Best Headphones for Kids

10 Best Headphones for Kids – 2024 Buying Guide & Reviews

Make your youngster happy (and protect his/her hearing) with the best kids headphones with safety features. Nowadays, we’re more connected than ever, and kids are using headphones all the time. Whether they are watching cartoons in the car, listening to music onto their phones, or playing video games at the cellar, it’s important for the kids to have headphones which won’t hurt their young ears.

If you are shopping for cans for your children, the safest choice is a set that restricts the maximum volume. They’re a little pricier than many, but they are well-built, sound good, and supply effective volume limits from both wired and wireless modes.

They offer noise-cancellation, an awesome feature that will help tons of kids, whether they want to hear their songs better on long trips or they’ve sensory difficulties to overcome. If you’re looking for headphones for the adults in your life, have a look at our post on the Best Headphones.

Whether you’re looking for toddler headphones or headphones for older children, you will find the best choices reviewed here.Allowing children use ordinary headphones can be harmful to their hearing. More about that below…

A set of good toddler headphones can be a great tool for making your little ones occupied… and eventually get some peace and quiet yourself. Compare various designs and varieties of kids headphones and also make the best decision right here.

How are Kids Headphones Different From the Rest?

The most evident is size difference. Kids headphones are smaller to fit smaller heads.

If headphones are too large kids will not be able to get a good fit. This means bad sound quality and also uncomfortable match that needs continuous readjustment. Kids don’t like that.

Toddlers have much smaller heads so they needs headphones appropriate for toddler head dimensions.

Headphones for children need to have a volume limiter

Safe Volume Levels HeadphonesExperts agree that the volume of 85dB for 1 hour is greatest a child ought to be exposed to. In comparison, an adult can safely listen to 85dB for approximately 8 hours every day. Keep in mind most ordinary headphones reach greater volumes at maximum which lowers the safe-use time even more.

Little kids like the music loudly but they do not understand this will hurt their hearing at the long term. Hearing loss is cumulative and difficult to notice.

That is why most children headphones have a volume limiter installed so it is impossible to ramp the volume up too large. This is a superb safety feature which should be used by all liable parents.

Remember, even these volume-limited headphones will proceed louder than 85dB if you connect them to a strong amplifier. Use non-amped MP3 players and smartphones.

Children headphones will need to be”tough”

We all know what kind of”devastation” children are capable of. If toys aren’t made for little kids in your mind they soon become small parts of nothing.Getting headphones that will survive the challenging treatment of small children is a significant aspect to consider.

At precisely the exact same time, kids grow up quickly so cheap price is just another thing to consider. You do not need to spend too much cash on something that will only be used for a few years.

Attractive colors and design

As it’s always great to have a tool you can engage your children with picking the right design can be crucial. Headphones for adults tend to be bland in color, black or gray… this will barely interest a child.

Best Kids Headphones Reviews

Rather, picking headphones with an interesting design for youngsters may just do the trick to keep the little ones occupied.

1. Puro Sound Labs Over Ear Headphones Lightweight Portable Kids

Puro Sound Labs Over Ear Headphones Lightweight Portable Kids


Puro Sound Labs kids wireless headphones rank exceptionally high in just about every category for a reason. They are well made, comfortable, and seem great. Puro’s attention to detail and dedication to delivering safe listening levels is something that you and your young listener will love.

What's in the Box?Volume LimiterDurabilityComfortFeaturesSound
  • Puro BT2200 Wireless Headphones
  • Hard carrying case
  • USB charging cable
  • 5mm Puro Limiter cable
  • Quick start guide

There’s absolutely no individual app or electronic setup required to participate the quantity limiter since it’s built into the headphones.

The volume limiter works in both Bluetooth wired and wireless listening modes.

One thing you need to know for wired mode performance is the limiter feature only works with the use of provided Puro Limiter 3.5mm audio cable.

This cable works great, but only as long as it’s attached in the ideal direction. There are simple instructions included to assist with this.

While these headphones don’t have active noise cancelling electronics, the earcup and padding provides excellent passive noise isolation.

