SBC runs on a Vortex86EX2 SoC with a split personality ICOP’s Linux-compatible 2.4W VEX2-6415 SBC is equipped with ICOP’s dual-core x86 based DM&P Vortex86EX2, allowing two operating systems to be used simultaneously. The SBC offers two LAN ports, two mini PCIe interfaces with SIM card and supports temperatures from -40 to 85°C.

Taiwanese company ICOP, which mainly produces embedded boards and systems based on its sister company DM&P Group’s x86 processors, has announced an SBC powered by DM&P’s Vortex86EX2. The 100 x 66 mm VEX2-6415 is designed for IoT, automation and other space-restricted embedded applications and corresponds to ICOP’s 3.5-inch SBEX2-6427 and PC/104 form factor SBEX2-6454, which the company announced earlier in February 2019 with DM&P’s Vortex86EX (VEX2). DM&P also proposes a formal VEX2-6890 evaluation committee for SoC.
VEX2-6415, front and rear
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The industrially strong Vortex86EX2 is unusual because each of its processor cores can run its own operating system and BIOS instance independently, without the need for a hypervisor and without interfering with each other. According to DM&P terminology, the x86 SoC architecture has a 600 MHz master core for the user interface and a 400 MHz slave core for real-time I/O. The x86 SoC architecture is based on the DM&P terminology.

Vortex86EX2 cores have their own FPU and DDR3 blocks and can be configured in safe mode. The headless processor supports 10/100 Ethernet, CAN, PCIe and ISA buses, as well as other I/Os, and can withstand temperatures from -40 to 85°C.
Block diagram of Vortex86EX2 (left) and detailed representation of VEX2-6415
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DM&P has long offered low-power x86 on-board processors dating back to the 300 MHz Vortex86DX. The Vortex86EX2 replaces the single-core 300MHz Vortex86EX that can be found on the 86Duino SBC and the SOM-128-EX module from DM&P, as well as the Ebox-3100 mini-PC, among others.

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DM&P also offers the 800 MHz Vortex86DX2, which is used in many ICOP products, including Qseven and SMARC modules and the SBC 3.5 VDX2-6526. It also appeared on the Adlink CoreModule1-86DX2 PC/104 card. The high-end DMP platform is the 1 GHz dual-core Vortex86DX3, which has appeared on PC/104 cards such as Diamond’s Helix and WinSystems PC/104-Plus, PPM-C412 form factor.

The VEX2-6415 is compatible with Linux, DOS, QNX, FreeBSD and Windows Embedded 7 and CE 6.0. The card offers 512MB or 1GB DDR3 capacity with two microSD slots or one microSD slot plus 4GB eMMC.
3.5 VEX2-6427 (left) and PC/104 VEX2-6454
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Unlike the 3.5 VEX2-6427, the VEX2-6415 only has one connector on the current side: One of the two 10/100 Ethernet interfaces has an RJ45 connector. As with the VEX2-6427, there are two mini-PCIe slots and a 4G compatible SIM card slot, and these are standard, not optional.


Header I/O includes 3x USB 2.0, 2x RS-232, 2x RS-485, 16-bit GPIO, console, PS/2 and parallel printer (LPT). The 74 grams board has a 5 VDC input at 480 mA and a reset button, and consumes 2.4 watts in normal operation. Models are available from -20 to 70°C and -40 to 85°C.

Additional information

No price or availability information has been provided for VEX2-6415. For more information, see the ICOP announcement and the product page.

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