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8 Best Camera Sliders 2024 – Top Products Review

Best Choice
Camera Slider Track Dolly Slider Rail System with Motorized Time Lapse and Video Shot Follow Focus Shot and 120 Degree...
Good Choice
Kamerar 31” Fluid Motion Video Slider: flywheel, counterweight, light carbon fiber rails, adjustable legs, dslr...
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Rhino ROV Everyday 8" Motorized Slider for iPhones and Android Phones
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Neewer Carbon Fiber Camera Track Slider Video Stabilizer Rail (80cm)
Camera Slider Track Dolly Slider Rail System with Motorized Time Lapse and Video Shot Follow Focus Shot and 120 Degree...
Kamerar 31” Fluid Motion Video Slider: flywheel, counterweight, light carbon fiber rails, adjustable legs, dslr...
Rhino ROV Everyday 8" Motorized Slider for iPhones and Android Phones
Neewer Carbon Fiber Camera Track Slider Video Stabilizer Rail (80cm)
Best Choice
Camera Slider Track Dolly Slider Rail System with Motorized Time Lapse and Video Shot Follow Focus Shot and 120 Degree...
Camera Slider Track Dolly Slider Rail System with Motorized Time Lapse and Video Shot Follow Focus Shot and 120 Degree...
Good Choice
Kamerar 31” Fluid Motion Video Slider: flywheel, counterweight, light carbon fiber rails, adjustable legs, dslr...
Kamerar 31” Fluid Motion Video Slider: flywheel, counterweight, light carbon fiber rails, adjustable legs, dslr...
Don't Miss
Rhino ROV Everyday 8" Motorized Slider for iPhones and Android Phones
Rhino ROV Everyday 8" Motorized Slider for iPhones and Android Phones
Also Consider
Neewer Carbon Fiber Camera Track Slider Video Stabilizer Rail (80cm)
Neewer Carbon Fiber Camera Track Slider Video Stabilizer Rail (80cm)

If you are a photographer or a videographer, an amateur or a professional, you know how important camera movement actually is. Stability is the most essential factor when it comes to shooting a video, whether you use a professional video camera or a DSLR camera that outgrew the popularity of any other video recording tools lately.

Sure, you have the option of fixing your video in postproduction, but if you ever tried it, you know how much easier it is to shoot correctly in the first place and never have to worry about stability later. To ensure that, camera sliders are great tools that can be really helpful in the shooting process. Stick with us to get the necessary info about camera sliders and make your search for the perfect one easier.

Top Picks 2024

1. GVM Camera Slider Track Dolly Slider Rail System

Camera Slider Track Dolly Slider Rail System


This particular GVM camera slider is 29-inch, 6 in 1 model. It is very useful for panoramic shooting, track shooting, time-lapse, video capture and you can easily set start and endpoints using motorized features that are fully adjustable. You can set slip speed, interval, stop-time… basically anything you can think of can be adjusted so the result is a high-quality photo or video that doesn’t need much work in post-production. The silent motor features an adjustable motor torque making it suitable for operating during interviews where silence is much needed.

This camera slider features red knobs that enable you to adjust camera angles for 120-degree panoramic shots and time lapses, but it can also be useful when it comes to video shooting. All you need to do is adjust the knobs on each side to your needs.

It is a very stable slider that features adjustable feet so it can be positioned anywhere, and it is equipped with 1/4″ and 3/8” screw ports on slide rails to ensure compatibility with most tripods.

This model is made using carbon fiber meaning it is very light and easy to carry. It also comes with a bag so you can pack it up with no trouble.

2. Kamerar 31” Fluid Motion Video Slider

Kamerar 31” Fluid Motion Video Slider


Kamerar presents this 31-inch slider that is very lightweight and portable, but is also sturdy and doesn’t lack stability. It comes with fully adjustable legs with rubber pads, so you can mount it on uneven surfaces and still get great and stable shots. It features 1/4”-20 and 3/8”-16 mounts so you can mount it on various tripod heads. The camera can be secured and locked using a side-mounted brake so it stays in one place without the concern of falling.

The flywheel counterweight system allows you to achieve perfectly smooth movements and this slider also comes with a belt drive system that ensures quiet slides with fluid motion and easy acceleration and deceleration. As an addition, you get a handle that can be mounted on the counterweight for a different kind of movement control.

