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10 Best BMX Bikes – 2024 Buying Guide With Full Reviews

As you would expect from a best bmx bikes product like this one, you will find tons of different options available. And when you are investing a significant sum of money on a bicycle, you want to make sure you are making a wise choice. There are plenty of individual elements to think about, but the matter of that is most important depends on what type of rider you are and your personal tastes.

To make the job of choosing easier, we’ve chosen 10 of the best BMX bicycles for you to choose between. We will provide you an overview of each of these in turn, in addition to clearly displaying the crucial characteristics that make them special. After this, we have our detailed buying guide section for even more info.

Best BMX Bike Reviews and Buyer’s Guide

1. Mongoose Legion Freestyle BMX Bike

Mongoose BMX

Mongoose Legion Freestyle BMX Bike


On top of our list is that this BMX from world-renowned brand Mongoose which is appropriate for beginners and advanced riders alike. A couple of the core features include a 25T alloy chainring and American loose ball bottom mount.

The design of the bicycle is straightforward, and it isn’t difficult to set up in the minute that you receive your hands on it. In terms of rate controller, you experience an aluminum U-brake and brake lever. The steering performance is designed to be high-quality, thus you are able to manoeuvre around with ease. Make sure you take your elevation into consideration before deciding on the most suitable one for you.

Key Features:Specification:

Stylish BMX bike
20” x 2.3” tires
9T cog sealed bearing cassette rear hub
Aluminum U-brake and brake levers

Brand: Mongoose
Model: M41509M10OS-PC
Weight: 34.4 pounds

2. Dynacraft Magna Throttle Boys BMX Bike

Magna bike

Dynacraft Magna Throttle Boys BMX Bike


Offered in three different colors, this 20″ bicycle is made for youngsters. It’s relatively simple to put together, so that your little one can start riding in no time at all. Safety is a strong feature within this bike, and the coaster brakes guarantee they will come to a stop fast.

As for the seat, it is fully adjustable for your child’s height, and there is a kickstand included to make sure that it stays in place when needed. The steel frame is tough and durable, and it includes a lifetime guarantee on this section and the fork also.

Key Features:Specification:

Suitable for kids aged between 6 and 10
Durable steel frame
Kickstand included
Coaster brakes and handlebar pad

Brand: Dynacraft
Model: 8109-34ZTJ
Weight: 26.9 pounds

3. TONY HAWK Dynacraft Park Series BMX Bike

Tony Hawk BMX Bike

TONY HAWK Dynacraft Park Series BMX Bike


Number three on our list is that this BMX from the legendary skateboarder Tony Hawk. Together with 24″ wheels, it has been made for older kids, and it features the kind of awesome graphics that they may love. The handlebar stem is metal threaded for additional strength and functionality.

Contrary to the prior bike we discussed, this one is made for kids of 12 decades and older — and it supports weights of up to 275 lbs. The saddle seat comes with an adjustable alloy clamp, and you can rest assured that there is a lifetime guarantee on both the framework and the fork.

Key Features:Specification:

Authentic Tony Hark frame graphics
Seat post with alloy clamp
Alloy, Promax rear U-brakes
Alloy threadless stem

Model: 8153-24ZTJ
Weight: 31.1 pounds

4. X Games FS20 Freestyle BMX Bike

X Games BMX

X Games FS20 Freestyle BMX Bike


Designed for freestyling, this bike offers a wonderful smooth ride for those who escape the handlebars. The welded frame is constructed from sturdy steel for lots of durability. In terms of the road tires, they have a great deal of traction to ensure that braking is strong, which makes it a great choice for kids’ first bike.

Another characteristic is that the BMX cycle handlebar, that comes with a welded cross brace. The black and red color scheme is very attractive to kids. Its combination of security and style are what has helped to create it so popular.

Key Features:Specification:

Sturdy steel frame
4-bolt alloy stem
48 spoke setup
Stylish and appealing color scheme

Brand: X Games
Model: 32022
Weight: 34.9 pounds

5. Kent Pro 20 Boy’s Freestyle BMX Bike

Kent bmx bike reviews

Kent Pro 20 Boy's Freestyle BMX Bike


If your child is large enough to handle the 20-inch tires, this boys BMX bike is ideal for freestyling. Along with the blue and white design looks slick and stylish too. It’s not all about the looks . The fork and frame have been crafted from tig-welded steel, which offers plenty of stability and strength.

