The Impact of Cryptocurrency on National and Global Economies

There is no doubt that the discovery and the subsequent wide adoption of digital currencies has changed the world as we know it. For nearly 15 years now, cryptocurrencies with Bitcoin as their leader have been slowly shaping the future of economy, commerce, and the way the business is being done. The ways in which people make money and think about their careers is also vastly different from what it was only a decade ago as more and more cryptocurrencies appear every year. A lot more work needs to be done before the world truly enters the cryptocurrency stage and forgets about traditional, fiat currencies. Until then, all we can do is prepare for it and try to get educated and informed on the latest trends and developments in this ever growing industry.

The overall impact of cryptos on the national stages, as well as the global stage, is massive. Terms such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, mining, and blockchain are now as common as anything else that deals with technology and culture. Everyone knows a thing or two about it because it is everywhere and because everyone is continuously talking about it. Tech CEOs, investment experts, celebrities, and inventors are all fascinated with the idea of a new type of money and the system that powers it which can be further implemented in other areas of our lives.

For the purposes of this article however, we will focus on the main idea behind them and talk about how our economy was changed. Was it for the better or for worse, and is it perhaps too early to tell at this point? Read on to find out more about this. In the meantime, in case you want to start your own journey with cryptocurrencies and join millions of satisfied investors and traders, make sure to check out

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Rise in Economic Activities


Whenever a whole new industry appears, it is an instant benefit for the economy of the world as well as the individual economies of separate countries. Considering the fact that the crypto industry is more than 10 years old, it is more than evident how much the world has changed because of it. When it started appearing, new types of institutions were needed that would control and impose laws as well as regulations for this new addition to the world market. New infrastructure was necessary, one that could support the immense needs of the users for better hardware and software.

Enough evidence for this is the current shortage of high-end GPUs as people were buying more and more for their mining rigs. In a way, the rise of cryptos supported the tech industry since it is advancing faster than before. The whole economies of countries have to shift and lean towards the support of cryptocurrencies if they do not want to fall behind on the global scale. It is in everyone’s interest to adapt and think forward with cryptos in mind.

Low Transaction Costs and Fees Benefit All


Compared to regular currencies, which is the money we are all accustomed to like dollars, euros, pounds, and the rest, cryptos have a lot of benefits that are capable of changing the economies and usher in a new age. The best of all these benefits are lower transaction costs and lower fees. Since a model cryptocurrency is decentralized, no government or bank owns it and takes the percentage of every transaction. There are small fees and transaction costs involved, but they are minimal and barely there, only existing to support the blockchain system and to help “pay the bills” as they say. You do not require a whole building with hundreds of employees to carry out the transactions. The whole industry is therefore easier to carry out than what we have with regular money.

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Individual Careers and Investments


The bulk of the users of digital currencies around the world are individual investors and traders who have decided to become a part of the industry in order to increase their own finances and start new careers. Something like this on the scale that is on is not possible with regular money or regular investments in stocks. Cryptos are capable of making people millionaires overnight, but they are also capable of leaving you penniless too if you are not careful. The trading, buying, and selling of cryptos is an art and one needs to do a lot of research and constantly be on alert in order to succeed.

The value spikes of a single coin are practically impossible to predict, so all you can do is study the history and try to make sense of it all. While it is unlikely that you will be a millionaire from this endeavor, you can make a fair living out of it and have a passive income that will allow you to pursue other things in life or quit the job you hate. Becoming an entrepreneur and a businessman is easier when you have money invested in crypto assets.



The biggest advantage of the blockchain system the cryptos rely on to exist and survive is the transparency of every transaction. A distributed ledger exists of every transaction for the users to see, as it is impossible to hide it and manipulate the market like it is with traditional currencies, banks, and dishonest practices. The potential for corruption and fraud is greatly limited, and it is often argued that it would not be able to exist in the same format as it does now. Countries in development and those on the verge of entering financial security could benefit the most.

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With cryptos on their side, they could boost their own economies without outside influence and credits to pay off in the future. The deals that favor the more superior and richer countries would become a thing of the past since the more powerful would no longer be able to prowl on the weak for their economic gain. Keeping track of where state funds are being oriented and spent is important, but for the better part of the world it is not possible with regular money still being king.