How to Register Cars With Car Number Plates Imported From the UK – 2024 Guide

Number plates on the imported cars are essential these days. However, have you ever imagined what if you import cars from the United Kingdom then what is the correct procedure to register the cars with number plates? The procedure will be similar to that of importing a Swiss vehicle. We often search on the net for websites that allow us to register cars with car number plates imported from the UK. If you are confused about the steps or procedures to register cars with car number plates imported from the UK, this article is made just for you.

Procedures for registering an imported vehicle


  1. If you permanently bring an imported car to the UK, we must register it by doing the following things.
  2. Inform HMRC:-HMRC is a tax collector department in the UK that does not consist of any ministers. It is popularly called HM Revenue and Customs. We must inform HM Revenue and Customs departments about the new imported car in the UK. For this, we can also visit the official site of HM Revenue and Customs in the UK.
  3. Pay Vat and duty:-From 1 January 2024, a vehicle imported from Great Britain are liable to customs duty. Vehicle Registration Tax (VRT) VAT at the current standard rate.
    • Non-EC Manufactured Cars – 10% import duty and 20% VAT for private and commercial imports.
    • Pick-Up Trucks – classified as a commercial vehicle; 22% import duty and 20% VAT for private and commercial imports.
  4. Get proof of vehicle approval:-Get a European Certificate of Conformity from the manufacturer to show you have approval for an EU-registered vehicle. You also have to get a certificate of Mutual Recognition if it’s a left-hand drive vehicle.
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Documents required registering imported cars in the UK.


You must send the following original documents:

  • Proof of vehicle approval:-
  • Tax clearance:-
  • Form V267 (sometimes called the ‘declaration of newness’) if you’re registering a new vehicle
  • Evidence showing the date the vehicle was collected, for example, the invoice from the supplier
  • The original foreign registration certificate to show when the car was manufactured (you will not get this back)
  • An invoice (in case of purchase from a professional)
    declaration of assignment (in case of purchase from a private individual),
  • The English gray card
  • Proof of identity
  • Proof of address

Suppose you do not have the original foreign registration certificate. In that case, DVLA might accept other proof of the manufacture date, for example, a letter from the manufacturer or a vehicle enthusiast club. Do not send photocopies or faxed copies.

Let us understand them one by one.

Proof of vehicle approval:-

You can use the Individual Vehicle Approval (IVA) scheme if you’re making or importing a single vehicle or a minimal number of cars in the following categories: passenger cars, goods vehicles, buses and coaches, and trailers. Read the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA ) guide on the IVA scheme for more on these categories.

Tax clearance

The fiscal discharge is a document issued by the taxes which certifies that the vehicle is for VAT. For used vehicles imported into the European Union, there is no value-added tax to pay. A car is considered used when it has more than 6,000 km and more than six months. This document can be obtained free of charge from the tax office to which you belong. After Brexit, you will probably have to pay VAT to get this paper.

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An invoice (in case of purchase from a professional), declaration of assignment (in case of purchase from a private individual), or any other similar proof (the document must mention the serial number or the chassis number)

How to pay tax or duty for imported cars in the UK?


Use online or telephone banking to pay HMRC by Faster Payments, CHAPS, or Bacs.

  • Sort Code:- 08 32 00
  • Account Number:- 12000903
  • Account Name:- HMRC Indirect Miscellaneous
  • Use these details to pay from an overseas account.
  • Account number (IBAN):- GB20 BARC 2005 1730 3364 91
  • Bank identifier code (BIC):- BARCGB22
  • Account name:- HMRC Indirect Miscellaneous

Use your 13-character NOVA notification reference number when you pay. You can find it on the:

  • Email HMRC sent you if you used the NOVA service
  • payment notice HMRC sent you

Do not put any spaces between the characters in your reference number.

If you have to declare VAT to HMRC, you can reclaim any VAT you paid in the EU. Send the Certificate of VAT you get from HMRC to the person who sold you the vehicle.

Purchase invoice or declaration of assignment

You must, of course, provide a document proving that you are indeed the owner of the imported English vehicle. It can be an invoice, an assignment declaration, etc. If you bought a car number plate from CarReg suppliers of number plates, you could ask for the invoice.

Proof of identity and address

As with a traditional registration card application, you must provide proof of identity (driver’s license, identity card, etc.). As well as proof of address (electricity bill, telephone bill, etc.).

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English gray card

The English gray card, which is called V5, must be presented. You must mention your name and address in the New keeper space.

The European certificate of conformity

The European certificate of conformity, or COC, makes it possible to drive a foreign vehicle without going through a specific approval procedure (acceptance on an isolated basis). Information is circulating, sometimes on official sites, as to the optional nature of this document as part of an English registration document.

Finally, the technical control!


Before applying for a vehicle registration document, you will have to go through the technical control. Even though this is a right-hand drive vehicle, there is no problem. There is just one thing to do: make sure the lights are changed for the left-hand drive (so they don’t dazzle others). On some vehicles, it is sufficient to swap a tab. Sometimes you have to replace the headlights.

How long does it takes for registering imported cars in the UK?

Because of coronavirus (COVID-19), it will take longer than usual for your registration certificate (V5C) to arrive.