The sound isolation layout will block up to 82% of sound in the 1 kHz variety and is good at promoting safer listening levels.

These headphones are built using a aluminum headband and earcups, so they are rather robust.

Previous models used a plastic headband which didn’t hold up and the aluminum version.

The earcup and headband padding is constructed from good quality material that’s resistant to stains and is easy to clean.

A hard carrying case is included to help protect the headphones when not in use.

While the headphones are durable, it’s recommended to utilize the case instead of placing the headphones right in a back pack or tote.

A standard 1-year warranty is provided.

They’re great as toddler headphones and ancient adolescent headphones because of their flexibility.

If your kid has a bigger head or whether you’d like a set of these headphones for yourself, consider upgrading to that the BT5200 adult model rather than the BT2200 kids model.

The earcups are sized so they can fit over smaller ears or rest on larger ears.

There may be some slight pressure points around the ear if the earcup padding presses against the ear for a few hours.

Which are the most comfy earbuds?

Aside from the attractive and durable aluminum structure, the Puro Sound Labs Bluetooth Kids Headphones are available in a variety of colors.

Color choices include slick and modern combinations such as: black, white/silver, blue, purple, and gold/tan.

The earcups pivot 90˚ so the headphones fold flat and can be stored in the low profile hard situation.

All controls are located on the right earcup. This makes things easy and easy.

There are two buttons for volume up/down, a Bluetooth pairing button that also works as a play/pause button, and a slide button to turn the headphones on/off.

A 3.5mm audio jack and micro-USB charging port is also included underneath the right earcup.

Bluetooth pairing is quite simple, particularly with Apple devices. The wireless range is about 30 feet (9 meters).

The Puro Limiter 3.5millimeter cable uses a flat-style structure that’s tangle resistant.

The audio quality is excellent in both wired and wireless listening manners.

40mm drivers and Puro’s”Tank Response” tuning provide rich bass and smooth treble to get a pleasing listening experience.

Many adults will find that the Puro Sound Labs sound quality is superior to the average set of headphones made for kids.

The attention to audio quality and safety is yet another reason to look at these headphones for your son or daughter.

Puro Sound Labs Bluetooth Kids Headphones offer exceptional value for kids and parents that need a lasting and attractive set of headphones that sound good, have a volume restricting attribute, and supply a wireless option.

  • Stylish design & many color options
  • Powerful passive noise isolation
  • Great sound quality
  • Outstanding volume limiting control at 85 dB
  • Durable aluminum headband construction
  • Easy controls on a single earcup
  • Particular cable required for limiting volume in wired style
  • On-the-ear design may cause some pressure points

2. LilGadgets Untangled Pro Children’s Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

LilGadgets Untangled Pro Children's Wireless Bluetooth Headphones


Versatility and value make the LilGadgets Untangled Pro Bluetooth headphones a good option for those with two or more kids.

The built-in SharePort allows audio sharing without the use of a splitter and there are several other characteristics, more on this below.

What's in the Box?Volume LimiterDurabilityComfortFeaturesSound

LilGadgets Untangled Pro Wireless Bluetooth headphones with SharePort
48″ 3.5Millimeter AUX nylon audio cable
USB charging cable
Microfiber travel pouch
Education manual

These LilGadgets children wireless headphones are designed with an integrated quantity limiter that keeps the most quantity below 93 dB.

This is not the cheapest dB score compared to other headphones with this list, but it is still effective at restricting harmful sound levels for the child.

1 reason for the 93 dB rating is the LilGadgets Untangled Professional headphones provide 13 dB of passive noise isolation.

This level of isolation is ok, but it’s not large enough to block out a lot of background noise. That is one reason why there’s a higher volume limiter.

Assess the very best noise cancelling headphones.

Constructed with a stainless steel headband and polycarbonate earcups, these headphones are prepared for an active child’s environment.

The LilGadgets Untangled Pro have survived drop evaluations, stretch tests, chew tests, and tangle tests to ensure a quality product that will endure.

A nylon coated audio cable is more resistant to tangling and holds up nicely to moderate misuse.

Some users have complained of minor tearing of the soft fabric on the earpads and headband.