Your kid might want to experiment with different riding styles, and also this BMX provides them the flexibility to do this. There are handbrakes on both front and back wheels, as well as a spinning rotor which keeps the brake lines free of tangles. And for those who have a limited budget, it’s but one of those cheap BMX bicycles.

Key Features:Specification:

20” wheels with pegs
Freestyle rotor included
Alloy seat clamp
Recommended for ages 10 and upwards

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Brand: KENT
Model: 12098
Weight: 32 pounds

6. Razor Agitator Freestyle BMX Bike

Razor bicycles

Razor Agitator Freestyle BMX Bike


Trick-type riding is your style which this bike is best-suited to, because you can tell from the 360-degree rotors from the handlebars to get pro-style spinning. At the heart of the BMX is a strong frame and front alloy caliper brakes.

The greater pedal efficacy that’s more suited for park and street riding and the tires also have minimal tread. Its combination of attributes is that you would expect from a bicycle in the end of the price scale, however it is highly affordable.

Key Features:Specification:

Dual cable brake detangler system
20” freestyle bike
Plush, comfortable seat
Sturdy steel frame

Brand: Razor
Model: 42086
Weight: 38 pounds

7. RoyalBaby Freestyle Kids BMX Bike

Royal baby bike

RoyalBaby Freestyle Kid’s BMX Bike


Offered in a range of colors, this bike comes in different sizes based upon your kid. It’s quite simple to gather. In fact, 95 percent has been pre-assembled. Other features include a bell, training wheels, water jar, and quick-release seatpost. In the end, it’s the kind of bicycle which has been made for a secure ride, which is particularly important when your child is first beginning to learn how to ride.

Key Features:Specification:

Sport bike for both boys and girls
Straightforward to assemble
Front caliper and rear coaster brake
Quick-release seatpost

Brand: Royalbaby
Model: RB16B-6R
Weight: 25 pounds

8. Framed Impact 20 BMX Bike

Framed bmx

Framed Impact 20 BMX Bike


Made for older children and smaller adults that are looking to get in to BMXing, this can be an entry-level bicycle which intends to make everything simple. The hi-ten steel fork is designed to reduce vibrations if you find yourself riding on rougher surfaces. Together with the 8″ rise handlebars, you may enjoy a riding adventure that is both smooth and comfortable. The U-brake is mounted directly onto the framework to offer more dependable stopping power.

Key Features:Specification:

Entry-level BMX bike
Durable frame with vibration reduction
8” rise handlebars for smooth ride
Alloy rear U-brake mounted directly onto the frame

Brand: Framed
Weight: 20 pounds

9. Redline MX24 BMX Race Cruiser Bike

Redline bmx models

Redline MX24 BMX Race Cruiser Bike


Another bike that’s created for novices, Redline have created this one to be acceptable for both larger children and smaller adults. Among the chief differences between this one and a few of the others that we’ve discussed in this post is the frame. This one is made from aluminium, which is designed to last for a long time. There is a lifetime guarantee on it, which will be a demonstration of the assurance of this manufacturer.

Key Features:Specification:

Lightweight aluminum frame
Pivotal race bike seat
Pedals included
Limited lifetime warranty on frame

Brand: Redline
Model: 06-0510063
Weight: 15.5 pounds

10. Mongoose Title Pro XXL BMX Race Bike

Mongoose title pro 24

Mongoose Title Pro XXL BMX Race Bike


The previous one on the list is made for mature beginner riders. Keep in mind that the largest size is meant for people over 6″ tall. Check the sizing chart beforehand to select the one that is right for you. The framework is highly lightweight and features internal cable routing and integrated cans. As for the metal v-brakes and brake levers, they’re designed in a way to offer a high amount of speed control.

Key Features:Specification:

Range of different sizes available
Designed for beginner-level riders
Aluminum frame with internal cable routing and integrated headsets

Brand: Mongoose
Model: M42708M60OS
Weight: 21.9 pounds

Best BMX Bike Buying Guide & FAQ

What to Consider When Buying BMX Bikes

Before you settle on a BMX bike that you would love to get, you seem in more detail about a few of the crucial features that could sway you one way or another.

