Graham Allen Net Worth 2024

Professor Graham Allen is a famous literary critic and a well-known author. He has turned out books and a few poetry collections as well. He has contributed to review articles, encyclopedia entries, newspaper articles among many others. Being a connoisseur in Romantic Literature, his works continue to guide many who walk down the road of literature.

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About Graham Allen


Graham Allen is known widely for his literary criticism and reviews. He is appointed as a Senior Lecturer in Modern English at the University College Cork. He is a Visiting Professor at London Graduate School. He has been a researcher of theories that spin around novel-to-film adaptation. With scores of poetry books that he has turned out, his creative writing profile is outstanding. He works as the editor of some sections under The Literary Encyclopedia.

His poetry collections feature amazingly woven themes of literary Romanticism and cultural studies. Romantic literature has always been his forte.

Early Life


This literary critic was born on 23rd December 1963. Having studied at the Baking Abbey School. The University of Wales granted him an English degree in 1985. He received a MA, and successfully completed his Ph.D. in 1992

Graham’s activism clearly reflects in his present works. He also taught at the University of Sheffield and the University of Cambridge. Working his way up, he became a Junior Lecturer in English at the University of Dundee. There he served from1990 to 1995. He started working at the University College Cork in 1995 where he is placed presently.

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Career And Major Milestones

Graham Allen is more successful in his academic career than most other humans. During his entire career, he has many enlightening works to his credit. Monographs written by him include one on Mary Shelley and another on Frankenstein (2008). His critical reviews in monographs continue to guide the students with all the insights that he has given. He is the author of some very popular books like

  • Harold Bloom: A Poetics of Conflict (1994)
  • Intertextuality (2000)
  • Roland Barthes (2003)

He started writing poetry in 2006. His poems have made their place in popular journals globally. Some of his poetry collections are “Holes,” “The One That Got Away,” and “The Madhouse System.”

Awards and prizes:
Graham has won numerous prizes for his incredible works including the prestigious 2010 Listowel Single Poem Prize. They signify how brilliant a writer he is. In 2007, he won the Second Fish International Poetry Prize. His other prizes include The Crashaw Prize, Fool For Poetry Prize, and Strong/Shine First Collection Prize.

Things You Didn’t Know About Allen

  • His poems gloriously deal with the issue of social injustice.
  • He has been working on Stanley Kubrick’s adaptation of novels into cinema. He has produced courses dealing with the same.
  • He was a part of a band which used to perform in UCC’s Old Bar.
  • “Holes” is Graham’s digitally published ongoing poetry which began in 2006. It can be accessed through his website

Net Worth

His net worth is estimated to be around $5 million as of 2024. He is a wonderful literary asset who believes in exploring poetry.

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