The weakest component may be in which the earpads meet the earcups. This place can separate in certain instances if the headphones are dropped a lot of times.

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LilGadgets provides a 1-year warranty and good customer support.

The headband design is easy to adjust, with the earcups slipping up or down at the base of this stainless steel headband.

Sizing is suitable for a number of ages.

As long as you trust them using slightly more expensive headphones.

There is video comparison of those with LilGadgets Link + below.

The most notable quality of the LilGadgets Untangled Pro is the built-in SharePort.

A 3.5mm SharePort jack is included underneath each earcup. This sound interface enables multiple headphones to be connected to each other and share the same sound source.

This is a very convenient alternative as it removes the requirement for an outside 3.5mm audio splitter.

This means that you can connect 2 or more of these headphones to 1 MP3 or phone at precisely the same time.

The included 48-inch (1.2 meter) nylon coated audio cable can be utilized as a wired primary link or a SharePort connection.

Note that the SharePort option won’t function when the headphones are employed in Bluetooth connection manner.

Volume is controlled by a simple and easy to use slide wheel situated on the side of the right earcup.

The Bluetooth button and charging port are also located on the right earcup.

LilGadgets supplies a soft carrying pouch for basic headphone storage.

Bluetooth range is around 30 feet (9 meters) and the battery will last about 12 hours.

There are several bright color choices to choose from, including green, pink, purple, black, and white.

Interested in classic earbuds?

Overall sound quality is good and offers a frequency response that is appropriate for young ears. Kid headphones do not necessarily need sonic fidelity since kids aren’t old enough to actually appreciate it. But with a fun sound is definitely an advantage.

LilGadgets headphones will not acquire any audiophile awards, however, these headphones work great for various content such as audio books, games, and movies.

LilGadgets Untangled Professional Bluetooth headphones can be found in a variety of fun colors, kid tested for ordinary usage, and supply the important volume limiting safety feature you need in a set of children’s headphones.

  • Durable headband design with stainless steel construction
  • Soft & comfortable padding
  • SharePort for audio sharing without a splitter
  • Maximum volume limiting at 93 dB
  • Adjustable for many different head sizes
  • Earcup padding can come off
  • 13 dB passive noise isolation is ok but not great

3. LilGadgets Connect+ PRO Kids Premium Volume Limited Wired Headphones

LilGadgets Connect+ PRO Kids Premium Volume Limited Wired Headphones


If you need headphones which fit even the smallest toddler mind dimensions, then you have to check out LilGadgets Connect+.

For bigger kids, 6year+ take a look at the Link + PRO version here.

These compact headphones come in several bright colors and they sound as good as they look.

What's in the Box?Volume LimiterDurabilityComfortFeaturesSound
  • LilGadgets Connect+ Premium Wired Headphones using SharePort
  • 52″ 3.5Millimeter nylon audio cable
  • Microfiber travel pouch
  • Education manual

The LilGadgets Connect+ headphones will keep kid’s ears secure with a maximum quantity limitation of 93 dB.

Like other headphones from LilGadgets, the Connect+ version offers 13dB ambient noise isolation.

This level of passive isolation is ok, but it may not be the best for traveling louder airplanes or using in other similar environments.

Having a hinged headband design allows these headphones to be streamlined, but it may also be a weak point from the building.

Most users experience great durability with the headphones, but for the hinge segment that could break if the headphones have been twisted too much.

The audio cable of the LilGadgets Connect+ is covered with a braid nylon coated fabric and is very robust.

A soft microfiber carrying pouch is provided to help safeguard the headphones when they aren’t in use.

One nice thing about these headphones is that there are not any controls across the exterior of the earcups that may break and go bad.

A conventional 1-year guarantee is provided and LilGadgets has a reputation for providing great customer service when you have any problems.

Do you enjoy playing games? See top gaming headsets here.

These headphones are fantastic for smaller head sizes.

Children from 2-8 years old ought to be able to find a fantastic fit within the elastic headband range.

LilGadgets Link + are reasonably lightweight.

They also feature good padding on the headband and earcups.

