Maximizing the Potential of Google Analytics: 4 Tips and Tricks From a Consultant

Today a large chunk of business is carried out online, and companies all over the world make use of search engine-based traffic analysis to maximize profits. Google Analytics is a popular analytics tool offered by one of the most popular search engines in the world-Google.

If you are proficient in using Google Analytics, your company is bound to flourish. After all, the traffic that a website drives is crucial for the placement of online advertisements and for driving up online sales.

However, if you are not very comfortable with using Google Analytics, you can always take the help of a google analytics consultancy so that you can derive maximum benefits from the web analysis service that Google has to offer.

What Does It Take To Make The Most Out Of A Web Analytics Service?

1. Know What Metrics Are Key To Fulfilling Your Goal


Every day millions of people use search engines to search for information that is useful to them. So it is needless to say that a search engine-based analytics tool gives out a lot of data.

However, if you wish to use the tool to extract the maximum benefit, you must know the right to watch out for. So the metric that is useful for you will depend on the specific end goal that you are trying to achieve.

So if your problem is that many people visit your website and select items that they put in a cart. However, if they do not end up purchasing any of the items that they left in the cart, then your website is suffering from a problem which is known as cart abandonment rate.

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So if you wish to deal with such a problem, you can look at metrics that give you an idea about the conversion rates of successful websites.

The conversion rate, in simple terms, means the number of times a person who visits your website ends up fulfilling a desired goal. So depending on the type of website that you have, the end goal will be different.

So if you offer to sell goods through your website, your desired end goal will be when a customer makes a purchase. However, if you run a blog and your aim is to interact with your readers. Then your end goal can be to encourage your comment on your blog.

So you must not visualize data just for the heck of it. You should do it with a definite purpose to get the maximum benefit.

2. Customize Both The Mobile And The Desktop Version Of Your Website


One of the fatal errors that inexperienced people make while using an analytics tool is that they check for metrics improvement only for the desktop version of their website.

However, it is a fact that more people access the internet on their mobile phones rather than their computers. So if you really wish for more footfall on your website, then you have to optimize it for both the desktop and the mobile phone version.

Remember that the pictures that you post on your website have to be very light for them to load quickly on mobile phones. So if your website is not optimized for viewing via mobile phones, then chances are that you are missing out on a good chunk of potential customers who could drive up sales.

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So if you wish to make sure that viewing your website is a smooth experience for your customers, then keep an eye on the loading speed of the website. Data shows that most websites falter when it comes to making the loading speed fast. However, a site that takes a long time to load can be very disappointing for a potential customer.

3. Place Yourself In The Shoes Of The End User

It is often said that a customer goes through three stages before he makes a purchase. Usually, the first stage is awareness, where he comes to know about the existence of a product or of a certain brand.

The second stage is consideration, where the potential customers consider other brands and how good the deal is. And the final stage is decision-making, where a purchase decision is made.

So if you wish to drive sales, then you must place yourself in the shoes of the customers. So you must use the right metrics that take you through the path that the customer traversed before he purchased something. So you must use the report, which gives you an idea of the behavior flow of the customer.

You can also use the option for Reverse Goal Path to see each step that the customer took before he made the final purchase.

4. Make A Choice Between Optimizing For First-Time Or Return Customers


When you are optimizing your website, you have to make a choice whether you wish to focus on getting as many new customers as possible or whether you wish to build a loyal base of buyers you keep returning to for your services.

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The choice between the two primarily should depend on the type of product or service that you are selling. So if you provide a service, say learning how to speak in spoken English, then you must focus on first-time users.

However, you are providing a service that can be used time and again. You must focus on building a loyal base of users. So to know what fraction of your customers are old versus new, you can use the New Vs. Returning report on Google Analytics.


It will not be wrong to say that the internet has taken the world of marketing by storm. And today, all brands, big or small, have a digital presence to capture the vast traffic of online shoppers.

However, selling goods and services via the internet is easier said than done. There is huge competition, and if you cannot master the game of web analytics, you will be left far behind the other players in your field.