SizeRiding StyleLevel of ConstructionIndividual ComponentsWeight

The dimensions of this BMX is exceptionally essential in your decision-making process. After all, it needs to be big enough for you or your child to ride . All manufacturers should include a size guide, so consult this before making your mind up.

Not all of BMX bikes are suitable for a single riding surface or fashion; they differ somewhat. So, before making your choice, you want to get your intentions clear. While they might all seem quite similar at surface , there are plenty of distinctions including brakes, frame materials, brake setups etc.. There are distinct bikes depending on if you would like to do freestyling, dirt jumping or racing.

Some bikes will come already pre-assembled and ready to ride, whereas others require some assembly. Most of the ones that we have discussed above are easy to put together, which makes your life a lot easier. If you are planning on building your own bike from scratch, you have to remember that this is a more intricate choice, and it can be tricky to know which components to pick.

When deciding upon a BMX, you truly must return to the finer details to help make up your mind. For example, what sort of brakes are contained? Some bikes include both front and rear brakes, a few with only back brakes, along with many others with no brakes at all. How about the pegs? These are the metal tubes that stretch from the end of each wheel axel. In freestyle riding, these are used for grinding on obstacles, but there’s not any demand for them at all in dirt racing or jumping.

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Again, the burden of the bike is a element which could be determined by what sort of riding you want to do. Heavier bikes are normally better for beginners as they’ve increased sturdiness and stability. However, more experienced riders may get lots of control within lightweight bikes.

Benefits of BMX Bikes

There are plenty of direct benefits to riding a BMX bike, so let us look in more detail at some of the reasons why you should think about getting one yourself.

Get into a Challenging and Innovative SportDifferent Riding OptionsHealth and Physical BenefitsJoin a Worldwide Community

In case you have never attempted BMXing earlier, it’s a sport that warms up more than its fair share of challenges — no matter which type of riding you want to do. However, for many individuals, it’s these challenges that make it so appealing. And of course it is also a game which gets the adrenaline pumping and supplies you with plenty of thrills. It’s extremely different from the normal team game. Basically, you have a lot of freedom to learn a wide range of manoeuvres and suggestions. This lack of construction provides you the chance to be as creative as you like in making your own movements, which you can share with others.

There are plenty of individual areas involved with BMXing. You can partake in all of them or just select your favorite. By way of instance, there is street riding, which entails tackling obstacles in built-up metropolitan areas. You can also face natural objects on downhill courses and dirt jumps. Otherwise, you may prefer to ride a specially designed BMX custom built park — the choice is entirely up to you.

The next type of benefits to talk about will be the physical and health advantages which you naturally get from a sport such as this one. Obviously, it gets your heart pumping, but the activity of pedalling also will help get your leg muscles functioning, burn calories and keep your weight down. When you lift the handlebars to do tricks, this might help to build your muscles such as your biceps and triceps.

The game of BMXing allure to a vast array of individuals from all kinds of different backgrounds. In fact, it’s a sport that’s popular globally, unlike other activities which have only gained popularity in one part of earth. And because the sport is not constrained in terms of the terrain, you will have the ability to find someplace to ride regardless of where you reside. The advancement of the world wide web has also helped to bring fans together.

Different Types of BMX Bikes

The kinds of BMX bike that you may choose between vary mostly based on the area of the sport that you would love to get into the most. So, let us give you a little more information about a few of your main choices.

Park and Freestyling BMXDirt Jumping BikesBMX Racing BikesFlatland BMXKids/Balance Bikes

If you want a BMX to perform jumps and tricks with, you will want the kind of bike that will be able to withstand this. You’ll be placing your bike frame through a lot of stress, so it ought to be made of a tougher material such as steel. As for the wheels, they should have 36 spokes for greater strength. The tires of BMX freestyle bikes are thicker and smoother to offer greater speed on wooden ramps and pavement. Additionally, you will have more shock absorption also. Pegs are needed on the wheel hubs to execute tricks. Often, this type of bicycle comes with brakes in front and rear for greater control. A rotating hub can help to keep the cables from becoming tangled up with each other.

As you would expect from the name, dirt jumping takes place on dirt tracks. You generally have a set of jumps or just one big-air jump. It’s quite like freestyle riding, but the surface that you’re riding on means that the bicycle needs to be somewhat different in its own design. The framework is quite similar, but it’s the components that change more significantly. The gearing is generally different too. But some riders will simply buy a different wheelset and tires when they would like to perform dirt jumping.