The hinges at the headband use a pinch-free design to make sure that hair and clothes don’t easily get in the way of the hinge.

If you’ve got several children that are looking to obey the identical audio source, then you will love the SharePort attribute that’s built to those headphones.

Each pair of headphones comes with a 3.5mm jack underneath each earcup.

This permits you to plug in one device to the source (MP3/smartphone) then join extra headphones to the first device for a few type music fun.

The 52-inch (1.3 meter) sound cable is longer than most cables from different manufacturers.

The longer cable permits for more advantage as soon as your child is seated further away from a playback device.

LilGadgets Connect+ do not have a built-in volume controller, but the volume limiter circuit will stop in 93 dB when a device is turned up.

Entertaining and kid-friendly headphone colors include blue, green, purple, pink, and black.

With so many great attributes to get a price point under $25, these headphones are definitely a good choice for your value-savvy buyer.

For such tiny headphones, the Connect+ seem fairly good.

The 40mm drivers are a lot large enough to present full-range frequency response. There is even a bass and usually sound better than several adult headphones.

Designed for young children and those with bigger heads, the LilGadgets Link + provide good volume restricting control in an attractive package that is fun for children and a fantastic value for parents.

  • Compact design with folding headband
  • Perfect for young kids (2-8)
  • Extended 52″ nylon coated cable
  • SharePort for sound sharing with no splitter
  • Maximum volume restricting at 93 dB
  • Hinges in headband can violate
  • Passive noise isolation maybe not the best for aviation

4. ONANOFF BuddyPhones Connect Foldable Kids Volume Limiting Headphones

ONANOFF BuddyPhones Connect Foldable Kids Volume Limiting Headphones


Onanoff Buddyphones Inflight cans pack a whole lot of great choices into one compact item.

With features like a folding headband, 3-step volume limiting, along with an integrated sharing interface, these cans may be a terrific solution for traveling families.

What's in the Box?DurabilityComfortFeaturesSound

The unique quality of these Onanoff Buddyphones Inflight headphones is that you are able to select the maximum volume level for your little listener.

There are just three volume limiter configurations that are user friendly: 75 dB, 85 dB, and 94 dB.

You may choose to use the highest setting (95 dB) for traveling on airplanes, and use the reduced settings for quieter listening environments.

A tamper-resistant dial on the earcup lets you change the setting.

The dial can be tricky to function, so be patient once you use the 3-step volume limiting function for the very first time.

BuddyPhones Inflight headphones have a very flexible and durable headband that can spin, turn, and bend without breaking.

The construction quality is generally fairly good and the components hold up to a fair amount of abuse and use.

Hinges are included as part of the BuddyPhones Inflight model. Just like the majority of headset points, these may crack when twisted or stressed too hard.

Some customers have reported that early versions where sent with faulty parts, but the company is quite responsive to repair any issues.

The adjustable headband provides a snug fit for a variety of head sizes.

Earcup and headband padding is great, but isn’t as plush as some other cans on this list.

BuddyPhones Inflight headphones are recommended for kids ages 3-10.

The one drawback for comfort is that children with smaller heads may find that the flexible headband does not fit quite tightly.

There are numerous other fantastic features included besides the 3-step volume limiter.

A tangle-resistant horizontal audio cable is provided to match the color combination of the headphones.

An integrated 3.5mm audio splitter is included on one end of the audio cable. As much as four Buddyphones could be connected through the exact same audio device.

However, if you’ve got a mobile device with a thick scenario, the cable and splitter connector combination may not match all of the way through the circumstance.

Their foldable design makes them very compact, and also the included airline sound adapter makes them great for aviation.

Total folded dimensions are 4.3 x 5.9 inches (110 x 150mm).

A inline mic using a play/pause/call button is another handy feature which other kids headphones don’t always have.

The colour designs are very lively and now there are six collections of decorative decals for additional personalization.

BuddyPhones are great for many listening needs, particularly when listening to movies on planes. Other airplane friendly headphones.

The frequency response of these 30mm drivers is fair, but you won’t get a lot of bass.

One thing to note about the sound is that you likely won’t want to share the sound splitter with different kinds of headphones.