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This slider is very silent thanks to the 6 rollers that slide very smoothly on the carbon rails and distribute the weight of your camera evenly while reducing the noise.

3. Neewer Carbon Fiber Camera Slider

Neewer Carbon Fiber Camera Track Slider


This one is a great slider for beginners since it is very easy to use. You can place it on the ground using flexible legs that have locking knobs to ensure more stability and can be set by height from 8.5 to 10 cm (3.34-3.93 inches). If you need to position your camera higher than that, you can always mount this slider to a tripod and connect it directly to the camera or using a ball head.

With this slider, you will get smooth camera movements that are possible thanks to 6 U-shaped ball bearings that minimize the friction along the 31.5 inches (80cm) carbon fiber tubes.

Another cool thing about this camera slider is that it allows multi-angle shooting that includes vertical and horizontal movements. You can also move your camera at 45 degrees using the threaded holes that this slider possesses, making it a very versatile piece of equipment.

It is a very durable and stable slider due to the carbon fiber rails and you can take it anywhere you want because it is extremely light and comes with a carrying bag. You can also get a similar Neewer camera slider that is made of aluminum.

4. Grip Gear Movie Camera Slider

Grip Gear The Directors Set. Pocket Sized Camera


Here we have a versatile camera slider that can work with many different gadgets like smartphones, mirrorless cameras, GoPros, and more, as long as the weight of the camera doesn’t exceed 750g.

The engine of this slider is controlled with a remote via Bluetooth and supports 9 speeds. It comes with a rechargeable battery that has a life span of 2.5 hours but can also be used in manual mode. You can use this slider at any angle on the vertical axis since it works even upside down. It can easily be converted into a 360° panoramic mount allowing you to make smooth motions and amazing time-lapse videos. It also works as a dolly.

This slider is made out of strong reinforced plastic making it very stable, durable, and convenient for frequent location changes. It is a very simple piece of equipment to set up and operate and it can be mounted on multiple tripods or connected to various suction cups.

Watch the following video for a quick overview of this model:

5. A&J ANJMVSL80 Slider with Aluminum Alloy

A&J ANJMVSL80 Camera Slider


Most suitable for DLSR cameras like Canon, Nikon, and Sony, this 31.5” slider comes with a set of wheels that turn it into a dolly when needed. The wheels are rubber, completely removable, and height-adjustable –all for a more flexible filming experience. The slider also features adjustable feet making it suitable for many different surfaces.

Much like all other slider models on our list, this one is very handy to mount on various tripod stands, due to 1/4″ and 3/8″ screw holes. The whole slider is made with aluminum alloy making it very sturdy but also easy to carry because of its lightweight quality.

The camera can be mounted directly to the carriage with a 1/4” threaded stud, but you have the option to use a ball head or 1/4″ to 3/8″ bushing that can hold larger and heavier pieces of equipment.

6. Konova Slider K5 120 47.2 inch Track

Konova Slider K5 120


If you are in need of a long camera slider that allows you to smoothly move your camera with minimum effort, search no more. Konova K5 slider is 47.2 inches long and can withstand heavy gear (up to 55 pounds) thanks to three bearing rods. It supports various mounting options with its 1/4″ and 3/8″ screw holes on both ends and in the middle. Furthermore, camera movements are very stable – thanks to the high-quality flywheel slider, you can just watch your camera glide, AND you can mount a crank/pulley for more control.

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The construction is aluminum, making this slider durable and long-lasting. It features foldable and removable legs that allow you to use this item on various surfaces, but also pack it in a bag that comes in the package.

If there is a flaw to this slider, it is definitely the price – it is a little bit more expensive than other models, but considering the length of the tracks and other useful features, the price is very well justified.

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7. Rhino Camera Gear ROV

Rhino Camera Gear ROV Mobile Everyday Slider for Smartphones


Rhino ROV also offers a cheaper, everyday slider, most suitable for action cameras and mobile phones, but it can be used with DSLR and mirrorless cameras. This slider is only 8 inches long, but if your phone has optical zoom features, you will have no problem creating cinematic-looking videos.

