Mastering Magento 2 Product Sorting

Mastering Magento 2 Product Sorting: From Price to Relevance

In the ever-evolving world of e-commerce, the ability to present products in a way that resonates with customers is paramount. Magento 2, a leading e-commerce platform, empowers store owners with a versatile set of product sorting options, ensuring a personalized and seamless shopping experience. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore the nuances of product sorting in Magento 2, covering essential aspects such as sorting by price, rating, relevance, and newest arrivals.

The Art of Tailoring Product Sorting in E-Commerce

1. Price-Based Sorting

Sorting products by price


Sorting products by price is a fundamental feature for both customers and store owners. It allows shoppers to easily identify products within their budget, while merchants can strategically showcase items based on pricing tiers.

2. Rating-Driven Sorting

Sorting by product rating provides customers with valuable insights into the quality and popularity of items. This feature highlights top-rated products, fostering trust and influencing purchasing decisions.

3. Relevance-Based Sorting

Sorting products by relevance is a dynamic approach that takes into account various factors such as customer preferences, search terms, and historical data. This ensures that the displayed products align closely with what the customer is looking for.

4. Sorting by Newest Arrivals

Sorting by Newest Arrivals


The option to sort products by newest arrivals caters to customers eager to explore the latest additions to the catalog. This feature is particularly beneficial for businesses with frequent product launches or updates.

Exploring Magento 2’s Product Sorting Options

1. Sort by Price in Magento 2

Magento 2 simplifies price-based sorting by allowing customers to arrange products in ascending or descending order based on their prices. This feature enhances the shopping experience by providing flexibility and transparency.

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2. Sort by Rating in Magento 2

The rating-based sorting option in Magento 2 prioritizes products based on customer reviews and ratings. It allows customers to discover highly-rated items quickly, fostering trust and confidence in the purchasing process.

3. Sort by Relevance in Magento 2

Magento 2

Magento 2’s relevance-based sorting dynamically adjusts the product order based on user behavior, search queries, and other relevant factors. This ensures that customers are presented with products most likely to meet their needs.

4. Sort Products by Newest Arrivals in Magento 2

Sorting products by newest arrivals in Magento 2 showcases the latest additions to the catalog first. This feature is essential for keeping customers informed about your product range’s evolution and enticing them with fresh offerings.

Implementing Product Sorting in Magento 2: A Practical Guide

1. Configure Price Sorting

In the Magento 2 Admin Panel, navigate to “Stores,” select “Configuration,” and go to the “Catalog” section. Under “Storefront,” configure the “Product Listing Sort by” option to enable price-based sorting.

2. Enable Rating-Based Sorting

Enable Rating-Based Sorting


Ensure that customer ratings influence product sorting by configuring the “Sort by” option for the rating attribute. This setting is available in the product attributes section of the Admin Panel.

3. Implement Relevance-Based Sorting

Magento 2’s built-in search functionality contributes to relevance-based sorting. Optimize your product listings, use relevant keywords, and leverage SEO best practices to enhance the system’s ability to prioritize products based on relevance.

4. Facilitate Sorting by Newest Arrivals

Utilize Magento 2’s default functionality to enable sorting by newest arrivals. Ensure that your product listings include accurate launch dates or timestamps for the system to effectively prioritize the latest additions.

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Elevate Your E-Commerce Experience with Magento 2 Product Sorting

In the competitive landscape of e-commerce, the strategic presentation of products is a differentiator. Elevate your e-commerce store with Magento 2’s diverse product sorting options, allowing you to tailor the display to match customer preferences and behaviors.