This may cause some volume differences with the other brand, so try to use just BuddyPhones headphones using the built-in audio splitter.

If you want great control of the most quantity for your children, then the BuddyPhones Inflight 3-step volume limiting headphones need to be your best pick.

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  • Compact folding design
  • 3-step volume limiting (75, 85, 94 dB)
  • Built-in audio splitter
  • Detachable cable
  • Loose fit for smaller toddler heads.
  • Large audio connector/splitter
  • Early models have had quality control issues

5. Sony MDR-222KD Children’s Headphones

Sony MDR-222KD Children’s Headphones


An extra-lightweight design creates these Sony MDR-222KD Children’s Headphones simple to wear all day.

These headphones work nicely for children and adults alike, but the quantity limiter can work too good for several users. Additional information below.

What's in the Box?Volume LimiterDurabilityComfortFeaturesSound

Sony MDR-222KD Children’s headphones

The volume limiter function is a fundamental resistor included from the Sony MDR-222KD’s cable.

The quantity limiter certainly works, but it almost works too well.

These headphones will not be good for traveling on airplanes or if using in a noisy surroundings.

The cable is permanently attached, so that you can not change out the cable or skip the quantity limiting setting.

However, listeners using these headphones in quiet areas will probably be fulfilled by the most volume level.

There’s very little passive noise isolation, which also means there’ll be some noise leakage. You may be able to hear exactly what your kid is listening also.

Have a look at active noise cancelling earbuds for aviation.

The lightweight design is chiefly because of the thin plastic headband.

While the structure is flexible and the plastic is adequate quality, these headphones can be broken at a playful tug of war or other common strain when travelling.

Cable strain relief is minimal on the single cable entry into the earcup and in the 3.5millimeter jack.

The foam earpads may also tear apart with too much use, but replacements are easily available.

The total durability and quality are okay, but not terrific.

Using these headphones round the house should not be any problem.

You’ll only need to take care when taking these headphones from the house and subjecting them to the normal tension and strain that can include travelling.

You also need to know that there’s only a 90-day guarantee period from Sony. This is a lot shorter than the normal 1-year warranty provided by other manufacturers.

Sony MDR-222KD Children’s Headphones are definitely comfortable.

At only 1.84 ounces (52 grams), these are some of the lightest conventional headphones on this list.

The earcup and headband design make them a great choice for long listening sessions and also for use in hot surroundings.

Sony recommends these for children 8 and up, but the MDR-222KD will even match lots of additional head sizes, such as adults.

The headband is easily adjustable so that the earpads rest lightly on the ears without a lot of clamping pressure.

The lightweight design also suggests these headphones will not create the ears too sweaty or warm.

Aside from both color choices of black and pink, there aren’t very many options to choose from.

The Sony MDR-222KD Children’s headphones come with a attached 47-inch (1.2 meter) cable that comprises the restrictive volume limiting circuit. Basically they require quite large impedance to push them. This means they will be much more silent with smartphones, tablets and MP3s.

These really are a versatile pair of headphones in that respect.

While it’s simple to look beyond a few of the minor product defects noted earlier, sound quality could be another thing for you.

These headphones are normally a bit muddy. It could be a result of the immunity of the volume limiter circuit or even the smaller headphone drivers.

They may work good for your child if they don’t require a great deal of full range audio and deeper bass in their headphones.

Sony MDR-222KD Children’s headphones might not compare to the best volume restricting headphones available, but they are a excellent backup pair that’s comfortable and cheap.

  • Very lightweight & comfortable
  • Easy to wear for long periods
  • Built-in volume limiting
  • Foam earpads can tear off
  • Poor cable strain relief
  • Mediocre sound quality
  • Not loud enough for noisy environments

6. CozyPhones Kids Headphones Headband

CozyPhones Kids Headphones Headband


Are you looking for an alternative to conventional children cans? If this is so, the CozyPhones Kids headphones headband might be the best solution.

These cans are ultra-compact and incredibly comfy. Possibly the best cans for toddlers with their simple and durable design.

