The Pros And Cons Of Digital Slot Machines: A Comparison With Classic Slots

Virtual games have been one of the most popular options in casinos for a long time. The evolution of these games follows the tech upgrades, especially when it comes to the online model. While the structure is similar, there are many differences as well, such as design, graphics, gameplay, and the most important one, which is the fact that you will need to visit a land-based casino to play the classic model.

On the other hand, if you prefer playing online, the most important thing is to choose a well-known platform that is safe and reliable. In that matter, check out CasinoMIRA, where you can find some of the best online casinos. Also, we will provide more details about digital slot machines and how they are different from classic slots.

The Evolution of the Game


The first models became popular more than 100 years ago. They were quite simple. You had to put the coin in it for each turn and pull the lever. Also, there were physical lines. Most of the first models had only three lines. In most cases, the symbols were fruits, while sevens were the most valuable combination, which is usually the case today.

When it comes to digital models, they were introduced during the 70s. When it comes to classic slots, they represent a simple version with only three lines, where you need to put three of the same symbols in one line to win. With the introduction of advanced technology and software upgrades, digital slots quickly became a much more popular option.

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The first models usually had nine lines, with a wide range of potential prizes you could win in each turn. With the expansion of fast internet and the development of the most recent tech, all of these games are now available online. The interesting fact is that some online gambling platforms are still offering classic slots in the form they were available from the beginning.

What Are the Main Benefits?


It is quite simple to understand why digital format is so popular, especially today, when most people use their phones to play these games. It is all about the appearance and additional features. While classic slots are quite limited with only three lines, this modern version can bring much more excitement. Playing classics might seem more passive, while this one provides a much higher chance of getting any sort of combination in each hand.

There are multiple ways of winning. Besides the standard combination of symbols in one line, there are special features like collecting scatters, getting wild symbols, or random prizes. Also, you can hit a big win with less money spent in one turn. For example, even if the coin size is only 20 cents, there is a way to turn it into hundreds of dollars with only one spit. For example, getting free games, or hitting some special symbols. Besides that, there is a jackpot prize, which is random, and you could even win millions by spending only the minimum amount per turn.

Moreover, it can be more entertaining. There are many popular developers that are introducing new titles all the time. We can choose all kinds of models like classics, 9 lines, 20 lines, 50 lines, Megaways, and more. There are also progressive games with special symbols that you can collect over time or a progressive game where the in-game jackpot will increase as you play.

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A lot of these games can provide the best wins during free turns, and many developers realized that people will only focus on hitting that free spins. That is the main reason why we have so many new titles with an option to buy the bonus.

Are There Any Downsides?

When we compare classics with modern versions, the advantage of the first one can lie in its simplicity. There are still many players who prefer keeping it simple by having only three lines, which also can mean higher odds of winning. It might require a higher coin size to hit a bigger win, but if you don’t want to deal with some complicated game with a lot of additional features, this is the best option for you.

Furthermore, it is important to check the return rate of digital slots. Some of them could also have a lower or higher volatility. This is not the case with classics, which have a low volatility, but the prices are much higher.

Also, the special features and attractive gameplay and graphics could lead some players into losing focus. This is the most common issue that often leads to losses. For example, you like some games so much that you simply stop caring about your balance. It often leads to a situation where a player will continue to play after getting a bigger win since it is enjoyable, while not securing at least some profit. Losing the money that you won in previous turns could lead to spending even more in the end.

What is the Best Option?


There are great features of both options. Therefore, making the right choice depends on your preferences. If you prefer a simple game where you won’t need to bother with special symbols and games, then you should choose classics.

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On the other side, most players these days prefer a more advanced version because of its attractive features. It is more exciting since there are different ways of winning. Still, the main focus should be on your approach and style of play where you will avoid losing a lot of money.

The Bottom Line

There is a clear difference between these options, which is related to the complexity and features. It is up to you when it comes to making the right choice. You can play around with both models to see which one suits you better.

Before you start your gambling journey, make sure that you have a plan and limits in terms of how much money you can spend without facing financial issues. Also, if you prefer online gambling platforms, make sure that you choose only well-known ones.