How to Organize and Plan a Last-Minute House Move – 2024 Guide

Whether it is moving to another apartment or a completely different city, moving is a difficult task for many. The feeling of being overwhelmed by the obligations ahead of you at that moment is quite understandable. That is why knowledge of the organization of the whole process is necessary. In the pile of things that need to be packed and the endless list of obligations that still need to be done before moving, one can easily create unnecessary stress, especially if we are limited in time. We bring you some useful tips on how to make your life easier in the process of moving and save your nerves.

According to psychologists, moving is among the three most stressful moments in a man’s life. Of course, here we primarily mean the change of environment and life habits, but certainly also the work that awaits us when packing and transporting things.


Timely preparation and planning are crucial for relocation. However, it often happens that under certain circumstances we have to act quickly and do not have much time to prepare. Last-minute relocation also causes additional stress precisely because of a lack of planning. How do we deal with that?

Good organization of time and work is very important for moving packaging. Take a pen and paper and make a list of all the things you need to move. Put literally everything on the list so you can get organized more easily. Once you have made the list, write a packaging plan, which you will pack each day.

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Before you start panicking to pack your things, take a deep breath and think about where to start. The first thing you need to think about is whether there are any things you no longer need. However, this is an opportunity for a new beginning, so it is the right time to get rid of everything that has been gathering dust in your living space for years. The next important item is the packaging. Go to a nearby supermarket and ask them to give you cardboard boxes, and they will serve you. You can also pack in plastic bags but in that case pack things that cannot be damaged during transport.


Moving will definitely go faster if you have help. Invite friends to help you. Next in line is the organization of transportation. If you are planning to drive things yourself, be sure to seek the help of a friend who will help with your muscles and car as the move will take too long if you are only going to transport things in one vehicle.

It will be much easier if you transport things once or twice, but you will need to rent a van or truck. This will save you a lot of time and probably reduce your move to just one day. Okay, friends are here to help with lighter things, but can you really find someone to take you out and transport heavy things like furniture and appliances? In that case, the most painless solution is to call a company that will do the job for you. You may think that this will cost you dearly, but consider what you get – carefree moving, the less physical effort for you, less worries about organizing transportation. We’d say this is a smart investment after all, right? You can find more about it if you visit

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However, it is not over yet. If you haven’t already done so, it’s time to cancel all mail at the old address, as well as cable and other services to avoid unnecessary additional costs. When you know that in addition to the basics, you have taken care of the little things that will make it easier for you and the rest of the family to find your way, it will already seem that most of it are done, and packing and unpacking will seem like a small part of the job.


Another way you can make it easier for yourself to move is to plan it on the weekends. This way you will avoid traffic jams, and in that case, there is a good chance that you will enjoy your furnished apartment in your coffee on Sunday morning, which is a great way to relax and prepare for the start of the work week.

We must be aware that in moving we will have every, everything at least once in our hands. The first step should be the purchase of boxes, protective foils, self-adhesive tapes, paper, and so on. Different plastic bags with zippers are also excellent. Also, prepare a tool for dismantling furniture. As each pack usually takes a few days, start packing things we don’t need every day, like dishes we usually only use on special occasions, different decorative figures, books, and clothes that are specific to a particular season.

Before you disconnect all the connectors from your home appliances, take a photo of their exact position so that you can connect everything in your new space as easily and quickly as possible. This will not help you when moving, but it will save everyone time in unraveling and putting things in their place.

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Basically, everything is in planning, no matter how little time you have. Take a few minutes and think carefully about everything, what are your tasks before, on the day, and after moving.


Obligations before relocation include planning and packing, the day of relocation is reserved for transferring items, and canceling all other obligations. After that, we come to a less turbulent but equally demanding task, and that is unpacking.

After that, you need to finish some more things like registering a new address at the police station, and registering an address for monthly utilities, if you are moving into an apartment building – meet the tenant representative and find out to whom and how much you will pay the common reserve, and so on. Once you settle in, take the time to walk around to get to know the neighborhood. And? What’s next? Now all you have to do is enjoy the comfort of your new home!