What's in the Box?Volume LimiterDurabilityComfortFeaturesSound

CozyPhones Kids Headphones Headband
Ultra-thin speakers with 52” braided audio cable

Volume output of this CozyPhones is good, and it could even be too loud according to some parents.

The business states that the volume limiter is set to keep the cans out of exceeding 85 dB.

But, volume output of some headphones appears to be slightly higher than that in certain cases. That is probably due to how strong your audio device is.

Considering that the headband can fully cover the ears, it does a fantastic job of blocking out some ambient noise to allow your child concentrate on what they’re listening to.

There isn’t much to be concerned about with these headphones when it comes to durability.

The adjustable headband is made from a soft fleece fabric and the lean headset drivers can be removed.

These detachable headphones, along with the cord, allow you to clean the headband when you want.

A braided sound cable makes the layout robust also.

Each of these features make the CozyPhones Kids Headphones headband ideal for compact traveling.

You won’t need to fret about a special case or folding these headphones.

CozyPhones also provides a 100% satisfaction guarantee in case you want to process a return or have a question.

Very soft fleece and an adjustable headband make these headphones extremely comfy.

The headband adjustment range is good for kids ages 1 and up.

If your kid doesn’t like over-the-ear headphones or earbuds, then the CozyPhones Kids headband is going to be among the best options to try.

These headphones have been proven to work for children with sensory difficulties and SPD (Sensory Processing Disorder).

And because they are so thin, it’s easy to wear the headphones while sleeping.

An extremely secure fit is attained when the headband is properly adjusted. These cans will surely stay in place, even on an active toddler.

1 drawback of these headphones is the fleece material can get sexy. If you live in a very warm climate, then you might need to be aware of the comfortable issue.

Perhaps the most striking part of the CozyPhones Kids headband is how narrow the speakers are.

They’re only 1/8″ (0.31 cm) thick plus they easily slip into the headband.

Fixing the headband and speakers is extremely easy and it should be easy to get your child fitted immediately.

A long 52-inch (1.3 meter) audio cable attaches to the headphones and works with any standard audio playback device.

Besides being lightweight and compact, these cans are also a favorite pick for children.

Like wireless Bluetooth headphones, click here.

The ultra-thin speaker will do a good job, but it can lack some bass existence just because it is encased in fabric.

Honestly, the CozyPhones Kids headband is more about relaxation, lively design, and a secure fit than sound quality. That is exactly what children like.

The can not be a lifesaver when traveling with young children.

CozyPhones Kids Headphones headband offers parents and kids a fun, unique, and comfy product that’s ideal for traveling, bedtime stories, or for children with sensory difficulties.

  • Compact speaker design
  • Adjustable & washable headband
  • Fun headband character designs
  • Soft fleece material for extra comfort
  • Long braided audio cable
  • Speakers can move around inside the headband
  • Volume limiter specifications may not be accurate

7. Artix Headphones for Kids

Artix Headphones for Kids


Artix Headphones for Kids look, sound, and feel like a top excellent set of headphones.

There are plenty of quality features to explore, so let’s dig in.

What's in the Box?Volume LimiterDurabilityComfortFeaturesSound

Artix Headphones for children
Fundamental instructions & guarantee car

Perhaps the biggest downside for these headphones is that there’s not any volume limiter feature.

You can find many different quantity limiter adapters or cables to use with the factory cable, but these Artix headphones don’t have that attribute built-in.

However, passive noise isolation is very good. The padded foam and insulated plastic earcups help soften harsh external frequencies.

This usually means that your child won’t have to turn the volume very loud to possess great sound.

The physical layout of the Artix Headphones for Kids is stylish and sturdy.

A folding hinge over every earcup allows these headphones to be rather compact, although the earcup design is slightly bigger than other headphones with this list.

The hinge design is strong and is able to stand up to regular use without a problem.

A braided audio cable is given an angled 3.5mm plug.

Strain relief to your cable is exceptional at both ends.

The audio jack fits neatly in the playback device and does not lead to any crackling or irregular sounds that sometimes happens with some more affordable headphones.

The one minor flaw and weakest point in the design is that the exposed headphone cable close to the hinges.

