How Long Does It Take To Get a REVS Check?

Purchasing a car is one of the most exciting things in a person’s life. Maybe you just gather enough money to buy the car you dreamed about since you were a child. However, together with the excitement that the whole purchasing process brings, we must agree that it comes with many challenges and difficulties as well. This counts especially if you are buying a used car. In that case, it is required for you to understand and learn about different vehicle certificates. One of the most crucial ones is called the REVS certificate that you need to obtain when you are buying a second-hand car. In that way, you will have all the necessary information about the past of the vehicle.

More precisely, it says whether your car owes any money from its previous owner, so you can be sure that you will be not responsible for any debts. It is important to know all about how the car works, how it looks, how much gas it uses, and whether you should purchase certain pieces of equipment to replace the older ones. All of these factors are crucial, however, some other things will also affect your purchasing deal. In this article, we prepared everything you should know about the REVS check report and how long does it take to get it. Continue reading if you want to find out if this record is worth it, and if you should invest in it before purchasing a new car.

Everything about REVS Check and How Long does it Take to Get It


Getting a financial status and all the financial details about your vehicle is only possible if you require a REVS certificate. Unfortunately, many people do not know about this record which is very important if you are going to be an owner of a second-hand car. REVS will give you an insight into the information that involves car history. There are some other names for this document, including PPSR (Personal Property Securities Register) or VSR (Vehicle Securities Register). After buying a car, you will be a new owner and, for your safety, it is crucial to know everything about its documents and policies.

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When it comes to how long you should wait for getting a REVS document, you should know that the answer depends on different factors. In general, you can wait for several days until you obtain all the necessary information. However, thanks to modern and enhanced technology the whole process of getting a REVS certificate can take up to less than five minutes thanks to the online platform. If you are interested to do this in a quicker way, you can click here and be peaceful and secure after purchasing your new car.

Why is REVS Check Important?


As we said, the REVS certificate is only important for the ones who are going to purchase a pre-owned car. This document is crucial because it includes the entire vehicle’s history. In general, if you are going to buy a car that is already used, you should be very careful and conscious; keep in mind you are not buying a toy. You will have a lot of problems if you do not ensure that all the details and factors about the car are correct. Therefore, you need to check the complete details of the car. In that way, you can be sure whether it is worth investing the money in the right way. Before the purchase, it is necessary to gather all the information that you should check regarding the car you potentially want to buy.

When you own a REVS check document, you can be sure that there are no hidden secrets and frauds regarding the car. You will know whether the vehicle was paid off. You need to understand that not every person pays off the mortgage that they take when purchasing a new car. Besides, that car can be repossessed by the new owner, even though it has nothing to do with them and you will have financial problems later.

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When people invest in a new car, they usually do not know the salesperson. Therefore, they should not trust him. In some cases, sellers will try to trick buyers into purchasing a car that comes with a lot of financial baggage. Therefore, without proper checks, you are risking getting in trouble with the law and even paying a lot more money than the car costs in the first place.

What Things Can You Check-in a REVS Certificate?


Let’s see what are the things that you can check while obtaining this certificate.

Finance Owing

One of the crucial things you will get with this certificate is the details of the previous owner. As we said, you will know clearly whether the car owes any money. In that way, you will get relief from any potential necessary payments. With this simple record, you can sleep peacefully and not worry about some potential financial burden.

Water Damage

It is also important to have a clear picture of whether the car you purchase is water damaged. In some cases, people are selling their vehicles after repairing water damages. You should avoid buying cars like this because you will eventually need to spend money on repairs which is a very unnecessary cost. There would be also chances of damages in the future.

Stolen Status

With this certificate, you will also get information on whether the car was previously stolen. If the car was stolen, there is an FIR against it. You need to be aware of the fact that many thieves are trying to sell cars as soon as possible. However, this is an illegal activity in every country. Therefore, it is necessary to ensure that you are buying a car from a reliable person. Always check the stolen status of the car to be safe.

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Registration Information

Having all the registration details about the car is very important for the new car owner. In that way, you will have insight into the things such as plate number, expiry date, territory, etc. It is necessary to know where the car was registered and to own those details which are available on the REVS Certificate.