Can You Consistently Make Money on Blackjack?

Table games are definitely popular in all parts of the globe. While the popularity of each game varies from one region to another, it is obvious that blackjack is always at the top of that list. People like this game for a clear reason. The game is simple, it does not require any in-depth understanding of gambling, and it is quite fun. Thanks to advanced technology, people can now enjoy different variants of the game from the comfort of their room.

While the storyline, designs, and animations are different, the rules are, more or less, the same. You are playing against the dealer and your task is not to cross 21. Apart from that, the good news is that chances of winning while playing this game are high. RTP or Return to Player rate is usually around 95. More precisely, the house edge is around 5%. That means the casino expects to get only $5 from every 100 dollars that each player invests. Good deal, isn’t it?

But, Can You Make Money Consistently?


We are not here to sell our knowledge to you. Because of that, we do not want to give you some unexpected news and data. Winning money with blackjack consistently is impossible. This game does require certain strategy development. However, it also depends on luck. You can’t always predict the cards that will appear on the table. That is the reason why the answer to the question from the subtitle is NO.

But, that also doesn’t mean there is no chance to raise your chances of winning. All you have to do is to make good decisions and pick the most profitable strategies. We can’t guarantee that our tips will work in all cases. But, they will certainly boost your chances of winning and allow you to enjoy the game even more.

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The second part of the last sentence from the previous paragraph is the crucial one. We do understand that your desire to make a profit is strong. But, playing blackjack or any other casino game should primarily be the source of entertainment. If you know how to enjoy the game, you will be creative enough to apply all the pieces of advice we highlighted below.

Now that we made everything clear, let’s move to the main point. Let’s find out together how to raise your chances of winning money with blackjack!

Stakes Have to Be Matchable with Your Budget

We will start with a piece of advice that doesn’t have anything to do with cards. Most people forget about their ability to spend money. More precisely, they do not determine the budget they can spend on gambling. That’s the first mistake that you need to fix and determine even before creating the account at some casino sites.

The first thing you need to do is to separate a realistic amount of money that you can afford to lose. Divide that amount by the number of days you plan to spend playing blackjack. Now that you know how much you can spend, you should start your research!

There is a big number of tables on different casino platforms that are suitable for different budgets. You will find a table that is going to be suitable for the amount of money that you can spend. If neither of the tables at some casino site does not suit your bankroll, there is no need to continue with the registration process.

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The good news is that most professional gambling sites do understand the requirements that people with a lack of money have. That is the reason why they will provide a solution for everyone. If you struggle to find a good blackjack casino, we suggest you visit

Aces and Eights Have to Be Divided


It is about time to talk about some specific card strategies. One of the things our team of experts suggests to everyone is splitting aces and eights. In theory, some people like to say that splitting eights is a bad move. However, doing that will bring good results on a long-term basis. You can try it out a couple of times and confirm that our claims are correct.

Look for Soft 17 Dealers

House edge is, as we stated above, relatively low. That especially counts when we talk about the most professional online casinos. But, something worth mentioning is that there is a way to lower the house edge even more. Some live dealers like to stand on soft 17. When you have that type of situation, you can be sure that the RTP is going to go up. When RTP is higher, the chances of winning money are going up. This is a simple, but demanding strategy as you won’t easily find the so-called Soft 17 Dealer.

Know When to Stand Up


This is an overall piece of advice for absolutely every player. When you see that things are not going in the right direction, the best thing you can do is to stand up. But, there are certain scenarios when standing up is an even more clever decision. In cases when four, five, and six are face-up on the table, the best thing you could do is to stand up. That especially counts if you, for instance, have 2 and 10 in your hands. There are big chances that you are going to win, but there are around 30% chances that you will experience busting. That is not a small chance to lose and we suggest it is not worth risking.

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Double Down Options Are Great

One of the exceptions that you won’t see on every blackjack table is double down. Double down is a perfect way to boost the RTP. Something we strongly recommend is that you decide on this move with 2 different cards – 10 and 11. If you pick the right casino, then there are not going to be limitations. You will have the option to double down any 2 cards you want.


We have come to the very end of this article. All these options are going to help you raise your chances of winning. While we do not guarantee constant winning, we do recommend that you will notice better results and outcomes of each game. Because of that, apply one by one strategy and enjoy the benefits!