ROV is absolutely motorized and app-controlled, although it works better with IOS than with Android apps. It comes with a built-in battery with a life span of 24 hours to ensure it won’t betray you even in long shooting sessions.

Build material here is aluminum, meaning this slider is highly durable and lightweight making it easy to transport.

There are different types of ROV camera sliders. Check out the following video and find out which one is the right one for you:

8. Rhino Camera Gear ROV PRO

Rhino Camera Gear ROV PRO Everyday Motorized Slider


If you, however, need a bit more professional gear, ROV offers a Pro version of this slider as well.  It has all the features of its less expensive brother but is a little upgraded.

ROV Pro comes with a quick-release ball-head allowing a fast setup. You won’t need a tripod since it comes with adjustable legs and can stand on its own. If you DO need to position the slider higher, you can simply mount it on a tripod using a standard 3/8″ mount on the bottom.  It also has an integrated 2.5 mm port that enables you to trigger the shutter button on your camera, simplifying the process of making an amazing time-lapse.

Complete Buying Guide

how to choose the best camera slider


Before deciding on a slider model, make sure to check if it’s compatible with your camera. Otherwise, you might end up with a slider that is no use to you. You should also keep in mind that the slider you get HAS to support the weight of your camera and reverse, so you can avoid a bad outcome when shooting a video.


Speaking of camera weight, we have to mention the materials used to fabricate sliders. You can choose from several materials, including carbon fiber, aluminum, or steel.

Steel sliders are heavier and more robust but are more suitable for heavier gear. Aluminum and carbon fiber sliders can only support lighter cameras but are ideal for amateur users that don’t have an assistant to help them carry all the gear to the shooting locations.



The length of your slider defines the length of the movement you are able to make with your camera. There is a lot of options out there, from one-foot sliders to the ones that are 5 feet long or even more. The important thing to consider is the price – if you want a longer slider you will have to pay more money for it. Also, keep in mind that long sliders require more stability so you might need another set of tripods.

Some higher-quality sliders allow you to use cranks to the slider belts, enabling you to smoothly slide the camera across the belt for silky transitions without even changing your position.

Stability (Feet)

Another thing in direct correlation with stability is the feet on the camera slider. While longer sliders tend to need a tripod, some smaller models come with feet that help you stabilize your slider on the set. Pay attention to the kind of feet that come with the slider. Some are suitable for flat surfaces, while others, more flexible ones come with a gripping mechanism that allows you to position your slider on uneven surfaces.

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Chances are that you will need to carry your gear outside the studio and film in different locations. To make that task easier, you will need a slider that can be dismounted and packed in a case (another thing to pay attention to when buying a slider) so you can effortlessly move it wherever you want.

Frequently Asked Questions


Do the Sliders bend?

It is very important that the answer to this question is: NO. If you decided to use a camera slider, it means you require stability and a model that bends in no use for you at all. You should keep in mind that longer sliders require more support.

What size camera slider should I get?

That actually depends on your needs. If you need a longer camera movement; it is only logical you should get a longer camera slider. Sliders that are 18-24 inches long usually give great results require only one tripod for mounting and are easy to carry around. The good thing is you can rent a different slider if you ever need one for special occasions.

Do I need a camera slider?

Sliders are not a necessary piece of equipment, but if you aspire to become more than just an amateur videographer, consider getting one. It has proven to be a very useful tool and you might find yourself wondering how you ever worked without one.

Can gimbal replace a slider?

A gimbal and a slider are not the same things. While you can achieve some goals using a gimbal, a slider allows you to take different kinds of shots. Gimbals CAN perform the same tasks as sliders, but you will need to input extra effort.

Final Words

If you are a film, video, or photography geek (and we mean that in the best way possible), you surely know that you can never get enough gear. Just when you think you’ve completed your setup, a new piece of equipment somehow catches your eye. It is no different with camera sliders. Still, they are not just something you want to possess but a valuable item in your gear collection.

Therefore, think carefully about the model you are going to get and whether you want to spend a lot of money on just that one thing or you think it’s better to get a cheaper one that will do the trick and invest the rest of your money in something else. The choice is most certainly yours and hopefully, this list has been helpful.

Here you choose from some other models, that we also selected as one of the great ones available on today’s market:

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