4 Cool Real Estate Technology Trends That Help Sell Homes

Real estate websites and apps have become very popular. Most people rely on the internet to search for the right property before organizing a visit. As a result, several technological trends have emerged to help the market grow. To sell houses fast, most agents and homeowners rely on these technological advancements. Real estate is a big industry; with all the billions invested there each year, some of these advancements were a long time coming. There are now market predictions that help people make wise investments. Technological trends are also majorly witnessed in the marketing sector. These are some of the trends to watch out for in the real estate business.

It goes without saying that a real estate website is essential in the era of Internet supremacy. Building a property site also provides many advantages for businesses. The key ones are as follows:
Convenience – customers get access to the property details, pictures, and your advice whenever they need it. A RE website gives your company an internet presence;

More clients – millennials make up the majority of online real estate buyers. According to research, Millennials prefer to use online property search tools over visiting real estate offices. You will be able to access a completely new buying group after you develop your real estate website, which is a major bonus for you;

Time is saved – no need to waste time in traffic and at meetings. RE websites must offer comprehensive property details, the best possible property images, and even a 360-degree view of the property. Emails and online web forms are constantly available for communication with customers. It would be ideal if you continued to communicate with them. For a more complete disclosure of this topic you may check the following article by Sloboda.

If you too want to ensure that you stay up-to-date and retain your sales while selling homes, then we strongly recommend that you understand these new technological trends, adapt yourself to them and include them in your business. With the advent of new technological advancements, the real estate sector too has benefited from it and will only continue to do so in the future. Your real estate counterparts might have already adopted these technological strategies to garner a larger market and customer base for themselves. That’s why, in this article we’ll state several cool real estate technology trends that can not only help you gain your competitive edge back but also market your business as a pioneer of trying new real estate technology.

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1. Virtual Staging

Source: atlantaagentmagazine.com

Staging has existed as long as people have been selling houses. However, virtual staging has taken it to a whole new level. Potential home buyers consider photos the most important thing when browsing for a house online. The only thing better than that is viewing the home online from the comfort of their sofas. Once the pictures are taken with the staged furniture and equipment, they can be taken back to storage. Virtual tours have saved agents and property sellers a lot of hustle. The traditional way was very costly and time-consuming. Today they only encounter buyers who have taken the virtual tours and are sure with the purchase. A physical tour can be organized, of course, if the client requests one. With virtual reality, you can insert furniture and many other things to make the video appealing to potential buyers. But it’s essential to remain realistic even with the endless possibilities.

It’s essential that we note that virtual staging is only a means to achieve an end. Clients will often refer to your virtually staged property to get an idea of how it is and confirm their decision of whether they want it or not. However, many clients also use your virtually staged settings to view from hundreds of potential prospects and then choose their most preferred home in real-life physically. We recommend you to not rely on virtual staging entirely but rather use it as a tool to help you in selling homes. If utilised to their full extent, virtual staging technology can serve as a great method for your client to visualize your property and improve the chances of them buying it. You can check eXpRealty if you need more information.

2. Augmented Reality

Source: cnet.com

The coolest tech advancement is augmented reality. By pointing your phone’s camera at the property, you can learn all there is to know about it. You can quickly know if the product is on the market or not before going any further. Most of your questions will be answered there and then. You will even get valuation estimates and data about the previous sold price. Buyers can also take a tour of the property from their smartphones. It has helped realtors reach customers far and wide. It also saves time and resources; houses sell so quickly because the customer base has become huge. For a successful real estate business, you have to rely on augmented reality one way or the other. You will be able to give your buyers a very clear representation of the property without using many resources. With the QR codes, all your client’s questions will always be answered. It has boosted sales dramatically since the industry started using it.

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The sheer simplicity and ease of access also makes AR one of the easiest technological trends to implement in your business. All you need is for the client to have a smartphone and for you to have a scannable QR code that leads to a webpage displaying all the information your client will need. It also saves the client’s and your time by streamlining the whole process of looking at properties, choosing the right house, and helping you sell and helping the client buy.

3. Drones

Source: homesales.com.au

Even the average home seller can access a drone to help sell the house. With drones, you can create dramatic and breath-taking photos of your property to lure buyers. You can achieve angles that a regular camera cannot give you. Now it’s common to see aerial view videos and photos when you open any real estate website. Most people are using it because buyers are responding positively to it. The added advantage with drones is that you will also be able to show neighboring properties. A potential buyer can easily paint a picture of a perfect home or business place. Most people believe that taking pictures is one of the hard parts of selling a house. You have to get all the best parts and with good angles, all while avoiding exaggerations. Drones give an accurate picture of the property from all the angles you wish them to see.

Drones also provide an accurate eagle view perspective to potential buyers from which they can judge the height, layout and the nature of the property. Drones are expensive but rather than thinking of them as temporary expenses, think of them as a long-term investment. With the help of drones you can provide a 360 degree view of your property without needing to hire professional photographers. The best thing is, if your budget is tight, you can rent a drone too and these drones often come with their own pilots so you don’t have to worry about flying them on your own.

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4. Blockchain

Source: computerworld.com

Blockchain makes it impossible to change information, cheat or hack the system. It has eliminated the possibility of fraud in real estate. For some reason, the use of cryptocurrencies became very beneficial to the industry. Such transactions are subject to many disbursing problems. With blockchain, everyone can rest easy whether they are buying a house using bitcoin or bitcoin-like currencies or cash. The tech advancement is generally like a digital ledger that supplies a duplicate of transactions to the network of computers. It has also helped in minimizing the cost from intermediaries. There are many people involved in closing a house deal, like the banks, notaries, brokers and many others. Now you can avoid paying them extra, which may cause you unforeseen losses.

With the inclusion of blockchain technology in your real estate business, you are eliminating all the paperwork that comes along with buying a property which makes the buying process even more lucrative for buyers. While having blockchain, you can sell your homes as assets in parts, allowing multiple buyers to buy your property without any legal or paperwork hassle. Since your transaction information and the information about your property are saved digitally in bitcoin, it makes it easier for your buyers to make property changes as they want without taking your constant permission.


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