How to share large size files over email?

If you try to create a file and you can’t share it by email with a colleague/friend/boss, you’ll be frustrated because your email service won’t allow you to share large files, not even a few megabytes. How about sharing your file with an external file transfer service such as Google Drive, DropBox, Wet Transfer, etc.?

Ah! Your company policy does not allow you to use external services. Yeah! Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah! There’s still the problem of the headache.

A simple open source tool that you might use in your organization will help you move this large chunk of the file. Even if you don’t use it, you can install this tool, which we will talk about later. Moreover, this tool will follow all the rules of your company.

Tool 7zip. Yes, with 7zip you can easily exchange large files by e-mail. I wonder how? I’ll show you how to share a big file. 6 GB by e-mail.

Show file size

Let’s see how you can use 7zip to exchange large files via email:

  1. Write your file with 7zip. Whatever file you want to share, use the winrar/7zip/compressed folder to create the zip file.
  2. Now right click on the archive file >>7 zip >> Add to archive.

large file

  1. The Add to Archive window opens and displays the archive settings. Here you see the field Split in volume bytes. You must specify the size in bytes/megabytes according to your requirements. Here I’m going to dissect my 6GB files into 1.5GB each, which gives a value of 1500M, or about 1.5GB. Press the OK button to continue.

File with large format split.

  1. After clicking the OK button, OK 7zip will start splitting the files to the specified size.

Splitting the original file

  1. When the file splitting is complete, you can check the folder where the zip file is placed. Here I see 5 parts of a 1.5 GB file with my original file. The last part is smaller because my source file is larger than 6 GB. For example, if you divide the file size by 1.5 GB, the last file will be smaller.
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Split file in small size.

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  1. Here, I’ve turned a big, thick file into little pieces. You can now send each file separately to the right person. You will now think about the usefulness of this file for the recipient, because the file you sent is not the original file, but part of the original file.
  2. The next step must be performed by the receiver. He should also have 7 zippers in his system. After downloading each file in the email, you need to save all files in one folder.
  3. Open the 7-zip file manager. Go to Start >> 7-zip File Management. See the location of the folder where all downloaded files are stored. Once in the folder, right-click on the first part of the file (the filename of the first part must be ……. 7z.001) and choose Merge……. Total size of large files
  4. If you select the option Merge files… option, the next window displays all the files it has selected to merge. Now click on the OK button. Save file
  5. After the above step, all the loaded individual parts are merged together. combined start
  6. This merges the downloaded split files with the original file. You can view the source file in the same folder with other files. combo file
  7. Hey, hey, hey, hey! You’re done. The large file was successfully sent by post without any externally paid service.

Using File Transfer Tools To Streamline File Transfers

Aside from using a file archiver like 7zip, you can also use a Managed File Transfer (MFT) solution to streamline the whole process of transferring files. According to GoAnywhere, an MFT is a solution that automates, simplifies, and streamlines the process of inbound and outbound data and file transfers across your organization, within a private network, or even to external users. Additionally, with this file transfer tool, sending the compressed data you generated from a large-sized file would be easier.
When choosing a file transfer tool, consider the type of files you want to send and their privacy. Tools with high-security features provide greater security for the data and files you transfer. While some files are transferrable using the most user-friendly tool, using tools such as an MFT solution would allow you to send important and sensitive data and files securely. Therefore, when choosing a file transfer tool, find one that meets the data privacy regulations.
Another thing to consider would be whether the origin and end destination of the file would be compatible. Both the sending and receiving devices should have the same or similar applications to transfer the data. If there is a mismatch between the two, the information may become construed, and some parts may even be lost.
The applications are usually bound by a File Transfer Protocol (FTP) that gives guidelines on how the information is passed between the two points. Some of the most currently used protocols are the Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) and the more popular Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP). FTP is what would ensure the compatibility between the applications, and this is what you would have to keep in mind when choosing the right file transfer tool.

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I know sharing a file with someone means extra work. But it’s worth thinking about the limit on the size of emails or searching for other online services. If you know any of these useful tips, please let me know by using the comment field below or by contacting us on the site.

If you don’t want to compress your files, the best solution is FileWhopper, a new online service that lets you transfer files and folders of any size quickly and securely.

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