This cable can sometimes get caught or strained if you are not careful. Only a few users have noticed one side of the headphones not working, so that is fairly minor.

Artix provides a 1-year warranty and their service division is located in USA.

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Love bass? Get best basshead earbuds.

Artix Headphones for kids rank full of relaxation.

The ear cushions are very soft, resting gently over the ears.

Weight is typical for over-the-ear headphones, so these really are acceptable for long listening sessions.

Size is adjusted by moving the earcups down and up to the end of the headband.

This type of adjustment design works well for ordinary headsets, but it might not be great for really young kids with smaller heads.

That said, the headband is narrower than ordinary headphones, so these really are a comfortable solution for the majority of children up and 3.

Available in many different colours, Artix Headphones for Kids are sure to please any young listener that want a quality product to look good too.

Colours included blue/green, olive green, orange/black, pink/blue, purple/pink, and light turquoise.

The braided sound cable involves an inline mic using a multi-function button to get play/pause and telephone response.

The multi-function button works with most playback apparatus, but there is no remote volume control choice. Which is probably for the better. You can only control the volume at source and your children can’t change it on headphones.

All these Artix headphones are great for travel since they fold into a compact package.

A case is not included, so you will want to get that separately in the event that you want one.

The quality ear cushions block a great deal of outside noise so you can concentrate on what you are listening to.

If you’re not worried about volume restricting technology for your child’s headphones, then Artix Headphones for Kids are a great option. Durable, sound great, and seem like fun all for a low price.

  • Plush earcup & headband pillow
  • Durable cordless sound cable with mic
  • Good ambient noise isolation
  • Folding design for portability
  • No volume limiting

8. MEE Audio KidJamz KJ25 Safe Listening Headphones for Kids

MEE Audio KidJamz KJ25 Safe Listening Headphones for Kids


MEE Audio KidJamz KJ25 Safe Listening headphones would be the clear winner when it comes to a budget-friendly set of headphones.

The ultra-flexible headband and low profile design are just a couple of the features that create these volume limiting headphones great for kids.

What's in the Box?DurabilityComfortFeaturesSound

The built-in volume limiter circuit functions great at keeping the maximum listening quantity at 85 dB.

Parents will especially like the hidden switch that permits the volume limiter to be turned on or off when needed.

This is a superb option for traveling on airplanes when it could be required to skip the limiting attribute.

MEE Audio KidJamz KJ25 Safe Listening headphones possess earcups that rest on the ear, so there isn’t a great deal of ambient noise isolation it’s only ordinary.

One feature that makes these headphones such a wonderful value is that they are very durable.

The headband is made with a super-flexible rubberized plastic substance which may be flexed in just about any way without breaking up.

Headband adjustment slides move inside of the top headband. This makes them quite discrete, simple, and simple to use.

Moreover, the audio cable is also reinforced for added durability. The pressure relief on both ends of the cable is every bit as robust.

Soft vinyl-covered earpads rest gently on the ear for a comfortable fit.

Furthermore, there is a small flexible range for your headband.

Recommended ages are for kids 4-12.

A very low profile design keeps these cans from feeling too bulky or making ears too warm.

The size for the MEE Audio KidJamz KJ25 Safe Listening headphones runs over the small side, so these will not be acceptable for older children with larger heads.

You can update to the version using a mike and in-line volume controller for only a couple of dollars more.

The reinforced audio cable uses a straight 3.5millimeter plug with good outer reinforcement which attaches underneath the left earcup.

Be aware that the thick outer cover of the audio connector might not fit through all cellular device instances.

Little tabs each earcup provide transparent labeling for the right and left sides to help train your kid to use the right stereo imaging.

The quantity limiting switch on these cans is surely a useful feature that many different manufacturers don’t offer.

Even though the cans aren’t bulky, they won’t fold into a more compact bundle.

However, they will be lots durable to throw into a purse or small pouch when traveling.

Moreover, the headband, earcups, and vinyl earpads are easy to wash which is always significant.

While you do get a Safe Listening guide together with the cans, there aren’t any other frills to anticipate with these low-cost headset.

