Can You Repair Damaged Lungs From Smoking With Vaping

Vaping is a popular new replacement for cigarettes. Most people find it much more comfortable to vape than to smoke due to the lack of smell and overall feel vaping has. Of course, this leads people to make similar mistakes as with cigarettes and vaping excessively. Remember, despite being less harmful than cigarettes vapes can still be troublesome in high dosage. That’s why today we are checking whether you can repair damaged lungs from smoking with vaping, indirectly at least with the benefit of ingesting vape rather than other materials.

Cigarettes and lung issues


The correlation between cigarettes and lung diseases is a well-known one. After all, every smoker who stops likely does so because of severe breathing issues. Although they start off decently simple and easy, these problems can escalate. Even before the worst-case scenario, that being lung cancer, your lungs can get considerably damaged by the chemicals from cigarettes.

The initial issues are more temporary than anything. Rough cough and shortness of breath are bound to set in for anybody who frequently smokes. However, these issues can be solved. Once you stop smoking, the chemicals will slowly clear out from your lungs. The smoke that remains within them will also slowly seep out. As you may imagine, this takes time. While you may feel better a few weeks in, it can take up to 9 months for your lungs to properly clear out.

After that, any acute issues caused by smoking should dissipate. Keep in mind that not all issues are as easy to deal with. Those who have been smoking a lot for a long amount of time may experience irreversible lung damage. This can be due to the specific type of cigarette they smoke having a stronger effect or due to the combination with preexisting conditions.

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Regardless, even those who have irreparable damage may benefit from removing less severe effects from their system.

What does switching to vaping do?


The difference between smoking and vaping is pretty formidable. Oftentimes, people who smoked previously will use vaping as a way of completely eliminating any time of smoking from their life. While they may still cause some side effects, it has been scientifically proven that they are a better alternative to cigarettes. By removing some chemicals from the equation, vapes end up being much easier for our organism to deal with.

When you switch to vapes, your body will still experience some changes. The biggest one is the rate at which blood circulates. Two weeks in, you should have much better blood circulation in your system. The breaths you take won’t feel cut off or short. The switch you make will help get your oxygen levels to a normal level even if you are vaping.

You should keep in mind that quality vapes are in order to avoid worsening your conditions. A number of cheap vape manufacturers don’t pay much attention to the effects these low-quality products can produce. To keep yourself supplied with good quality products we suggest DashVapes. This service provides all the necessary items for a great vaping experience. Furthermore, you can get all the accessories from them too. Whether it’s refills or new items, you can get them all here.

Vaping will also leave you satisfied and maintain that needed hit most people who stop smoking feel the need to take. Because there is less tar accumulating in your lungs, the overall breaths you take will start getting deeper and clearer. Those who manage to not go back to smoking will slowly feel this effect enhanced over time.

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Vaping has the nice addition of helping you avoid inhaling burnt paper and scraps that come off a cigarette. With that, you eliminate a lot of odd issues that could occur. A number of really detrimental chemicals are found in paper that covers our cigarettes and the filter so removing them from the equation is fruitful.

So can vapes help heal damaged lungs?


As we’ve mentioned before, vaping is preferable to smoking. It can also keep you on the right path to recovery when you get off cigarettes and start recuperating. However, vaping cannot repair permanent damage done to your lungs. There are some issues that heal with time as we’ve seen but others are quite irreparable.

Vaping can soften the act of dropping cigarettes and help you not smoke again but it cannot heal you up. The healing comes from the time you spend away from cigarettes. Vaping alongside this recovery may reduce its effectiveness somewhat because you will still be vaping. Symptoms like cough are to be expected. Of course, these symptoms aren’t as potent and will usually be more immediate rather than lingering problems smoking cigarette leaves. Other symptoms may even occur as part of ceasing cigarette consumption. Dizziness may occur due to a sudden change in oxygen intake that comes from your body not being obstructed by cigarette smoke.

As already mentioned, irreparable damage cannot really be dealt with and vaping won’t work on it. That type of damage will need to be dealt with through serious medical aid. Making sure you engage in proper treatment is key to recovery. Don’t ingest too many substances that could lessen the effectiveness of treatment either as this could make it far slower.

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While vaping doesn’t directly help heal from smoking’s effects it will help you endure not having cigarettes. The more time passes the less you’ll feel the negative effects of cigarettes. After a few years, most of the negative effects will pass and your health will return to a mostly normal state.

However, you can’t expect vaping to repair your health. Damaged lungs are an exceptionally difficult issue that you’ll need to pay extra attention to. Vaping will not help you with it at all and the issue will need direct health treatment.

While vaping can aid you in not returning to smoking, it’s exceptionally important to still pay attention to your health. Don’t neglect the list of potential issues even if you start getting rid of the addiction. Rehabilitating is important and so is paying extra attention to the way you act.