for disability benefits as denied:

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Not Enough Medical Evidence  – to be able to receive this benefit your disability needs to be a real one. Why we don’t doubt it, it still needs to be medically confirmed. To have a clear and strong claim you need to have proper medical documentation. If there’s some evidence lacking, or you don’t have all papers on you when filing a claim, the chances are it will be denied if there’s not enough evidence supporting it.

Multiple Applications and no Appeal – this is a common mistake done by patients. When your initial application gets denied, you don’t have to file another one. Instead, you have a right to appeal. Many people file another application. This is not the way you should go. When you’re denied once you should seek professional legal help. The appeal should be your second step. A second application is not on the menu.

You’re a High Earner – this disability benefit is intended for those in need. If you’re qualified as a high earner you will most likely be denied access to this type of benefit. If you’re earning more than $1,470 every month you will be denied.

Lack of Medical Qualification – this is another great factor in being eligible to receive this benefit. Not all medical conditions fall into a group receiving a medical disability benefit. On the official SSA website, you will find a list of eligible conditions. If yours is not listed you shouldn’t even file a claim.

Short Employment History – to be eligible to receive this benefit you need to be employed for an extended period. If you file for this benefit after only a few months of being in one position in a single company your claim will raise suspicion. The chance is you’ll be denied.

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When to Seek Professional Help?

Immediately! This is not even a question. The moment you feel like you require a disability benefit you should lawyer up. This is a simple answer. Of course, if you believe that you can go through the claim process on your own, that’s fine too. There is a chance that you can receive the benefits on your own. The second instance is when you need to lawyer up s when and if your initial claim is denied. When it comes to the appeal process you definitely should have a lawyer by your side. Being unsure that an attorney can help is a wrong opinion. If you still don’t trust us, keep reading. Below we’re going to list only a  few reasons why you should hire one in the first place.

Benefits of Hiring a Lawyer?


If you’re asking us, this shouldn’t even be explained. But, some people believe they’re better off without a legal representative. When it comes to dire situations such as seeking disability benefits one should have a lawyer by his side. Here is why:

Identifying The Issue – an experience layer in this field will know right away what your issues are and how to approach the claim. It is important to know how to prepare your claim. To know how to do this, one needs to be aware of the legal issues surrounding the claim. With an attorney by your side, you will have a head start and know exactly what you’re seeking.

Collecting Documentation – in a situation like this you want things to go smoothly. To have your claim accepted on the first go, you need to have all the documents in order. This might seem like an easy task, but an individual doing this for the first time is prone to making mistakes. To avoid lacking one or two papers in your claim, you need a lawyer who will gather all the necessary documents in your name.

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Communication – with claims such as these communicating matters is vital. Being in touch not only with the institutions that will accept your claim but with the employer and everyone involved is vital. One individual on his own won’t be able to handle the situation properly. A professional in this field will. Communication is the key. Don’t avoid it!

Guidance – going through this entire process unscathed is not an easy task. You need someone who will guide you; from start to finish. Don’t be shy of asking a professional to do it. From the initial claim to the appeal to the final resolution. Guidance is necessary.

Bottom Line

Hiring a lawyer is an essential part of every claim and appeal process. Claiming a disability benefit can get complicated quickly if you’re not careful. To avoid being wrongfully denied you’re better off hiring a lawyer. That’s our two cents.