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How Much Does It Cost to Apply for Medical Marijuana in Mississippi?

The Mississippi Department of Health has issued a Mississippi Medical Cannabis Program, known as MMCP. They cover all the considerations regarding public health and medical cannabis consumption. And yes, while the idea of using it for medical benefits is great, there are several costs you must be aware of.

This article is here to help you understand the MMCP, the laws, and policies, and surely the best ways to register as a medical marijuana user. In general, you need a medical marijuana card Mississippi that lets you buy and use it according to your health condition.

So, how do I get this card? What do you need to do in order to apply? What’s the cost? Let’s demystify this program for you:

The Costs Behind MMCP Card

The Costs Behind MMCP Card


Mississippi citizens can obtain this specific card by visiting a doctor or simply applying for it. It’s a great way to get access to quality products that are produced under specific conditions. With this card, you’ll have control over the CBD product intake, the condition, and surely the specific ways to use them for a particular disease.

So, let’s see how much money you’ll need to spend on this:

Application Fee

Most of the patients don’t need to pay the application fee in order to register for the MMCP program. Still, Medicaid patients may need to pay $15 to have their application processed. Some find this a barrier, even though it’s much cheaper compared to the other US states where medical marijuana is regulated by law.

Card Fees

Once the application is approved, the patient needs to pay $25 to get the actual card. But in this case, Medicaid participants have more benefits, as the cost for their card is only $15. This fee is non-refundable. The card is valid for one year, and you need to renew it by the due date to stay in the MMCP register.

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Doctor Consultations

Sometimes, you’ll need to visit a registered practitioner so they can review and estimate the need for medical marijuana usage. While the cost may vary between $100-$250, it all depends on the city or specific locations. In general, you can’t skip this expense, as the state needs their signature to issue the card to you.

Transportation Costs

Depending on where the doctors are, you may have travel costs to obtain your MMCP card. While it’s not much, it’s still an expense associated with the card issuing, so we mentioned it in the article – just to know.

The Actual Products

Once you have the card as an allowance to buy cannabis products, their price can become a great contributor to the overall cost. Every patient may spend up to $100 per month, or even more, to buy the products they need for their medical condition. Sometimes, that would be oils, edibles, tea, cosmetics, and many other products used to treat specific conditions.

Things to Know About Mississippi Medical Marijuana Usage

Things to Know About Mississippi Medical Marijuana Usage


Getting that MMCP card is not as simple as registering and obtaining it immediately. Keep in mind that there are qualifying conditions, and a practitioner must confirm them in order to get this card. For example, you can use it for PTSD, cancer conditions, nausea, chronic pain, and other approved conditions.

So, if you get denied on the application, the reason may be your condition is not qualified for medical marijuana usage.

When it comes to costs, there are specific amounts you need to pay (as explained above). On the other hand, disabled veterans and first responders don’t need to pay any fee for this card.

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Purchasing and Possession Rules

Having this card doesn’t mean you’re free to buy from local street sellers. The rules are stricter than you can ever imagine. So, you can only purchase medical marijuana products from licensed sellers and dispensaries. There is also a limit of 2.5 ounces (or about 70 grams) of usable cannabis that you can possess at any time.

Surely, the card applies to different product types, like dried flowers, edibles, topical treatments, tinctures, etc. They may come in various THC concentrations.

Usage and Consumption

The state of Mississippi legalized medical marijuana but under very strict conditions. Public consumption is forbidden, so you can only use any of the described products at home, privately, no matter the method.

Additionally, driving under the influence of THC is illegal and may result in legal concerns, no matter the MMCP card.

What Are Your Responsibilities?

Medical Marijuana Mississippi


As an MMCP member, you have responsibilities, too. As you suppose, the MMCP membership and all those rules are new for Mississippi, so you must stay informed all the time. We suggest you follow the public domain resources to always have the right information.

Additionally, you must be aware that medical marijuana doesn’t fit everyone. The dosage and products depend on the specific condition, so visiting a doctor prior is more than recommended.

Deciding whether or not to pursue medical marijuana is a personal choice. What you must do is understand the idea behind these treatments but also be aware of the risks and legal considerations. In general, there aren’t many risks, but it mostly depends on the individual tolerance of the active substances. Remember, open communication with your doctor is important throughout the process.

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Final Words

Always discuss the medical needs with a doctor. Don’t buy CBD products just because someone recommended them to you. Be aware of legal implications if you’re traveling outside the state with marijuana products in your backpack.

Every condition is different, and you must consult your doctor before committing to this. The dosage may vary from one person to another, even when treating the same condition. They’ll explain the benefits, making your expectations realistic while being aware of the risks, too.

Important Note: This article is written for informative and educational purposes, and you should ALWAYS talk to your doctor first before considering some internet medical advice. Qualified healthcare professionals will help you make informed decisions on MMCP membership while being aware of all the advantages and disadvantages all the time.