How to Clone Windows to SSD from HDD (Best Method)

Want to buy a new SSD for your Windows PC or upgrade your current SSD to a newer model? Then this guide is for you. This guide helps you change the default Windows drive without reinstalling Windows and without losing data. We will use the concept of cloning to move Windows from one drive to another. Learn how to clone Windows from a hard drive or another SSD to an SSD.

Reasons for switching from a hard drive to an SSD

If you are using a brand new PC for your daily work, you will notice that your PC is faster. However, as soon as you start installing various software and games, you will notice performance degradation and slowdowns. And who likes slow work, absolutely no one. In this case, you can clean up the hard drive to improve performance. But is it effective? No, the hard drive’s filling up and starting to seize up again. So what is the ultimate solution to this problem? You can upgrade your storage system to M.2 SSDs or NVMe SSDs for smooth, fast performance.

SSDs, also known as Solid State Drives (SSDs), are hard drives with high read and write speeds. It speeds up all the processes and actions running on this disk. And that includes Windows performance, games, software, copy/move speed, etc.

I think you should upgrade to a new SSD drive as it has all the benefits of an SSD. But switching to a new SSD is no easy task. First, you need to properly install the SSD on your computer and then configure it for optimal performance. And here we help you migrate Windows 10 on SSD from hard drive to old SSD.

Which SSD should I choose

There are different types of SSDs on the market. And today, NVMe SSDs are very popular because of their high write and read speeds compared to other SSDs. But there is a catch: some computers do not support NVMe SSDs.

First you need to find out what type of SSD your computer supports. If your computer does not support NVMe, you don’t have many options other than M.2. However, you can choose between an SSD without DRAM or with DRAM. To help you choose faster M.2 SATA DRAM SSDs. And if you have a choice of NVMe, take it.

In most cases, the performance of the same type of SSDs from different brands are similar, so you can use their benchmarks for comparison.

If you have the right SSD and already have it installed on your PC. Then you’re one step behind him.

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Just in case you are using the SSD for storage only and don’t want to migrate Windows to SSD. Then check if it is recognized in the file explorer. If not, you can easily configure it through disk management.

However, if you want to migrate or copy Windows 10 from your existing drive to a new SSD, you can use the following method.

Steps to clone Windows to SSD

After you have installed the SSD, you need to check that your computer recognizes the SSD, which you can check in File Explorer. And if your computer still doesn’t recognize the SSD, open the Disk Management menu and it will ask you to select MBR or GPT for your new SSD. And once you’ve selected it against the other drives, it will appear in the file browser. Once the new SSD is visible, you can follow the instructions to clone Windows.

Message: If there is a partition on the disk where Windows is installed, cloning Windows will also create a partition on the new SSD. Assuming you have a 1TB drive and 150GB is allocated to drive C, cloning Windows will also split the SSD into two partitions. One with 150 GB and the other with the rest of the storage.

There are many programs you can use to clone Windows to an SSD, for example. B. EaseUS, Acronis True Image, Minitool Partition Master, Macrium Reflect etc. I tried some of these tools, but most of them didn’t work properly. EaseUS cloned the Windows drive to an SSD, but not in a bootable format. Acronis True Image takes time and the program’s mini partition wizard is not free.

Finally, Macria’s Reflection did an excellent job. So here I will give a tutorial on how to migrate Windows 10 to SSD by cloning Windows with Macrium Reflect. Most of the steps will be similar if you use a different tool.

Step one: Download and install the Macrium Reflect program on your PC. You can also use other software that you like.

Step two: Now launch Macrium Reflect on your PC. By default, the Backup page appears.

Step three: Turn off all drives and select the drive on which Windows is installed. Then click the Clone this disk button.

Step four: On the destination, click the Select disk to clone tab and select the new SSD.

Step 5: Under Source Data, select the volumes that you want to clone, e.g. B. Restore, Not Formatted Primary, FAT32 Primary and Windows (C). You must select all disks with a Windows icon on them.

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Step six: Once you have selected the drives connected to Windows, click Next > Next and the screen will display the information for which cloning was defined. Click on Ready to continue.

Seventh step: A warning message appears on the screen indicating that the data on the SSD will be erased. Check the box and click Next. Remember that the destination disk is formatted, which I assume is already empty, if you are using a new SSD.

Step 8: This will start the cloning of Windows on the SSD. The process may take some time depending on the speed of the hard drive and SSD. Then wait for the cloning process.

Step 9: That’s it, the Windows cloning process is over. And your SSD is ready to be used with Windows.

Now that you’ve cloned Windows 10 from the hard drive to the SSD, you need to set the boot order. So that Windows can boot from the new SSD instead of the old one. Follow the steps below to learn the procedure.

Steps to boot Windows from an SSD

Step one: Restart the computer and when the first screen/logo appears, press F2 or another key assigned to your model to boot the computer in BIOS mode. You can use Google to boot into BIOS mode.

Step two: In BIOS mode, navigate to the boot partition and set the SSD as the first boot option.

Step three: Save the settings and exit BIOS mode.

Step four: Windows will now boot from the SSD and you will notice this immediately in the boot time.

Step 5: After Windows boots up from the SSD, you can remove Windows from the old drive if you wish. To do this, format the disk using Disk Management.

Step six: Also, don’t forget to allocate the remaining space on the SSD drive for the new volume, or you can expand the SSD drive on which Windows is installed.

So that’s all you need to consider when migrating Windows to an SSD without losing user data. I hope you find this guide useful and that you are already running Windows on your new SSD. Share it with your friends who are planning to buy a new SSD and don’t want to reinstall Windows. And if you have any questions about the guide, let us know in the comments section.

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