However, what you do get is a long-lasting set of kid’s cans for a excellent price.

Top-rated funding earbuds reviews.

Mee Audio does a fantastic job of producing low cost headphones that sound great for the price.

Sound quality is great for all sorts of kid’s music and movies, and the tiny earcups and drivers provide an enjoyable listening experience.

If you would like the most lasting kids headphones for under $20, then you really have to check out MEE Audio KidJamz KJ25 Safe Listening headphones using their flexible layout and quantity limiting switch technologies.

  • Very durable headband design
  • Volume limiting to 85 dB
  • Easy to switch volume limiting on/off
  • Low profile on-the-ear design
  • Good sound quality for the price
  • Ear cushions can come off
  • Size runs small (not good for kids with larger heads)

9. Sakar Hello Kitty Kid Safe Over The Ear Headphone

Sakar Hello Kitty


These kids’ cans are made by Sakar and therefore are equal to other variants, except for Hello Kitty branding. Though we can’t guarantee all 14 variations of the version are indistinguishable, we analyzed this version and a version with Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle branding (off the market) and they played equally.

Beyond the volume-limiting and the basic branding, it is important to understand that these are economical and will probably break at a certain stage –but the exact same could be said of almost every set in this roundup. If you’re cool with this (or know your kids will split them anyway), these headphones are a good, affordable option.

  • Fun design
  • Affordable
  • Cheaply made
  • Will break easily

10. LeapFrog Headphones

LeapFrog Headphones


Though these are advertised as functioning primarily with LeapFrog’s lineup of tablet computers and other devices, these are standard over-ear headphones such as all the rest on this list, meaning that they’ll work with almost any audio source which has a headset jack. They are well-built, comfortable, and somewhat bigger than the other models on this list, so they’ll be a bit loose onto a toddler, however will fit an older child or a preteen well.

These are advertised as with a maximum quantity of 85dB(a), but in our tests they output approximately 88dB(a), with specific songs pushing them around 90 or even 91dB(a) for brief stretches. That is a bit louder than the perfect price, which means you will want to put volume limits on whatever device you’re using so they drop safely within the recommended levels. Nevertheless, for a good pair of all-around cans for a somewhat older child these aren’t a bad bet–if you take precautions.

  • Well-built
  • Comfortable
  • Need to set volume limits

Why Should You Buy Volume Limiting Headphones?

Even cheap earbuds can perilously exceed the levels recommended by health experts. Noise-induced hearing loss can begin showing up in even young children, and it can have long-term effects in their academic performance.

Many volume-limiting cans are capable of surpassing their advertised limits without a more powerful than an iPhone. If you want to dig into the nitty-gritty of how we tested, why, and what a 25,000 dummy wearing kids’ headphones looks like, I strongly recommend you browse our entire report. If you Only Want to know what to buy, here’s what you need to understand:

  • Pros recommend a maximum volume of 85dB for no more than 60min/day. For adults, noise exposure is considered hazardous after 8 hours at 85dB(per year ). An iPhone’s earbuds can easily typical 105dB at full volume, which can be hazardous after only a few minutes.
  • Noise-induced hearing loss (NIHL) is permanent. NIHL is cumulative, may not become evident until years after, also it may affect around 1.1 billion people. Caution is key–we do not know exactly where the”safe” threshold is.
  • Volume-limiting headphones are not a guarantee of security. We used an iPhone 7 Plus for our evaluations, but anything more powerful–such as an amp–could drive the best-wired versions we tested above-recommended levels. Your very best choice is to go wireless if possible, or simply turn the volume to approximately 60% of the max.

Where can I find Noise Cancelling Headphones for Kids?

Unfortunately there are no best kids headphones with active noise cancelling technology available on the market at the moment.

If you would like to receive a pair for your children you can check normal ANC headphones here.

The reason why this is so, it is because sound cancelling technology is relatively expensive and doesn’t fit well with the kids.

Bear in mind all headphones nevertheless have some passive noise isolation . however, it usually is not as effective as noise cancelling.

What do you think about these children cans? Have you ever gotten a great set for your children?

We wish to know about them.