5 Ways Safety Floor Mats can Make Your Facility Safer

Every company owner, manager, CEO, and facility staff should take care of the safety at the workplace. The companies should meet the safety standards, so they can get a license to work. Depending on what type of service you provide, sometimes the floors can be pretty dangerous, especially for some types of footwear that easily slide on the surface, causing damaging injuries. If you insist on some specific dress code, which means classic or elegant shoes, or stiletto and heels, you have to invest in floor mats and covers so you can prevent surface damages, and more importantly, your employees getting injured because of sliding.

Falls can happen to everyone. We all had that tiny accident at least once in a lifetime, but when it happens at work, it’s a huge responsibility on the company. Slipping on the tiles at work is one of the most common work-related injuries, and puts your company a bad reputation. Also, it’s dangerous and harmful for those who work there, and sometimes it can even put lives at risk, or cause disabilities after the injury.

Keep in mind that prolonged standing is painful for some people, especially if they have to wear specific shoes adapted to the conditions in the facility. The safety mates are specially designed to improve the safety conditions in the company, and there are so many different types, so you can choose the exact one you need. If you are a business owner with a lot of employees, then you have to take every measure to protect them. It’s always better to prevent the injuries, instead of paying a lot for treatments, since injuries at the workplace are a specific area in the law, and your company can face a lot of legal problems if you don’t resolve them on time.

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Can you imagine how that piece of fabric can make a huge difference in the safety aspects of your company? Here are the ways how it works:

1. The rubber layer protects slipping and sliding

Source: flooringandcarpetcentre.co.uk

If you put raw fabric over the tiles, you don’t even protect them from shoe and weather damages. Using the mats that have a rubbery layer beneath will ensure there is enough friction between the two particular surfaces, and no one will ever slip there. At the same time, it protects the tiles from the heels, shoes, and the dirt that we bring inside, which is pretty important, especially if you rent the office space, and you know you will eventually have to move when the company will grow enough for that. These floor covers can be made of different fabrics and materials, and you can check the different types on safe-flex.com/anti-slip antislip to make a choice.

2. They are easier for maintenance

Every facility should be properly maintained, especially when it comes to floors. Take care about that, because you surely won’t use separate pair of shoes there in the office. Regular maintenance is your priority, because it keeps the facility clean, and prevents spreading dirt and bacteria all over the place. On the other hand, the mats will prevent floor damages. This is another reason why you should consider putting them in the facility.

3. They collect the dirt and moisture from the shoes

Source: stebro-flooring.co.uk

No one wants to spread dirt all around the facility. Also, walking on a flat and smooth floor with wet shoes can be dangerous too. This doesn’t depend on you, because the rain doesn’t know if you have carpets or mats in the office, and you still have to wear your shoes there. The best solution is to put a smaller entrance mat in front of the door, so you can initially clean up the excess moisture and dirt and then get inside. According to the experts, about 80% of the dirt can be cleaned with the entrance mat, which means you don’t bring the mud and other dirt inside.

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4. General recommendations to improve safety at the workplace

The current COVID-19 situation showed us that we can never be careful enough when protecting ourselves. There are many examples of people who got infected even when they were wearing masks all the time. Also, this pandemic also taught us about the importance of always clean and well-maintained offices, including the floor mats and carpets. If a lot of people are visiting your office, using a doormat is a must, because you can never know what they have on their shoes. It’s not that they will bring something bad with them, but every dust and dirt particle is spread around, especially if you use central air conditioning systems.

Investing in the health and safety of the employees must be the owner’s priority because all those people are crucial and important for the business. They should understand the importance of a secure workplace, and make sure all employees are protected with every needed measure. Uneven floor surfaces can be a potential danger too. Many problems come from the floors in the facility, and it’s easy to resolve them. You only have to invest in quality mats made of durable materials, that are easy to clean at the same time. When the employees are happy, safe, and protected, they feel more motivated to improve their performance and make your business more successful.

5. Minimizing slip and fall accidents

Source: sfvlaw.com

All the managers, CEOs, and employees should be educated about the potential risks at their work positions. Floor mats and regular maintenance should always be a priority in keeping the workplace safe. There should also be crisis plans in case someone gets sick at work, or hurt. Choose premium floor mats, because they will be used every day, and it’s really not worth buying cheap ones for the office. Floors shouldn’t be uncovered, especially when they are made of vinyl or other slippery material because that can be dangerous and risky.

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Maybe you weren’t aware of how important the mats are, but now when you know it, it’s worth giving it a second thought and invests in quality covers.