9 Benefits Of An Employee Self-service System

Where do you stand when it comes to employee self-service? Well, they are nothing new to the market, but they are highly desirable for HR teams and can be beneficial for employers and employees. It is a two-way street where everyone gets to benefit from this system and this service. In fact, over 70% of employees have stated that they want self-service HR tools. Do you plan on making this happen for your team? Keep on reading and understand what are the benefits when it comes to it.

What is employee self-service?

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This is also known as ESS (employee self-service) and is used to give you a better workflow while helping companies with their data. Thanks to it you will also increase your data accuracy. Every company is trying to provide their employees with a better workflow and is trying to put Excel spreadsheets and word documents in the bin. You should consider ESS if you prefer & wish to give your employees faster, more reliable, and accurate results. Don’t you want your employees to get better at their tasks, but to also understand how their personal data and skillsets are graded, as well as used?! This is why you might want to jump onto this trend.

9 Benefits of an employee self-service system

1. Ensure records & keep them up to date

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ESS helps with managing your paperwork and sorts everything however you want it to. Your sheets & files will stay under control and you will allow your employees to browse through them + to edit their information when there’s a need to. You won’t have to keep everything up to date on your own, and you will get to do some other more important tasks.

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2. Better time management for everyone

Some employees can have a hard time sending out emails back and forth and filling out different forms or paperwork. ESS is a management software that lets all the parties know about any info through an email, and it also takes care of different alerts. Time off records are automatically updated and everything is sorted through an app + is easily found in one place.

3. Efficient HR department

The HR department needs to be efficient and effective, which means that you need to think about everyone’s productivity. Thanks to the ESS the workload will be reduced by 40%. If the workflow is overall smaller and less complex the HR management will focus on some bigger issues and changes within the company. This change is critical for future business success.

4. Happy employees

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Everyone wants to feel welcome, appreciated, as well as happy with their work routine & their job, right? Well, 80% of respondents would prefer an easier way to handle routine tasks, especially since they feel like routines kill productivity & creativity with every job there is. ESS allows employees to take the matter into their own hands, and to handle different tasks however they want to. There won’t be a lot of paperwork on both ends, and everything will be accessible with just one click of a button!

5. No boring or redundant questions

This can be quite exhausting and tiring, especially if you are a part of the HR team that gets constantly the same set of questions. Think about the never-ending circle of questions such as like: when is the paycheck, what’s my leave balance, will my holiday be approved, etc. It is way easier & more convenient for both parties to have a system that answers the questions for you. One clicks away as well as an auto-generated response is exactly what you need.

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6. Accurate time tracking + payroll

Years back employees would have a tough time organizing their work schedule and would even need to do some manual logging out, or also known as clocking out. Forgetting to do that would mess up the system. Well, an ESS will help the employee to complete his or her tasks and their timesheets every once in a while and will also keep their balance updated. This timesheet issue will also prevent any payroll mistakes and is quite handy to have. To know more visit cours-gratuit

7. Stop wasting time

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How often do you feel like you’re wasting time when it comes to cluttered email, as well as paperwork in general? Think about all the time that you can have in the world and that you can invest in a smarter & more complex task, as well as something that you truly enjoy doing?! ESS is a controlled system that does the process for you and is perfect for anyone who wants to be productive in another way during their office hours.

8. Data access at all times

Employees can work remotely and offline. What is the case when it comes to your employees and your company? Most of us are nowadays working from home and are trying to stay up to date with everything that is going on. Your employees will easily access exactly what they need at any given moment, through any device with ESS!

9. No unwanted costs

Last, but not least, you don’t have to spend a fortune or go out of your comfort zone to make this work. Administrative costs for processing leaves or any timesheet changes can be pricey on their own, as well as when you think about all the paper usage. Stop wasting paper and let the employees browse everything online, think about your environment as well as all the office materials.

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Where to find the best employee self-service system?

Not too sure where to begin your search or what to do, but you’re willing to make this next big step? Well, you should check out https://murphyslibrary.com/http-www-aafes-employee-self-service-pay-stubs-login-guide and see their employee self-service system, as well as what they have to offer. Users can access the site 24 hours and 7 days a week. This will help those who wish to access their data when preparing W-2 statements during tax preparation, as well as many other features!