6 Interesting Facts to Know about Casino History and Origins

Online casinos are now one of the most popular sources of entertainment. The digitalization of the industry has made all the games more accessible. People do not even have to be tech gigs or web developers to understand how to use gambling sites. Apart from that, they can also claim impressive bonuses that make their gambling even more accessible and less costly.

Of course, it is worth mentioning that not all the gambling sites you can find online are good. On websites like casionseo.net, you can find some of the best online casinos and more details about their main features.

The casino entrepreneurs recently realized that typical offerings are not enough to split from the mass of other competitors. Keep in mind that the gambling industry is pretty competitive, especially since the moment it becomes digital. Because of that, various forms of technologies have been applied to make online gambling more comfortable. You can see now a lot of casinos using VR and AR technology to make a more realistic experience. We believe that, for around 20 years, there will be no difference between online and offline gambling.

But, how did everything start? We believe that most of you do not know that casinos have a very very long history and tradition. If you are a true gambling fan, then we are 100% sure that you would want to know some interesting facts about the history of this entertaining activity. We are sure that you will get impressed after reading this article. Let’s go!

1. Everything Started in Italy

Online and brick-and-mortar casinos are present in all parts of the world. Speaking of the traditional ones, the biggest and most successful ones are present in Las Vegas, Macao, and London. However, the first casino that ever appeared was not located in these three places. It was located in Italy!

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The word CASINO itself has Italian roots. The root word is actually casa which means house. People that lived in Venezia in the 17th century realized that there is a way to entertain people without music. Because of that, some very creative individuals started the first casino ever in 1638. Of course, the casinos looked way different compared to the ones we have today. There were not a lot of game variants. According to our research, people were mostly playing poker back then.

2. Yes, the True Popularity of Casinos Was Present in England

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We do not want to say that a small number of people in Italy gambled. However, the society in this lovely country was not too interested in the games like poker and others. But, the casino games have become viral, especially when we put into consideration the fact that Venezia was full of tourists from different countries. That is the reason why gambling has spread quickly in England where it became extremely popular.

British people recognized gambling as one of the most entertaining activities of all time. For a relatively short period, a huge number of casinos appeared in London. Brits were pretty passionate about gambling and the same trend continued to spread in other parts of the country.

3. What Was the First Casino Game Ever Played?

Well, you probably want to know what the first casino game appeared. You probably think it is either poker, roulette, or slots. Card games truly are the oldest ones, but the first game ever appeared was Keno. Believe it or not, this game has been played in the Chinese Empire many centuries ago. However, it didn’t become the part of gambling world for a long period. Now, it is mostly popular in the southern-east part of Asia!

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4. First Slot Machine

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Well, card games were the most popular ones for a long period. In different parts of the world, locals were developing their own versions of different card games. For example, you can see that there are a huge number of poker variants. Over time, people wanted to enjoy some new games. That is the reason why developers of games had to be creative. One of the games that quickly became popular is slots.

Slots are simple and do not require any gambling experience. Apart from that, the minimum bets are often not high which allows everyone to enjoy them. But, do you know when the first slot machine appeared on the worldwide market? That happened in 1887! If you watched some gambling movies from the past century, then you know exactly how they look.

5. What about Roulette?

Many people think that slots, after card games, have the longest history. However, that is not correct. Roulette is the game that appeared before that. More precisely, it appeared in the 18th century. We do not know exactly in which year something like this happened. Something we do know is that the first version was the European one (which just one zero). People in America were trying to get out of the box and think of a new version for a certain period after that. They realized things will become much more interesting if they add 00. This version became more popular on the entire American continent.

6. Big Rewards: Biggest Slot Machine Winning

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Many gamblers in the past complained that they can’t achieve to get big winnings. Of course, that negatively influenced the industry. Because of that, people that participated in the gambling industry had to think of something that will keep the existing gamblers. That is the main reason why we have jackpots today.

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Jackpots exist for a long period. But, they were not generous always. According to our research, the biggest slot machine jackpot in a traditional casino is around 40 million dollars. That machine was located in Las Vegas and it was created by Megabucks. So far, no one has ever managed to break that record, but we are pretty sure things will change, especially in the online world.


We have finally come to the end of this article. As you see, gambling truly has an interesting and long history. It truly looks impressive when you know how everything started and how the gambling industry looks today. As we said, for around 20 years, online gambling will probably become even more realistic. We barely wait to see the innovations software developing companies are preparing for us!