In terms of the frame, it’s designed to place the rider in a more vertical and taller position. In addition to providing you more control, in addition, it places you in a place to pedal faster. The crank arms are longer to provide more pedal power. And braking is performed on the right hand, and it’s a lot more powerful and more reactive than other choices we have discussed. Bear in mind that this sort of bike is not constructed for freestyling and street riding.

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Flatland riding is when you remain on a small, flat place, performing tricks since the bike moves along. This may entail everything from walking across the framework to standing on the handlebars backwards! Evidently, this is not for everyone. But if you’re likely to take part in this kind of riding, you need a framework that’s flatter and more streamlined. Front and back U-brakes are typical, though some more seasoned riders do not use brakes in any way. The tires are eloquent and low-profile. The crankarms are usually shorter to make sure they don’t get in the way.

If your child is just learning to ride their bicycle for the very first time, you want a bike which is acceptable for this purpose. BMX bicycles for youngsters frequently have a lot of the same featured, but at a dimension, which can be more scaled . You have to select the right size by measuring the standover height of your kid, and that’s how tall the bicycle is in connection with your kid when they are standing up. The framework ought to be lighter and the handlebars smaller. Often, the style is’cooler’ than mature bicycles. If your child is a complete beginner, you will probably be searching for a bicycle that has even more security features like stabilizer brakes.

BMX Bikes: Safety Precautions Matter

As you would expect with any extreme sport such as BMXing, it comes with its fair share of dangers. The first precaution that you ought to take is wearing protective equipment. A helmet is the most important (a full-face covering is important whether you are going to be doing jumps and tricks), but you should also consider wearing knee, elbow, and shin guards.

Ideally, as a lot of your skin as possible ought to be covered, which means you should wear long-sleeved trousers, a knee-high shirt, socks which cover up your ankles, and gloves. The cost of the equipment should all be taken into account as you can not set a price on your security.

You also need to ensure that your bike stays in good shape. Your frame ought to be solid as opposed to cracked and broken. The brakes will need to be in good working order and the tires should be properly inflated. The chain and bearings will need to be properly greased. Along with the pedals ought to have an effective grip. And you need to be checking your bike every time you are going to set out on a ride to ensure that it is safe to ride.

Best BMX Bike FAQ

Q: What BMX bike brands are the best?
A: the very top brands of BMX bicycle depend on what you are looking for, but there are a number of big players in the business. Mongoose is a well-known brand that has been in existence since the 1970s. They’re known for creating great products for novices at affordable rates. Ultimately, it’s well worth looking at the newest credentials and previous client testimonials to get a fuller picture of the brand which you are investing in.
Q: How much should I spend on a BMX bike?
A: While cheap is great, you do not need anything that is so cheap that it will compromise the quality of the bike. The majority of the bikes that we have discussed above run between $100 to $200, and it is a fair amount to spend. Be skeptical of anything beneath the 50 mark. Obviously, if you’re buying an adult bicycle, you can expect these prices to multiply by into several hundreds of dollars. Whatever you pay, do not anticipate that the bicycle is going to continue forever. The more you use it, the more that general wear and tear is going to develop into an issue.
Q: How do I maintain my BMX bike?
A: Maintaining your BMX bicycle regularly is your best method of making sure it has a long life. Remember, you can overfill in addition to underfill tires. Either way isn’t good. The next thing to do is keep the bearings and chain greased to avoid any malfunctions. When you’re riding over rough surfaces, it is highly probable that the bars are going to become loose. You should use a wrench to keep these correctly tightened.
Q: How do I choose the correct size?
A: Choosing the right dimensions of BMX is essential in making sure that you have a good and safe riding experience. All manufacturers must provide a suitable sizing chart. You need to measure your height accurately and check the manufacturer’s measurements also. For kids’ bicycles, manufacturers often offer an age guideline, but children obviously vary in size, so utilize height in the most precise measurement to go by.

Our Top Pick

This fashionable bike is designed for beginner riders. The Mongoose manufacturer is well-known for utilizing high-quality components coupled with exceptional craftmanship. It’s the kind of bicycle that deals with a whole host of unique surfaces which you select to ride . And for all its positive features, you’re also paying a price that isn’t too pricey. We have chosen it as our best pick of the best BMX bicycles.