The Dark Side of Casino Cheating Famous Scandals

The Dark Side of Casino Cheating: Famous Scandals

Casinos have long been the backdrop for tales of high-stakes gambling, dazzling fortunes, and, unfortunately, cheating scandals. While casinos are designed to ensure fairness and prevent cheating, there have been instances where individuals or groups have tried to beat the system.

In this blog post, we’ll delve into the intriguing world of casino cheating and explore some of the most famous and audacious scandals that have rocked the gambling industry.

The MIT Blackjack Team

The MIT Blackjack Team is legendary among gambling enthusiasts and pop culture fans alike. This group of brilliant math students, led by charismatic and cunning leaders, made millions of dollars from casinos across the United States by playing blackjack with an unbeatable strategy.

Their story has been adapted into books, documentaries, and even a Hollywood movie, immortalizing their daring exploits and the unassuming genius that made it all possible. But beyond the glitz and glamour of their success lies a complex and controversial legacy, ultimately questioning the morality of their actions and the ethics of the gambling industry as a whole.

The Card Counting Masters

Perhaps one of the most famous casino cheating scandals involved the MIT Blackjack Team. Comprised of students and alumni from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, this group used a card-counting technique to gain an advantage in blackjack.

Card Counting

Card counting involves keeping track of the cards that have been dealt to predict the likelihood of certain cards appearing. When the odds favored the players, they would increase their bets, leading to substantial winnings.

Success and Expulsion

The team’s success didn’t go unnoticed, and many members were eventually banned from casinos. Their story was later immortalized in the book “Bringing Down the House” and the movie “21.”

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The Roselli Brothers’ Roulette Scam

Roselli Brothers' Roulette Scam


In the world of gambling, the Roselli brothers’ names are synonymous with one of the biggest scams in roulette history. These two brothers held tremendous power over the roulette table by using a small device known as a “monkey paw” that was able to control the ball and where it landed, giving the brothers an unfair advantage in the game.

The Roselli brothers were able to make thousands of dollars in a single night, cheating the casino and its patrons out of their hard-earned money. It wasn’t until they were caught and exposed that their reign of deception came to a crashing end. The Roselli brothers’ roulette scam is a true testament to the saying, “you can’t beat the house.”

Rigging the Roulette Wheel

In the 1980s, Frank and Anthony Roselli rigged the roulette wheel at the Casino Deauville in France. They used a remote control hidden in a cigarette pack to control the ball’s movement.

Elaborate Scheme

The brothers’ scheme was intricate, involving precise timing and coordination. They managed to win millions before their operation was discovered.

Arrest and Imprisonment

The Roselli brothers were eventually caught, tried, and imprisoned for their cheating activities.

Tommy Glenn Carmichael: The Slot Machine Cheat

Tommy Glenn Carmichael - The Slot Machine Cheat


The Slot Machine Genius

Tommy Glenn Carmichael is one of the most notorious judi bola slot machine cheats in casino history. He used various gadgets to manipulate slot machines and score big wins.

Monkey’s Paw and Light Wand

Carmichael’s tools included the “Monkey’s Paw,” a device that triggered the payout mechanism, and the “Light Wand,” which blinded the sensor that detected coins.

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Multiple Arrests

Carmichael was arrested multiple times but continued to adapt his cheating methods as technology evolved.

The Edge Sorting Scandal: Phil Ivey and Borgata Casino

Richard Marcus and the Chip-Cheating Scam


Edge Sorting Technique

Professional poker player Phil Ivey and his partner Cheng Yin Sun used an edge sorting technique to gain an advantage in baccarat at the Borgata Casino in Atlantic City.

Identifying Imperfections

Edge sorting relies on identifying tiny imperfections on the back of playing cards. By convincing the dealer to rotate specific cards, Ivey and Sun could distinguish high-value cards from others.

Legal Battle

The Borgata sued Ivey, claiming that his actions constituted cheating. After a prolonged legal battle, Ivey was ordered to repay his winnings.

The Absolute Poker Insider Cheating Scandal

Online Poker Conspiracy

In one of the largest online poker scandals, a group of insiders at Absolute Poker conspired to cheat other players out of millions of dollars.

Superuser Accounts

The cheaters used “superuser” accounts that allowed them to see opponents’ hole cards, giving them a significant advantage.

Exposed and Scandal Unearthed

The cheating was eventually exposed when players noticed unusual patterns and reported their suspicions. The scandal led to the shutdown of Absolute Poker.

The Monique Laurent Scandal

The Ultimate Inside Job

Monique Laurent, a French croupier, executed an audacious inside job at the Casino Deauville in France. She worked with her brother and several accomplices to rig a roulette wheel.

Remote-Controlled Ball

Laurent used a remote control to manipulate the ball’s movement on the roulette wheel, ensuring it landed on the desired numbers.

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Arrest and Imprisonment

The scheme unraveled, and Laurent and her accomplices were arrested and sentenced to prison.

Richard Marcus and the Chip-Cheating Scam

Richard Marcus and the Chip-Cheating Scam


The Chip-Switching Mastermind

Richard Marcus devised a chip-switching scam in which he would place small-denomination chips on top of larger ones after winning bets. If he lost, he’d remove the small chips, leaving only the larger ones.

Sleight of Hand

Marcus’s sleight of hand made it appear as though he had lost less than he actually had, allowing him to accumulate significant winnings.

Author and Reformed Cheater

After a career of cheating, Marcus wrote a book and became an advocate for casino security, helping casinos identify and prevent cheating techniques.


While most casino visitors play fairly and enjoy the thrill of gambling responsibly, these infamous cheating scandals serve as a reminder of the lengths some individuals will go to gain an unfair advantage.

The gambling industry has responded by implementing stringent security measures and surveillance technology to prevent and detect cheating, making it increasingly difficult for cheaters to succeed in their endeavors. As technology advances, the battle between casinos and would-be cheaters continues to evolve, ensuring that the world of gambling remains a realm of excitement, chance, and vigilance.